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Audition Arsenal for Women in their 20's: 101 Monologues by Type, 2 Minutes & Under

Audition Arsenal for Women in their 20's: 101 Monologues by Type, 2 Minutes & Under

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Audition Arsenal for Women in their 20's: 101 Monologues by Type, 2 Minutes & Under

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Oct 1, 2005


Prepare your audition repertoire with the most innovative monologue series to date-Audition Arsenal! Are you tired of buying monologue books only to discard half of the pieces because they are outside of your age range? Not anymore! The first four books in this breakthrough series are for: Women in their 20s, Men in their 20s, Women in their 30s, and Men in their 30s. That means 101 monologues per book, 2 minutes and under, that are all usable by you! And it gets even better. The Audition Arsenal books are organized by type so you will have dynamic, memorable, contemporary monologues that demonstrate your ability to handle any role. Each type is defined by a specific personality trait, allowing you to showcase the qualities crucial to a particular character or role. In addition, choosing contrasting types is a great way to show your range in general auditions. The types are broken down by tone-comedic, dramatic, or seriocomic. Searching is easy, accurate, and fun!

Oct 1, 2005

Informazioni sull'autore

Janet B. Milstein is an actor, award-winning acting instructor, private acting coach, best-selling author, and series editor. She has also written/co-written several screenplays and plays, directed both theater and film, and cast several projects. Janet received her MFA in Acting from SUNY Binghamton in New York and her BA in Theatre with Distinction from the University of Delaware.  Janet has an extensive acting background in both theatre and film. She has performed in over 50 plays and films in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Milwaukee and more. In addition, Janet has been teaching acting privately, at studios and schools, and in workshops around the country for the past 14 years. 2009 was a busy year for Janet. Her film Not Scene (which she wrote and directed) was produced by Filmmakers in Action and her co-written film Power Singles (which she also starred in) was produced by Hourglass Films and won multiple awards at the 48 Hour Film Project. Towards the end of the year, Janet played leading roles in the dramatic films Zero Count and The Silent Truth which are both in post-production. In addition, Janet was cast in the comic film Donuts which is in pre-production and will shoot in March 2010.

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Audition Arsenal for Women in their 20's - Janet B. Milstein



Hot Tub Haggle

By Werner Trieschmann

Bliss: female, early twenties


Bliss tries to convince an older neighbor, who is selling a hot tub, to run away with her.

BLISS: I’ve seen you before you know you used to come into Put a Steak In It that restaurant where I’m the hostess but I’m trying t’ get out of there because meat is murder and tastes good but moo cows are pretty and I like fish better but you used to come in there with a woman maybe your wife but you don’t anymore and maybe the woman wife is gone … and my real name is Imogene but I’ve changed it to Bliss because of like the karma and it sounds better like Bbbllliiiiisssssss and do ya think you’d want to go with me to some Phish concerts maybe follow them across the country and we could have sex outdoors and recycle and you know whatever … I’ve been told I have an old soul and so I figure I’m at least 300 and I’ve been around a long time since before there were cars and someday I want to live in a tree ’cause that would be so freakin’ awesome you know like oh there’s Bliss the Tree Girl did you know she’s like 300 years old but don’t wander under the tree ’cause she’ll pee on you and I would and wouldn’t that be just awesome …

The Big House

By Barbara Lhota and Ira Brodsky

Elisa: twenty-five years old, a potential guest of The Big House


Elisa, a sweet girl from Utah and a big fan of reality TV, has submitted an audition video for an upcoming reality TV show that Claire Handal is co-producing. Elisa has been invited in for an interview. During the interview, Elisa bends her sweet personality several ways to try to fit into Claire’s vision. In this monologue, Elisa loses all control, winning her a prime spot on the show.

ELISA: Call security! Security — Smi — Sma — eerity. (Confused, trying to make this work.) Security — Smeerity. Whatever. That’s hard to rhyme. My point is that you aren’t the only one who gets to ask questions. What fears do you have, huh, huh!? How interesting are you? How special?! Is eating perhaps a fear? Does the sensation of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate send shivers up your spine? Ooooooohhoooo. (Jumps out at her.) Fat — ahhh! That’s a crock! Everybody knows that anyone sick enough to create the very different — NOT — Big House reality show is full of neurotic tendencies. Vile, disgusting ideas crowd your head. I see it now. Yes, control, entrapment, jealousy, boxed potatoes, and sweaty men playing basketball all summed up by a perky, patronizing host! I don’t want to be on your stupid, hot-headed, reality rip-off so you can use me until I’m sucked dry and unable to return to my boring, but pleasant existence. I don’t need you, you Hollywood hack, you pursed-lipped, tight buttocks, Prozac-treated ninny! I’m better than you. I’m better than all of you! You can’t handle me, Ms. Handal!! (Beat.) I’ve never done that before. I, I don’t know what … came over me.

Go See

from Occupational Hazards

By Mark McCarthy

Heather: a print model in her late twenties, not stupid, but a little flighty


A photographer’s studio. Heather, a model in her late twenties or early thirties, enters. She is there for an audition, or go-see. She’s late, she’s having a terrible day, but she’s trying to make the best of it and get through it as professionally as she can.

HEATHER: Hi. Sorry I’m late, it’s just that, well I don’t want to bore you with a big long story, but the thing is that I would have been on time if it wasn’t for one of those you know, things. Are we from the waist up? (Sits.) See, I was driving along just as calm as day, trying to decide between the oldies and NPR, thinking to myself, what do you care? It’s half of one, six a dozen of the other, and that theme song from … (Almost cries, soldiers on.) and I just didn’t see that little car. Well, truck actually. Cement truck, now that I think about it. Bright yellow cement

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