A Photographer's Milky Way Processing Guide: A Photoshop HowTo

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A Photographer's Milky Way Processing Guide: A Photoshop HowTo

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Here is an ebook for those who have been struggling with making the Milky Way in your night sky photos stand out. Do you want to make your Milky Way really stand out ... no, pop right out? If so, then this is a must have ebook to get you started. It will take you step by step through a process which will provide you with a Milky Way photo you will be proud to show and print.

Your Milky Way should clearly be defined and catch the viewer's eye. It should not look like a fine mist in the sky. Rather, it should stand out and have dramatic color from one end to the near galactic center of the Milky Way.

More often than ever before more people are taking photos of the Milky Way in the night sky but it simply doesn't stand out, regardless of the foreground which may or may not contain a light painted object.

The only thing you need is Photoshop, although I do include a section for Lightroom users that will also be helpful. And I admit, this is a little beyond a beginner's level but if you take your time and go over it, you will achieve that "WOW" look to your Milky Way.

This ebook covers masking the foreground from the night sky and processing each separately but it gets more involved when you come to the point where you use camera raw for initial adjustments to Photoshop for things like exposure, white balance and targeted curve and color adjustments to name a few.

I have also included included a section for Lightroom (LR) users where you make adjustments using LR's Detail and HSL/Color/B&W section and finally I cover noise reduction.

At a later date, I plan to publish a second ebook with more advanced techniques in Photoshop.

Yes, it will be a learning process but it will be fun and later you will be applying your own techniques you have learned to further enhance your Milky Way photos. You will soon be impressed with your Milky Way photos and so will others.

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