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Abraham's Children: Jew Christian Muslim Commonality and Conflict

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This book shows how close Judaism, Christianity and Islam are in terms of their history and beliefs. It has been written mainly for those who are less familiar with Islam and so there is an emphasis on the early Islamic history. However, it is hoped that readers of all Faiths or none, may find the content of interest, particularly in the present climate where an understanding of the history of Islam is important.
Starting with the Patriarch Abraham, who is revered by people of all three Faiths, the book takes a broadly historical approach tracing throughout areas of commonality and conflict. Separate chapters are devoted to Abraham, Prophecy, Islamic Expansion, the Shi’a and finally ‘Holy War’ and in each chapter the topic is discussed from the perspective of each Faith.
Finally, the Epilogue contains a brief reflection on the current situation in relations between the three Faiths, particularly in the context of the Middle East post 9/11.
As with other books in the 'In Brief' series, this book is aimed at the general reader who wants to understand a particular historical topic but doesn’t have the time or inclination to read a heavy academic tome. With this mind, footnotes have been omitted. However, the reader will find a small selection of the main works that are referred to at the end. The book is written in an accessible style and includes useful maps and charts. It should appeal to the general reader with no previous knowledge of the subject.

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