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Immortals Rise Of The Underworlds

Immortals Rise Of The Underworlds

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Immortals Rise Of The Underworlds

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May 25, 2014


Vasos meanwhile ventures to save Kol from the evil Hel so they may join the others and fulfill the long talked about prophecy, but to do it he'll have to face the many trails of Helheim and the Duat, with the help of old friends and the gods themselves he races against time before the war can begin. Divided to help the Chinese gods and the Mayan gods the others face trails of their own as they try to stop the rise of the underworlds against the heavens but danger and deception lurk around every corner vying to stop them at any cost. The further they all travel on their quests the more danger they face forcing hard choices and sacrifices from them all, will they be able to set things right or will the rise of the underworlds be the end of them all?

May 25, 2014

Informazioni sull'autore

I am a 36 year old cancer patient who is a father of five wonderful children and am lucky enough to have the most wonderful wife in the world. I have always loved writing and plan to continue publishing books to share the stories I come up with for as long as I can, I have led an interesting life doing more things than people usually get to do in five life times. I have wonderful friends and family who are my strength and love with my wife and kids, I believe you can do anything you put your mind to and most importantly that any dream with having is a dream with fighting for! I love helping other people and protecting others, I love to camp, cook, sing, the outdoors and much more! Feel free to contact me at about the books if you like, thanks again and I hope you enjoy!

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Immortals Rise Of The Underworlds - M'tain Dubois


Chapter 1

Apis walked out of the vortex back into the hall where the others were in a deep conversation/yelling match until Horus slams his fist on the arm of his chair with a massive boom in his voice. Enough! This arguing gets us nowhere! I would ask Zeus and Odin to join me in the throne seats so we may discuss a plan of action. Horus demands.

Eyeing him for a moment Zeus and Odin finally concede sitting on either side of Horus.

What suggestion do you have Horus? Questions Zeus.

I don’t pretend to know for sure where Vasos has disappeared to but I’m sure that we can all surmise that he has gone on some foolish endeavor to save Kol from Helheim, humans are rash in such a manner. He pauses looking at the other demigods. In truth that is not my concern, make no mistake all of us are appreciative to Kol and Vasos for what they did here with the others but they are not from my kingdom, my concern is what now to do with the demigods from my home.

What is it that you desire? Odin says looking at Nuru, Keri and Chione.

I have pledged myself to marry Vasos my lord and I will go where he is. Chione says firmly.

And Kol is my true soul mate I will not rest until he is back safe in my arms. Keri agrees staring at Horus with daggers.

After a moment of silence Horus clears his throat with a nod towards Nuru. What of you young one?

I owe Kol my life and freedom my lord and from what I know of these others they are all excellent people worthy of my friendship, brotherhood and loyalty. He smiles at the others for a moment before again looking at Horus. But that being said, first and foremost I will follow what the gods of my home ask of me.

I see. Smiled Horus. An excellent decision, as for you others where you go is not for you to decide, it was through my order that you were even allowed into existence you will go where I say.

If I may my lord? Apis interjects bowing before them.

What have you to say lord Apis? Horus sighs.

I am sure you can understand the desires of the two demigods my lord, after all think of everything you went through to become our king, you know all about desire and loyalty to those you love. Apis points out. That being said though I am afraid it is quite impossible for you ladies or any of the other demigods to go after Vasos and Kol, for if I am not mistaken Vasos and Kol were meant to complete two quests on their own one of which is in Helheim. No matter your feelings you must let them do this on their own. He explained.

Lord Apis speaks the truth. Zeus agrees. Even if Vasos has not traveled to Helheim he must finish the quests set forth for them with or without Kol and all others are forbidden to aid them.

Then it is settled they will stay here to fulfill my wishes. Smiles Horus leaning back in the throne chair.

I believe their time can be spent more wisely than in service here Horus. Ra interjects.

What could be better than my wishes? Demands Horus.

Unfazed by his anger Ra explains. It has been ages since the old alliance crumbled and I believe now is the time for us to obtain the Chinese and Mayan’s back into our fold, we will need them and their demigod children if we are to survive the trying times ahead.

