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Water Fall - A Sexy Billionaire Romance Novelette from Steam Books

Water Fall - A Sexy Billionaire Romance Novelette from Steam Books

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Water Fall - A Sexy Billionaire Romance Novelette from Steam Books

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Sep 27, 2002


 Georgia has a problem. She meets Alton at the bar where she works, and he takes interest in her. Georgia is passionate about the environment, but he is an heir to an oil empire. Georgia is determined not let anything tempt her into forming a relationship with Alton. Not the fact that he is charming. Not the fact that he is smart.  Not the fact that he is richer than her wildest dreams. Not the fact that she already has a boyfriend. Not the fact that her body turns into a quivering mess whenever she is around him...

Alton must change his ways before Georgia will allow herself to be with him. Can he? Can Georgia continue to restrain herself?

WARNING: This 10,380-word novelette is a steamy read that features explicit scenes of passionate lovemaking and may be too much for some readers to handle!

This title is part of the Steam Books ROMANTICA line of novellas and novelettes.  Sexy and sensual tales, slender but with added room for romance and characterization!

Sep 27, 2002

Informazioni sull'autore

(Annette Archer) Annette Archer's humble beginnings working retail brought her two things: a strong work ethic and an insatiable desire for escapism. Utilizing these traits as well as her degree in English and her natural power of the pen, Annette Archer has emerged as an exciting voice in the realm of romance fiction. Annette has published independently as well as teamed with publishers such as Steam Books Erotica & Romance. Her "Penny's Choice" series has earned her the attention of romance and fantasy readers alike.

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Water Fall - A Sexy Billionaire Romance Novelette from Steam Books - Annette Archer



Leaves of gold crunched under the soles of her work boots. The trees were shedding little suns onto the sidewalk that Georgia dawdled on. The day was too perfect to be sealed up in a dark, airless bar, but that is where she was headed. Bartending the lunch shift at The Titanic was practically charity work. But to get the great tips on the weekend, you had to work for spare change one day a week. Thursday was her day to serve up a few fish and chips baskets and a lot of liquid lunches.

Whenever she had to watch people spend the afternoon tipping beer into their mouths, she imagined the mugs to be shaped like hourglasses and the suds as the sands of time. Georgia took pity on her customers and herself for being stuck with them especially on a day like this one. Everyone should be outside taking advantage, climbing trees, and sitting with the leaves of gold against a blue sky. But instead, today they would all sink into The Titanic.

The nautical bar, with the ship-wheel coasters and tinted portals that made New York City look like it was underwater, started filling up soon after she unlocked the doors. Whatleya’ have? She asked over and over again. They were mostly repeat customers, mostly men, both married and single that stole their afternoons away here to drink and watch Georgia bend over to connect keg lines or lean forward to pull the tap.

Robert Schindling was the most persistent; middle-aged, freelance web designer who was part-time employed and part time Titanic patron. When he wasn’t fulfilling a contract, he clocked in to get Georgia’s attention.

You know I have a boyfriend, she said to Robert every week.

People at the bar knew Tommy. He was the shaggy-haired, bearded smiling boy that would pop in now and then to steal a kiss from Georgia. She was glad he did. He was a handy card to have in her back pocket to pull out every time a customer tried to ask her out.

But he’s no good for you, Robert would whine.

And I suppose you are? Georgia parried with him.

You’re too young to tie yourself down. You should keep your options open. He grinned with false hope.

No thanks. I don’t need to be trying to keep up with a dating scene, she said wiping the already clean counter top.

But you’re supposed to be free at your age, out having fun, giving different men a chance.

Out having fun may work for some girls who are already set up with a college fund and a sorority picked out. I have to stay focused and earn every penny serving swill before even looking at a course schedule at a community college.

I didn’t go to college. I taught myself.

Really. And here you

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