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Timeless Wisdom from Andreas Moritz

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Timeless Wisdom from Andreas Moritz

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"Timeless Wisdom from Andreas Moritz" is a respectful compilation of quotes, carefully selected from Andreas’ comments and responses to questions posed on his forums or addressed to him one on one. His deep spiritual awareness, compassion and pure, loving essence, combined with a thorough understanding of the human body, have inspired thousands of people to lead more vital, uplifting and balanced lives.

“Open up your heart like a flower in the sun, ask a question in your mind, open this book to any page, and receive your answer with gratitude.”
May these words, sentiments and loving guidance continue to provide comfort and warmth, wrapped in timeless support and healing from the heart:

“Keep your heart open and follow what it tells you to do. Look for joy and passion in the things you are dealing with. If something doesn’t give you any joy and pleasure, make the appropriate adjustments in your life that allow your passion to come forth.
Rules and regulations, and ideas on how life should be lived, are rapidly becoming obsolete.It is more about living your own truth, your own wisdom, your own desires, and not someone else’s.”
* * *
“The deep knowingness that all of life is purposeful honors and respects health and illness, darkness and light, wealth and poverty, right and wrong, good and evil. These are all essential to the evolutionary process of achieving a higher sense of identity of self that is unlimited and free.
We are all here to grow fully from our experiences.”
* * *
“Walking the path is your success story.It is never about reaching the goal, for there is none to be reached. Living the process is the goal.”
* * *
“Although it may not always feel that way,all human experiences, including the negative ones, are in our highest good and never meant to harm us.
The experiences of fear, anger, frustration, impatience and other emotions are the motivating forces that offer the opportunity to help us develop, accept and embrace their opposites, and become more complete within ourselves.
It takes great courage to face our fears,but it’s worth the initial difficulty.Going through these feelings,from the beginning to the end until they begin to subside, is very liberating.”
* * *
“Being physically attractive is not a requirement forbeing loved by someone special. In fact, truly special people are capable of loving those who are not physically beautiful at all. It takes a person with a deep, loving heartto find another person with a deep, loving heart.It is only the shallow and empty-hearted who seenot being beautiful as an obstacle to love.
Many people fall in love with the looks of others, but not with their soul and heart.They are likely to become disappointed and lonely, unless they seek to love another’s soul and heart, not their (fleeting) physical appearance.
When someone loves you for who you are, with all your weaknesses and gifts, you will know it is for real. That is the kind of person you want in your life. You don’t need to be perfect at allin order to be loved in a deep and special way.”
* * *
“The ups and downs of life make up life.The down part is equally important as the up part.The accepting person doesn’t perceive the down part as bad, and therefore cannot suffer.He is not a victim anymore, and has no more adversities. Everything is welcomed as an opportunity.”
* * *
“There may be an opportunity for you to grow stronger in areas of your heart that are still intimidated by unpleasant situations. You may be able to see beyond appearances and view the pain and fear that make some people aggressive and cold-hearted, thereby developing a greater sense of compassion within yourself. When this happens, your heart expands, growing strong and rich.”

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