You would have them travel on quests to speak with the others gods? Odin questioned.

I would suggest that we speak with the other gods and as a sign of good faith the demigods can split up and perform quests for them, if they are successful then the gods aligned to us will make us that much stronger. He answers.

A masterful plan. Zeus says nodding his head. I fully support this plan, in the meantime Vasos will have time to finish his quests.

So we will leave Vasos and Kol to their fates? Demands Hallthor angrily.

Calm yourself my son, unfortunately Lord Apis is right Vasos is on his own. Thor says holding up his hand for Hallthor to be silent. I do find it curious that Hel would have shown up here without some sort of prodding, He says looking at Loki suspiciously.

I had nothing to do with Hel’s decision to take her brother. Loki answers flatly looking from Thor to Odin. Father you don’t truly believe I had anything to do with it do you?

I have and always will give you the benefit of the doubt my son as I have in the past but your brother has been scorned by your many plots over the past, he has a right to his suspicions. Odin answers looking at them both.

I have no more control over my children’s actions than you do dear brother, if we had such control I’m sure you would have stopped Calder and Ragnar at the start of their decline. He says pointedly. I want Kol’s body recovered as well, I could always go to Helheim and speak with my daughter, maybe she will listen to reason.

Given her ominous tone and cryptic words at the last I highly doubt she would be willingly to listen to anything you have to say. Hecate interrupts appearing in front of the king gods in a bow. It is more likely that she would attack you in order to buy more time to twist Kol to her purpose.

What do you believe her plan to be? Questions Thor clearly concerned.

I believe she will torture and twist Kol’s spirit until she has corrupted him with spells and evil, from there I believe she will try to use me to fulfill her own ends and bring destruction to all the gods. After all Kol is still one of the children of the prophecy. She reminds them.

But Kol is dead. Sander blurts out with a burp. The prophecy no longer applies to him does it?

Hel is goddess of the dead for the Norse people she has Kol’s entire being, she can use it to reanimate him and bring him back to the world of the living when she is done twisting him from the hero we know. Loki explains.

Kol is a pain in the butt when he’s on our side I’d hate to see the damage he’d do if he went full on evil. Sander sighs.

Kol would never give in to corruption. Keri says firmly wiping the tears from her cheeks.

Everyone and I mean everyone has their limits my dear. Odin says. But in any case it is Vasos who must deal with Hel and Kol if he has chosen to find him.

We may all have to deal with Kol if we don’t act now to stop what ever Hel is planning. Thor resolves.

Can you not simply order Hel to release Kol Lord Odin? Questions Chione.

Shifting uncomfortably for a moment in his chair Odin meets her eyes slowly. As Horus and Zeus can attest it is not as simple as giving an order the gods that rule in their dominions don’t always listen or do what they are told and by forcing their hand often times war results doing more damage to this world than good, that I am not willing to risk.

None of us are. Zeus agrees. As always we must count on our demigod children, in this case Vasos.

Perhaps it would be best if we continued discussing this in private. Horus suggests.

Agreed. Hecate return to Olympus and report to the council of what has thus far transpired. Zeus says looking to Hecate who bows for a moment then vanishes in a ball of light.

Loki return to Asgard and find out what information you can about Hel’s plans for Kol, Thor you will go to your mother and address the other gods making them aware of all that has transpired make sure they are prepared for war, if Hel succeeds I have no doubt that the battle will come to us first. Odin decides as well.

Apis return with Seth to the heavens and gather the court so I can address them when my meeting here is concluded, as for you Lord Ra why don’t you join us in discussion of our plans? Horus concludes.

I would be honored. Ra answers as the rest of the gods disappear leaving only Thor behind.

Perhaps it would be better father if I made inquiries myself along with Loki after I have informed the others of what has transpired. Thor says lingering for a moment longer.

That is not necessary my son, I am sure that Loki can handle his task well enough. Odin answers waving off the idea. Now please leave us so we may decide on the best course of action for the alliance.

Before you go father may I ask what exactly this armor can do the rumors are not exactly matching. Hallthor interrupts ignoring the attention from the other gods.

