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The ABC of Child Care

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The ABC of Child Care

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‘The ABC of Child Care’, is an instructional book of approximately 118,000 words, excluding the index.
Of course, there are many books already available on the subject of child care. What makes this one different is that it is written in an alphabetical format and deals with the problems of bringing up children from birth right through the teens, not as most other child care books, just dealing with the early years.
The writer's qualification to write this book is that he spent over thirty years of his life working in the child care field, including Children’s Homes and Boarding Schools.
He does not hold a degree in psychology or have letters after his name. He gained all his qualifications while he was doing the job. For those who think paper qualifications are important, the author does hold a certificate of qualification in social work but does not draw on this for the purposes of this book.
The qualification he does have to write this book is experience. He has worked with difficult, maladjusted, those with learning difficulties, as well as so called ‘normal’ children.
In this book, he attempts to pass on that experience to parents in a clear and straightforward manner without the jargon of psychology.

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