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Aching for You: Aching, #2

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     Master Sergeant Joe Sanders prided himself on his reputation as a man with a plan, and that plan did not include a repeat of the crushing sense of loss when Veronica Simms disappeared from his home and walked out of his life. Now that he has her back, his determination to keep her at his side terrifies him more than an enemy sniper.
     Veronica finds it easy to forgive, but struggles to forget how easy it was for Joe to keep much of his past hidden. Nevertheless, she’s willing to take a chance with the man that fills her days with laughter and her nights with passion.
     Can this couple manage a minefield littered with family secrets, distrust, lies, and come out intact? Or will their insecurities push them further apart?

     This 33,500-word novella continues where Aching for You ended, but can be enjoyed on its own.

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