With a smile he turns towards Hallthor. Ah yes the armor, I am pleased that you obtained it even if it was not on your own as I had hoped.

It was Kol who really won the armor father, he was kind enough to leave it to me as a gift. Hallthor answers looking at the floor shamefully.

Walking over to his son Thor smiles lifting Hallthor’s chin gently so he’s looking him in the eyes. Take heart my child there is no shame in receiving help from your brother and dearest friends the armor may have been won by your brother but he knew that I had always meant it for you and given his love for you he gladly gave it up.

Thank you father. Hallthor smiles.

Yup gotta love that Kol, where is he by the way? Sander asks scratches his head. Oh that’s right dead and in Helheim, maybe we should get back to the issues at hand? Just a suggestion. Sander says sarcastically shrugging his shoulders and taking a drink from his flask.

Crudely as he may have stated it, your inebriated friend is correct we must let the gods make their plans, as for your armor it is the brother of the one made for Achilles and has the same properties, it is all but indestructible, now I must go my son do not worry we will find a way to help your brother until such time do what the gods order. Thor smiles, disappearing and leaving the last of the focus on the remaining demigods who are not sure what to do next.

Thor is correct my grandson, as for you and the rest of the young heroes here you can enjoy a slight reprieve until we are ready again to speak with you. Odin says waving a hand creating a portal for them to enter.

One at a time the demigods enter the portal finding themselves instantly bathed in the multicolored light of the rainbow bridge as they find themselves standing in front of Heimdall the guardian of Asgard and god of boundaries, sight, hearing and creation of one of the three races of men. Welcome young ones to the realm of Asgard. Hermod will be here shortly to escort you to Valaskjalf the hall of Odin where you will feast and rest until you have been called once again by the gods.

Before them stood the great city of Asgard shining like a star against the water flowing freely under the rainbow bridge, it’s high golden walls were a sharp contrast to the beautiful and lush mountain and forest landscape stretching out around them. The clouds dotted the blue/purple sky gently brushing against the very tops of the towers as strange birds they couldn’t quite make out flew through them darting down to the water and back into the sky again. The sight was majestic and beautiful taking their breath away.

Before anyone can thank him Sevrrir steps to the front of the group dropping to one knee. Hello father.

Hello my son, welcome home. He smiles stepping towards him until Hermod appears suddenly.

Quickly Heimdall again stands formally looking at Hermod. The demigods are ready Hermod and I am sure they are tired from their long missions in the Egyptian lands, it has no doubt been a long time since they had good food and rest.

It would be my pleasure, it has been a long time Hallthor. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures since last we spoke. Hermod says slapping Hallthor on the back. It’s good to see you survived Hallthor, now Saga owes me that drink! He says creating another portal for them to travel through.

Sevrrir slumps his shoulders a bit disappointed at his time with his father until right before he enters the portal when Heimdall calls out. Sevrrir you have made me proud and soon I will visit you at the hall so we can speak properly.

Thank you father I look forward to our time together. Sevrrir smiles trying to contain his glee.

Appearing from the portal Hallthor marvels at the exquisite beauty of Odin’s hall, full length mirror line the walls from five feet off the floor reaching to the ceiling. Every ten feet there is a different painting showing the victories of Odin in battle and the punishments he has delivered to his enemies, the scenes strike Hallthor as not only inspiring but a warning to those who might think of challenging Odin’s might. The parts of the walls that are not covered by mirrors or paintings are reddish gold and lined with Norse runes long forgotten by mortal man. The floor was completely stone and polished to a shine reflecting the mirror images giving almost a dizzying effect until the group sees the forty foot long dark oak banquet table filled with every kind of food they can think of whether it is from Norse, Greek or Egyptian lands.

One thing you can definitely say about the All father is he knows how to throw a feast. Hermod laughs at the looks on their face and the slight drool some of them have at the edges of their mouths.

Shyly they all begin to smile and wipe their mouths.

Please do not wait on any formality my young friends indulge yourselves, eat like you have never ate before. Hermod smiles reassuringly. After all you never know when the meal you are eating will be your last. He says watching them as they attack the food.

Will you not join us Lord Hermod? Sevrrir questions scooping some more food into his mouth.

