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The Ecstatic Kitchen: 20 Classic Vegan Comfort Foods

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The Ecstatic Kitchen: 20 Classic Vegan Comfort Foods

Lunghezza: 78 pagine32 minuti


Before going Vegan, I didn’t really experiment in the kitchen. It seemed easier to satiate my cravings with the many alluringly packaged items strewn across local market shelves. I had no idea how unhealthy mass market foods were both ethically and physically and didn’t realize that cooking “green” is actually easier on the wallet (contrary to popular opinion) and just as nice to the tongue. The essentials of cooking Vegan comfort foods find their grace in the substitution process. You can make just about anything you crave, and it won’t typically disturb the tongue with a strange aftertaste like some ‘diet’ foods and sugar-free items. You can still have donuts, candy, cakes, and the like, and if you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves, you won’t have to pay exorbitant prices for them. When Vegan food is made at home, the cost-factor is actually a bit cheaper than mass-market foods. You can make your kitchen ecstatically green, and it’s way easier than you’ve ever believed.

This illustrated volume contains 20 recipes and an informational section.


Original Release:

June 2012

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