The Holocaust of All Times: The Genocide of the Incas

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The Holocaust of All Times: The Genocide of the Incas

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The conquerors of the Old World took only a few months to arrive at our continent and begin the most inhuman encounter between two different civilizations, outnumbering any other genocide. What happened divided all the ‘Indian’ nations and keep us apart from each other to claim to the Tribunal de Justicia de la Haya about the genocide to us.

The holocausts are historic events, and to the ‘Indians’ they happened and are still being perpetrated against them. With the centuries, we have lost our dignity and we don’t feel yet either the fire of the racism or the frigid indifference of the men, because we live under the survival of the strongest. There is no other true law since the beginning of the time, and the ‘Indians’ always will be weak unless they join to claim the right to their ancestral continent, understanding that our hopes lie in the humanity of our inhumanity.

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