I don’t think so. Hermod answers sitting at the head of the table.

Swallowing down a mouth full of meat Sander grabs a cup to wash it down using some wine when abruptly he stops sniffing at the drink. Wait a minute…

Before he can finish his sentence Hermod appears behind Sander knocking him out followed by Hallthor, in seconds the two demigods are back at the head of the table bound tightly in a golden rope.

What’s happening Lord Hermod? Sevrrir questions shooting to his feet with his axe in hand.

I would think it obvious Sevrrir, Sander was about to warn you all that you have been consuming poison and I very well couldn’t let him stop you from finishing what was in your mouth after all I need you to eat all the tainted food and drink possible, as for Hallthor, I’d say with his armor and powers he is the biggest threat to my plan right now. The same is true for Sander, I couldn’t very well have him causing me to lose my mind or get drunk. The rest of you on the other hand I can handle just fine until the poison kills you all.

Chapter 2

Vasos had his doubts that the ship could reach Helheim but to his relief the portal opened transporting him into the vortex but when he emerged from the tunnel he found himself on the outskirts of a bay of deep blue water just off shore of a small lands covered in large trees.

He looked over the small land scanning for any signs of life but the only irregular thing about the place was the stone cave jutting out of the loose forest nearly all the way to the water.

Standing a few feet into the water was a thin and pale man casting a line out into the water leisurely.

Vasos looked from the man back to the shore for a moment before jumping into the water and swimming a long way around so not to disturb the fishing the guy was doing. Reasoning that there was no point in making enemies if he didn’t have to, finally reaching the shore he crawls out of the water laying on the beach for a moment having forgotten just how tired he was. The water had invigorated him for a moment until he reached the beach and the sun began to beat down on him.

Unexpectedly Vasos notices that it’s not the sun beating down on him but instead the heat from the veins of lava running through the rock ceiling above him, somehow the liquid rock is flowing freely above him without falling into the water or unto the small island.

Beautiful isn’t it? The thin man questions with his voice somehow reverberating over the water to Vasos.

Getting up from the sand Vasos felts completely drained and unable to walk falling to his knees until he just knew that he was about to die.

It’s the beach sand, it is draining you of all life force in preparation for your journey to the underworld land of Helheim. The man said cheerfully. If you are insistent on living any longer I would suggest that you get back into the water, it will heal you. We have a much similar place where I work only it is the water you need to fear. He continued.

Vasos could barely make out what the guy was saying as he dragged himself back to the water feeling the strength return to his body. After a struggle to keep his head above water until he had regained his strength Vasos lumbers over to the thin man who is just casting out his line again.

Awkwardly Vasos stands by the man growing in strength quickly unsure of what to say. So…catch anything yet?

Not today, but yesterday I caught a huge one! He answered smiling.

A huge what exactly? Vasos asked looking around.

Demon whale of course, this is the only place you can find them these days. He answered like it should be obvious.

Of course…I am Vasos son of Aphrodite… He began.

I know who you are, quite the talk of the town lately. He answered tugging on the fishing line. My boss told me to keep a sharp eye for you if you happened to die on your joyous quests.

And your boss would be…? Vasos asked not sure he wanted the answer.

Hades of course. He answered with a smile.

Which would make you? Vasos asked.

I am a little out of my usual attire so I’ll let it slide that you don’t recognize me, I am Nessus ferryman of the river Styx. He said transforming for a moment into a skeleton wearing a long black cloak and then back again into shorts and a tee shirt.

A pleasure I’m sure. Vasos said with a half-smile looking back at the cave opening.

No the pleasure is all mine it’s always nice to meet the heroes, such wonderful stories of their lives. He answered. If you are wondering how you are going to reach the cave entrance I could assist you with that.

At what cost? Vasos eyed him wearily.

No charge this time, after all I’m on vacation while Charon handles the load back on the Styx. He answered.

This is where you vacation. Vasos remarked looking around again.

Well it’s not like I just hang out on the surface that often, besides often times we collects of souls spend time together. The Valkyries are keepers of this place and are kind enough to allow me use of it any time I wish. He answered.

