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Sugar Detox for Beginners: Your Guide to Starting a 21-Day Sugar Detox

Sugar Detox for Beginners: Your Guide to Starting a 21-Day Sugar Detox

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Sugar Detox for Beginners: Your Guide to Starting a 21-Day Sugar Detox

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Jan 2, 2013


Beat Your Sugar Addiction Once and for All

Sugar is an addictive substance, just like caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol. Eating too much sugar can have serious, long-term consequences for your health and your appearance. The Sugar Detox for Beginners will give you the tools you need to seize control of your sugar intake. A sugar detox diet is the most effective way to remove sugar from your system and break the dangerous cycle of unhealthy sugar cravings. With The Sugar Detox Diet, you will get over 75 delicious sugar detox recipes to help you feel more energetic and clear-headed than ever before.

Sugar Detox for Beginners will help you start an effective sugar detox today, with:

77 delicious and nutritious recipes for an easy sugar detox, including Almond Pancakes, Lemony Hummus, Tuna Salad, and Salmon Teriyaki

A complete 21-day sugar detox plan when you want to gradually remove sugar from your diet

3-day sugar detox plan for when you want to get rid of sugar quickly

The science behind sugar addiction

10 tips to beat sugar cravings

Sugar Detox for Beginners will help you reduce your sugar intake without depriving you of the delicious, feel-good foods that you love.

Jan 2, 2013

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Sugar Detox for Beginners - Hayward Press



Fundamentals of the Sugar Detox Diet


Sugar. It might have come on as sweet and harmless, but, like a bad boyfriend or girlfriend, over time it revealed its true colors. You don’t like what you see. Or feel.

If the romance is over—if you’ve had enough of feeling lousy, craving increasing amounts of the sweet stuff, and feeling out of control—you’ve come to the right place. This book will give you the tools you need to feel well and in control. When you’re ready to detoxify from sugar, you’ll find recipes, inspiration, and information in these pages.

You’ll learn to think about your diet in new ways, and to substitute healthful foods and behaviors for those that weren’t working for you. This book is designed to offer maximum flexibility and ease—two things you could probably use a lot more of in your life and your diet.

You’ll also find information about dealing with special situations or diets that are sugar-free-plus-something-else (kosher, halal, vegetarian). Nothing should stand between you and the life and health you want.

Sugar detoxing should not leave you hungry, fatigued, or moody. Just the opposite: After a few days of careful eating, you should begin to feel revitalized. The longer you refrain from eating sugar, the easier it will likely become. The better you’ll feel, and even look. (Sugar’s no good for your skin, either, except topically.) Sweet! Or maybe not.


Addicted to Sugar

Honey. Ah, sugar, sugar. In some ways, not much has changed since the Archies reached the top of the music charts with this sweet, bouncy number circa 1969. Husbands and wives still call each other honey. Kids are sweetie, and Mom, perhaps, still asks her special someone for some sugar. Oh, but those are just expressions, aren’t they?

There’s no doubt that we’re hooked on the sweet stuff. Sugar—and its close relatives, honey (which, contrary to popular perception, offers little to no nutritional value), corn syrup, molasses, and even fructose—is big business. And, since the 1940s, the sugar industry has been doing all it can to ensure the favorability of its product in the eyes of the public. Lately, people have been wising up. But old habits can be hard to break. Addictions, of course, are even harder.

You may have grown up thinking that sugar was perfectly harmless, or even wholesome. Many Americans and Europeans still begin their days with the sugar-sweetened cereals or chocolate milk they enjoyed in childhood. Perhaps you have graduated to sweetened coffee drinks, muffins or Danishes, or—heaven help us!—cola. (Oh, and contrary to another popular belief, orange juice, beneficial though it is, contains lots of sugar. You’re better off with a whole orange or grapefruit. Bran muffins, fruit shakes, and instant oatmeal aren’t nutritional bargains, either.)

As the day progresses, you might reach for the quick energy (actually a myth) of candy bars, the office donut cart, or energy bars (most of which are little better, if at all, than candy). Chances are, dinner ends with a sweet dessert—to say nothing of the various snacks you might have consumed throughout the day.

No wonder the World Health Organization calls diabetes an emerging global epidemic. Diabetes and its complications are a major cause of death worldwide—and, as you may have heard, the prevalence of type 2 diabetes (the kind that is usually acquired rather than inherited) among children and adults has been growing by leaps and bounds.

Worse, sugar is addictive: The more you consume, the more you’ll crave. That, of course, will drive you to eat ever-greater quantities of the sweet stuff. And then what? Well, then you’re at higher-than-average risk not only for diabetes, but also for many other diseases. Sugar, according to celebrity dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, MD, causes inflammation—which, in turn, can give rise to many maladies. But that’s not all. That same inflammatory property that can make us sick also ages our skin prematurely. That’s right: sugar can actually cause wrinkles!

The flip side? Just as sugar can weaken our bodies and age us, avoiding sugar can help us enjoy better health and greater beauty. Difficult? It can be. But this book helps make sugar detoxing less painful than you might think. Let’s start by playing a little game. How much of a problem is sugar for you? To find out, try your hand at the following quiz. Go on—it’s fun!


1. I consume_______soft drinks (cola, soda, pop) during a typical day.

        A. No

        B. One

        C. Two or three

        D. Four or more

2. I believe a glass of orange juice is:

        A. Essential every morning

        B. A bad idea, because OJ, even though it has lots of vitamin C, is loaded with sugar

        C. Not as healthful as a whole orange or grapefruit (either whole or juiced)

        D. A great afternoon pick-me-up

3. I don’t eat as many vegetables as I should because:

        A. They’re too hard to prepare. Donuts, candy, and fast food are ready when I am!

        B. I want to enjoy life—and healthful food isn’t as much fun as the other kind!

        C. What are you talking about? I eat plenty of vegetables.

        D. I’m not sure why not. I mean to.

4. I read product labels:

        A. Always

        B. Sometimes

        C. Nah

        D. The print is too small. Who do

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  • (2/5)
    A good easy read with some helpful tips. But don't take everything it says seriously, yes sugar is bad but this book contains way too many poor sources for the claims it makes.
  • (3/5)
    Not quite sure what book "Lydia" read. A no-carb diet?? The FIRST DAY you eat oatmeal and nuts!!! And this is absolutely a sugar detox. Know why? Because you completely cut out sugar and sweeteners! Sounds like a detox, no?
  • (1/5)

    1 persona l'ha trovata utile

    Not a sugar detox. Actually a no-carb diet. Author has an awkward writing style; excessive use of the word "unhealthful".

    1 persona l'ha trovata utile