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A sexy stranger. An award-winning wine. A business rivalry. Anonymous threats. Kate’s new job has her stomach doing somersaults.

Kate Whitman has a problem with anxiety. But when a man with movie-star looks and a body to match sits down next to her on the plane, she gets goose bumps—and not from nerves. Six hours and 3,000 miles later, they are kissing passionately in the airport. But when she turns around, he is gone.

To forget the rejection by this sexy stranger, Kate throws herself into her new marketing job at her family’s vineyard. She launches a high profile attack on a competing winery with a ruthless social media campaign, only to learn that behind her rival’s success is that very stranger. And he wants to redeem himself.

Can she maintain a professional relationship with Josh McCabe, amidst his sexy advances? A series of anonymous threatening messages makes Kate question whether McCabe is the generous lover he appears to be, or may instead be a ruthless opportunist.

When everyday life brings unbearable anxiety, can you trust in love?

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