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4.5/5 (23 valutazioni)
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Jun 1, 2011


Snuffletrump the piglet can't stop hiccuping! Children will love to join him in his quest to stop the hiccups and will delight in the advice that he receives from his animal friends as they try to help him. From juggling eggs to jiggling around, it seems that nothing can stop the piglet’s hiccups. Bright, colourful illustrations bring the charming story to life, ensuring Hic! is destined to become a firm favourite!

Jun 1, 2011

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Hic! - Jaclin Azoulay

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  • (4/5)
    Funny story about a little pig named Snuffletrump who can't seem to find a remedy to his hiccups.
    It's his birthday, and Snuffletrump is sad: no one seems to have remembered. So he wanders around, meeting other animals that offer a cure to his hiccups. First he meets a cow, who offers a glass of milk: it doesn't work. Then comes a rooster, who tells him that the remedy for hiccups is juggling some eggs. It ends in disaster, as the cruel hens make him a laughingstock.
    A nice horse gives him a ride, suggesting that that is a remedy to hiccups, but Snuffletrump ends buried in a haystack.
    A duck hears Snuffletrump's hiccups from a distance and tells him the best way to make hiccups go away is splashing cold water all over oneself. It doesn't work, but at least now Snuffletrump is clean.
    His parents call him out: a wonderful birthday party awaits. Surprise!

    The ending was a bit abrupt, that's why I gave four stars instead of five.

    Nice double-page illustrations; I love the onomatopoeias in the text.
  • (5/5)
    Totally adorable ?! Great little story with fun, colorful illustrations. You don’t have to be a little kid to enjoy this. I’m 65!!! ?☺️