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The Low Carb Diet: Toughing Out The First 10 Days, #6

The Low Carb Diet: Toughing Out The First 10 Days, #6

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The Low Carb Diet: Toughing Out The First 10 Days, #6

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Jan 16, 2014


What is The Low-Carb Diet?

There are different types of low-carb diets, including the Atkins Diet, Zone Diet, Ketogenic Diets, Sugar Busters!, South Beach Diet, Paleo Diet and the Bernstein’s Diabetes Diet.

Many of these are targeted toward people who have or are on the path to type 2 diabetes since high amounts of sugar can cause insulin resistance over time. This means your insulin hormone is not working properly and normally leads to weight gain.

Some people follow the diet for just a few months until they have lost enough weight or their risk of type 2 diabetes is mitigated. Other people become accustomed to eating other foods, such as more fruits and vegetables and stick to the diet long term.

Making the Low-Carb Diet Work For You

As with any diet, the biggest lifestyle changes will revolve around changing the foods you are eating.

This will affect what foods you purchase, how you plan meals and how you cook, to start. The first 10 days of the diet will be the most challenging since you will be getting used to new foods and trying to remember what not to eat.

The longer you have followed unhealthy eating habits the longer it may take to get all the necessary changes to stick.

10 Days Later....

After even a week on the diet you will have more energy to do things that you have always put on the back burner.

Take advantage of this energy boost and become more active. Exercise goes hand-in-hand with your low-carb diet and you will reach your goals faster when even incorporating a walk or light bike ride a few times per week.

You will be reducing your risk of depression and mental disorders and boosting your immune system. One positive life change that sticks will naturally lead to others and after a few months you won’t recognize the person you used to be.

Key Sections of the Book

The Benefits

Tips For Success In The First 10 Days

Things To Avoid In The First 10 Days

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Jan 16, 2014

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The Low Carb Diet - David Bale

The Low-Carb Diet: Toughing Out The First 10 Days

David Bale


David Bale

Copyright © 2014 by David Bale

All rights reserved.

Table of Contents

What Is A Low Carb Diet?

Who Introduced It

Main Features

Atkins Diet

Zone Diet

Sugar Busters!

South Beach Diet

Ketogenic Diet

Dukan Diet

Stillman Diet

Allowed Foods

Prohibited Foods

 Benefits Of A Low Carb Diet

Lifestyle Changes




Breaking Bad Habits

Better Health

Tips For Success In The First 10 Days On A Low Carb Diet

Become Mentally Prepared

Getting Started

Food Counts

Staying on Track

Dealing with Challenges

Things To Avoid In The First 10 Days On A Low Carb Diet

Mental Don’ts

Food Don’ts

Planning Don’ts

Cons Of A Low Carb Diet

Long-Term Effects have Not Been Studied

Not Enough Protein

Not Enough Fiber

Counting Carbs Requires too Much Time

I Can’t Afford to Switch Diets

Dieting has Never Worked Before

It’s Too Restrictive

Too Few Carbs is Unhealthy

Not Enough Support

It’s Just a Fad Diet, Right?

The Food Selection is Boring

You Lose Water Weight and Muscle

Alternative Diets

Paleo Diet

5:2 Diet

Daniel Fast

Shred Diet

Low Carb Diet

Ketogenic Diet

Wheat Belly Diet

Dukan Diet

What Is A Low Carb Diet?

Many doctors recommend a low carb diet for individuals who are overweight and people who have a history of certain medical conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

A low-carb diet is simply reducing the number of carbohydrates you intake. There are two different types of carbs – complex and simple. Foods that have complex carbohydrates include bread, flour, pasta, bananas, beans, brown rice, nuts and potatoes.

Your body takes longer to breakdown and digest these foods, which produces longer-lasting energy overtime compared to foods with simple carbohydrates. Foods containing simple carbohydrates are naturally or artificially sweetened and include chocolate, honey, pizza, soft drinks, cakes, cookies and similar foods.

Since they contain high

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