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Classic Recipes: Meals in Minutes

Classic Recipes: Meals in Minutes

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Classic Recipes: Meals in Minutes

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Jul 5, 2013


Meals in Minutes is a collection of tasty dishes that are easy, nutritious, and quick. They use all the modern options, from canned tomatoes to food processors, while bringing you back from the ready meal brink to good home cooking. This book proves that quick doesn't have to be bland and boring.

* The perfect kitchen aid for cooks at all levels of ability, with easy to follow step-by-step instructions accompanied by mouthwatering color photographs.

* All recipes make four servings are use readily available ingredients that can be found at your local store.
Jul 5, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

Wendy studied at Reading University, before moving to Macmillan Education then Oxford University Press and Purnell Books. When licensed character publishing was in its infancy, she worked on accounts such as Walt Disney, Dangermouse- Subsequently she had some of her own children's stories published: some licensed character material, others in anthologies and four books about Bertie Bassett. Two particular areas of expertise are the apparently odd pairing of mind, body, spirit and cookery. In cookery, she has worked with many major UK and international publishers such as BBC Books, Simon & Schuster and Cassell and can name drop Ken Hom, Gary Rhodes, Madhur Jaffrey, Mary Berry and Valentina Harris among the authors whose books she has edited. As well as the children’s books, her writing credits include Simply Feng Shui, Silver Surfers’ Colour Guide to Word Processing, Classic 1000 Recipes, Classic 1000 Cake and Bake Recipes, First Years, Starting School, Ladies' Flower Garden and The Kitchen Companion.She has a grown-up son and daughter and lives in Berkshire, currently with two cats.

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Classic Recipes - Wendy Hobson



There’s work, children, parents, families, household chores, shopping, more work … the list goes on and on. Every time we invest in another labor-saving device, it seems to create a different kind of work rather than doing away with tasks altogether.

And that applies to our cooking and eating habits too. As we try to cram more and more into our diaries, food often takes a back seat. We grab a ready meal or call for a take-out far more often than is good for us.

It’s pointless looking back to days when everything was slower and more leisurely and people had stacks of time on their hands—anyway, most of it is a nostalgic myth! Just look at it from a food perspective. There were no fridges, so you had to shop every day. Freezers—are you kidding me? Spice mixes? Food processors? Exotic ingredients at the local store? None of the above! Would you rather go back? I don’t think so.

So let’s be realistic and just take what was good about how they used to cook a generation or more ago, then add it to what’s great about cooking now. Surely the single most important word is ‘fresh’: they cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients, usually local. That’s a much healthier way of eating—and we all know that—but somehow there’s just not the time!

Well, here’s a helping hand to introduce you to a collection of tasty dishes that are easy and nutritious—and quick. They use all the modern options, from canned tomatoes to food processors, while bringing you back from the ready-meal brink to good home cooking.

And the key? KISS! Keep It Simple, Stupid! The old marketing expression is as true here as it is elsewhere. Doing something simply and doing it well is far better than overcomplicating the issue—and quicker, too.

So the first thing to do is look in your food cupboard and see what’s lurking in there. If it is way past its sell-by date, chuck it out. If you can’t

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