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The Allergy Cure That Worked

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The Allergy Cure That Worked

Lunghezza: 86 pagine53 minuti


If you want to get rid of allergies or asthma this book reveals natural methods you won’t find anywhere else. The authors 50 year healing journey led him to eradicate allergies and asthma from his life. Richardson identifies the real causes of allergies (it’s neither genetics or allergens) with new insights into how memories, the brain, and the nervous system play a key role in allergic reactions. One of these causes could be your key to a healthier, happier life.

“I was written off by Doctors who said drugs and inhalers would be my life. I knew there had to be an answer, a cause of allergies that was more than the outdated theories thrown at me. And there was. I investigated and tried thousands of methods – from herbs, nutrition, energy medicine, to some of the most cutting edge brain and cell memory work available. It was both an exciting, expensive, and a healing journey, which took me around the world and into the inner worlds. I’d like to assist other children and adults with what I learned.­”

This book covers:

The 5 True Causes Of Allergies
Understanding the Brain-­Body-­Allergy Connection
Correcting the Allergy “Message” from the brain
Healing The Brain: Simple Energy Medicine Techniques That Work
Healing The Body: Nutrition and Herbs That Work
Natural Anti-­Histamines For Fast Relief

Start breathing better by charting a course to remove allergies and asthma from your life.

Chapter 1: Swimming Upstream
Chapter 2: Pin Cushion to Guinea Pig
Chapter 3: How My Allergies and Asthma Were Cured
Chapter 4: Point of Origin: Where Do Allergies Start?
Chapter 5: Brain/Body: When the Fire Chief is the Arsonist
Chapter 6: Allergy Relief And Prevention
Chapter 7: Putting Your Plan Together
Chapter 8: The Future of Allergy Elimination: Lasers and Cell Memory Methods

PLUS: 8 Natural Things You Can Do Right Now for Fast Relief

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