Hmm I thought that the gods didn’t allow mingling between cultures.

In the business of death and the underworld the rules are slightly different. He smiled slyly.

Nice. Vasos smiled. Although this has been fun I really need to be going I have a brother to rescue from torture and stuff, you know that whole saving the world chestnut.

Of course good ole Kol, now that is a soul I would have loved to sail across the river but alas such is not meant for him or you come to think about it, no, when you pass there is something special but enough about that as you said, places to go and people to try and save. He said grabbing Vasos and throwing him over the shore into the cave entrance where he banged his head.

Vasos dusted himself off scowling at Nessus. You know I could have just jumped across and banged my head into the rock!

Yes but then I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of saying I got to throw around the great hero known as Vasos the avenger. He laughed turning his attention back to the fishing pole that was now jerking with motion from a bite.

Glad I could help. Vasos frowned turning back toward the dark cave that blew with a heated breeze.

Oh and Vasos, something you should know is that the many monsters locked in the underworld can freely move between the realms where they are tortured transferring their essence from Tartarus to Helheim and so on, so there is no telling what challenges you might face in your journey to rescue Kol and I would take care of Hel she is not like Hades, she never listens to anyone and has often caused problems for all other realms.

Sniffing the brimstone floating up from the cave Vasos just knew he was going to run into Dragons or Drakons maybe even both, not something he was looking forward to in the least. He wished Kol was with him and safe, he could tell him a lot more about the Norse realms, even Sevrrir or Hallthor would be great help with information but he knew in his heart he had to come after Kol alone. It broke his heart to leave the others especially Chione but he knew they would insist on helping him.

Five feet into the cave the tunnel suddenly closed behind him trapping him in the cave and leaving him with his only way forward into the unknown.

Pulling his sword and leveling in front of him for extra light Vasos cautiously walked through the cave glancing nervously at the veins of lava running over head in the same direction he was traveling wondering if they could fall on him in an elaborate trap or cruel joke.

Cautiously he moved further down the tunnel expecting trouble until after fifteen minutes of nothing he began to feel safe, just when he started to relax completely little random noises from various monsters echoed through the cave intermixed by screams of torture and agony setting his teeth on edge.

A large growl echoed from the chamber causing Vasos to stop abruptly with a sigh. Don’t be shy Vasos I have been expecting you, come forth and prepare to surrender your soul to Hel. The rumbling voice laughed.

Vasos crept forward looking past the edge of the cave opening into the giant rock cavern that stretched out giving way to a swirling dark sky of black clouds above him, the once bright red lava that was flowing down the tunnel changed abruptly into clear blue freezing water that collected into a stream leading into a massive river a hundred feet ahead of him.

Stepping out a little further into the vast landscape Vasos slightly covered his eyes as they adjusted to the bright snow that covered the rocky surface jutting through here and there. Lifeless trees lay on the ground and stretched to the dark sky as a bone chilling wind blew through the land.

The scenery confused Vasos as he scanned the place looking for the voice he had heard from the tunnel which had already closed behind him.

Vasos had heard stories of the underworld but Hades’ lands weren’t described anything like here, his land was damp, dark and hot. Only special punishments that called for cold had such temperatures and even those were few and far between. But this place was a frozen wasteland and for a moment Vasos questioned if he’d been tricked and ended up in Jotunheim especially when he saw the giantess standing not far off in front of the only bridge that crossed the river.

He scanned her for a second trying to remember what the Norse demigods had mentioned in their travels about the creatures in Jotunheim, he was sure that the giants inhabited the land but he could have sworn that the others had said the frost giants were blue, this giant lady was a normal flesh tone so that eliminated her as a rock or fire giant.

Well? She said with a frown looking unconcerned at Vasos’ sword. Are you going to say something or just continue to stare like a fool?

Forgive my stare, I’m just taking in the surroundings I have never been here been here before. Vasos decided walking towards her.

The surrounding? Is that what you call females where you are from? Because if I’m not mistaken you were staring at me. She smiled. Like what you see?

You are…quite beautiful. He admitted looking her over again.

