Ten Things You Didn't Know About Ghosts

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Ten Things You Didn't Know About Ghosts

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It is 1937 and the London to Glasgow train crashes one wintry Scottish night. Shortly after that tragic event two ghosts appear — a girl and boy who had been living passengers on the train.
The ghosts somehow find their way into a nearby orphanage where only 12-year-old Beatrice McMullin can see them — and then begins a tricky partnership. The ghosts initially have trouble communicating with Beatrice, but they work on this part of their ghostly skills. They have something on their mind, and need Beatrice’s help to achieve their aim.
Meanwhile, two other ghosts, adults this time, observe this growing contact, and don’t like what they see. They set about making sure the relationship doesn’t last.
From then on, the tale becomes complicated and full of twists and turns with several groups of people in pursuit of the same goal.
This is a Scottish ghost story with just a hint of comedy.

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