Despite her massive height she was perfectly shaped in an hour glass figure, her blonde hair was braided back into a long ponytail that reached the back of her knees. She wore small bits of clothes that barely covered her skin in the sensitive parts, the massive sword hanging from her hip gleamed with a shimmer of blue and yellow energy with the edge barely above the ground near her bare feet. Her ruby red lips shimmered through the light snow that had attached to them cold but inviting in a strange way.

I can never hear enough of that. She smiled. And of course you haven’t been here before you’ve not died and even if you had Hades’ realm is where you will go, the question is what will you do now since I cannot allow you to go any further.

I will not stop until I have saved Kol. Vasos said firmly staring her in the eye. Who do you think you are to stand in my way?

With a laugh the giantess eyed him. Poor Vasos, so very out of your element, were this a journey to Hades you would be well prepared with information you have learned all your life, alas you are here turn back and save yourself the pain and hurt of failure. It is far too late for poor Kol, Hel will have her way and he will become whatever she decides. As for who I am, the name is Modgud guardian of Gjallarbru and keeper of the bridge to cross the river Gjoll. I am the first of many tests for those to cross into Helheim.

We have a name for people like you where I’m from. Vasos smiled beginning to lose his patients.

Really? She questioned happily.

Yeah we call monsters that guard bridges trolls, I’d say that you are the nicest looking one I’ve seen thus far though, but polish a turd and no matter how good it looks it is still a turd.

That’s the nicest thing an idiotic hero has ever said to me, I almost feel bad about having to kill you when you try to get past me. She grinned drawing her sword.

At that moment her form flickered for a second allowing Vasos to see that she wasn’t quite as beautiful as he thought, one side of her body was completely skeletal with bits of flesh hanging off in rotting masses here and there.

If I try to get past you to the bridge? What if I go down river or try to cross somewhere other than the bridge? He questioned.

That is your choice, as long as you do not try to cross the bridge you and I have no quarrel. She smiled stabbing her sword into the ground at her feet.

Then may the gods bless you and I’ll be on my way. Vasos answered sheathing his own sword and heading towards the river.

Vasos had expected some sort of fight or for Modgud to attack him the first chance she got but instead she just flopped down in front her bridge and watched Vasos unnerving him even further.

Vasos reached the edge of the river bank staring at the bank on the far side wondering just how cold the water was and what trap might wait for him in the water.

Nothing is ever this simple. He thought staring into the clear water all the way to the bottom of the river bed.

Drawing his sword again Vasos dipped it into the water for a second waiting to see if something might be drawn to the disturbance but nothing happened, pulling his sword out again he decided to touch the water with the tip of his finger to test just how cold of a swim his was in for.

The second his finger touched the water Vasos shook his hand in surprise as the water formed into a small dagger cutting deep into his finger, the second it left his skin the dagger reformed into water and slunk back into the river rejoining the river.

Stunned he looked over at Modgud who leaned back with a wide smile. Having trouble oh great one?

I knew it wouldn’t be that easy.

So what will you do now? Questioned Modgud.

I’ll figure something out. He frowned looking at the distance across the river.

I wouldn’t do that. Modgud said interrupting his thoughts.

What? Vasos asked glancing over at her.

Jumping it, it won’t work. She answered. I should just let you die trying but I have a weak spot for handsome and stupid heroes on lost causes.

Ignoring the comment Vasos picked up a nearby stone and tossed it over the river but before it could reach the opposite side the water in the river exploded forming thousands of knives that destroyed the rock into dust.

See? She asked. The river of knives is not something to trifle with, why not give up this quest of yours and stay here with me instead?

A kind and generous offer but I will not lose another person I love and if I must go through you and any other monster to save Kol I will, whether monster, man or god I will not be stopped. Vasos said sorry with a sigh. I don’t want to fight you Modgud but I must continue on, is there any way you will simply allow me passage?

Modgud’s smile faded and for the first time Vasos realized that her heart wasn’t in this fight either. I wish I could Vasos but I have responsibility that I cannot and will not ignore, as detestable as it may be I must stop you if you try to pass. This bridge is only for those who have died and then only those loyal to the Gods of Asgard.

Then forgive me Modgud for any pain that you are about to feel on my behalf. Vasos said walking towards her sword drawn.

Chapter 3

Kol had been pretty sure that when he sacrificed himself for the world and its many gods he would have earned his place among the honored dead in Valhalla but before he had the strength to even open his eyes the pain in his chest told him that he hadn’t reached the hall of champions.

As the fog started to lift from his head Kol’s ears picked up on the different sounds of the place around him, screams echoed in the distance mixed with the sounds of crying and laughing of others, faintly he could hear cheering and music somewhere and he couldn’t help but wonder if the happiness he heard was from those torturing the others.

You begin to wake at last little brother, I was beginning to think it wouldn’t happen at all. A seductive voice that was filled with sexuality and power but had an undertone of malice.

Blinking his eyes as they watered in pain Kol searched the room trying to track where the voice came from, the stinging finally subsided and Kol’s eyes looked upon his host and his spirits fell. Hel. He said in a croaked voice from his dry throat. Why have you brought me here?

You belong to me Kol and I will not be denied. She answered sitting back in her pillow filled throne chair. Don’t tell me that you had some misguided idea that you would end up in Valhalla. She said staring seriously at him for a moment before laughing. You did, that’s so adorably foolish. The fact is all of the gods decided that you belong with the rest of Loki’s children, despite the great deeds you have done and the things you have accomplished none of them are willing to take the risk of when you will turn. You should feel fortunate that I was allowed to take you without chains for all eternity.

Thor would not have tossed me to the side so lightly. Kol said firmly staring at Hel.

I have known Thor for a very long time and trust me the Thunderer loses all will power when told to do something by Odin. Hel smiled rising from her chair with a stretch showing off her perfect body.

Loose see through clothing hung from her figure causing Kol to blush and turn his head away as he did, Hel’s straight black hair hung shimmering and loose framing her beautiful face as is continued down her back to her waist. Her yellow/green eyes were piercing and seductive igniting lustful thoughts and feelings in Kol as she gazed at him.

Without turning to look at her again Kol could hear the soft padding of her feet on the rock floor as she strolled towards him and only then is when Kol realized he was also nude laying in a giant bed covered in silk sheets and pillows adding to his embarrassment.

You’re cute Kol, I hadn’t expected you to be so shy. She laughed lifting the sheets and sliding in bed next to Kol.

We’re brother and sister. Kol said edging away from her as she began to play with his hair.

A playful laugh escaped her lips as she pulled him back into the bed next to her wrapping him in her arms. Don’t be silly Kol, of course we are siblings but gods and goddesses often times enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company, such things are well within the parameters of our existence, so why not partake of the joys we can share with one another?

I am sorry Hel, but it’s not that simple for me aside from our family ties my heart already belongs to another. Kol frowned giving up on fighting her to get out of the bed.

My poor sweet Kol. She said playing with his black hair. I hate to be the one to tell you this but Sig is no more. Hel sighed waving her hand in the air which shimmered in front of Kol showing him Sig laughing in a great hall surrounded by people having a grand time. You see little brother she has past to the after life and made peace with it, now you must do the same.

Kol turned away from the image quickly as tears began to form. How do I know this is not some trick? He questioned with a sniffle.

I have no reason to lie to you, besides I think you can feel the truth in your heart. She answered kissing his cheek.

How did it happen? He questioned ignoring her embrace and looking back at the fading image of Sig.

She gave her life to save the other demigods you have adopted as family so they could help you in your last quest to save the world. She answered matter of factly. She truly loved you and could not bare the thought of you losing your surrogate family in the temple so she sacrificed herself for the others who then allowed you to die in the end anyway.

They didn’t have the choice to allow me death or life, that was my choice completely. Kol said flopping back in the bed sadly.

And what did you get in return? Shunned by the gods and your demigod friends leaving you to whatever punishment or reward I saw fit, none of the gods cared to check on you or weigh an opinion on the matter in the least and as for your beloved demigods where are they now? They are leisurely enjoying the hospitality of the gods, enjoying the reward that should have been rightfully yours. She snapped waving her hand again to show him the image of the others sitting at a giant table eating and drinking

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