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The Walking Snowman

The Walking Snowman

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The Walking Snowman

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Oct 8, 2013


It’s the first snowfall of winter, and Frank and Joe Hardy have built an awesome snowman. The only problem is, their snowman is too huge to move, so they can’t enter it in a competition at the park. But when the boys wake up the next day, their snowman is missing. And when they get to the park, they get another surprise: Their snowman has reappeared and won first prize—but someone else is taking credit. Now Frank and Joe have to prove that they made the snowman—and put the deep freeze on a major phony!
Oct 8, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

Franklin W. Dixon is the author of the ever-popular Hardy Boys books.

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The Walking Snowman - Franklin W. Dixon


Cheater Joe

It’s snowing! eight-year-old Joe Hardy yelled. He was walking to school with his nine-year-old brother, Frank. Look, a snowflake just landed on my sleeve. It really does have six points!"

Frank looked up at the sky. It was heavy with yellowish gray clouds. And a lot more snowflakes are about to join it, he said. The weatherman on TV said that a big snowstorm was headed our way.

Cool! Joe said. I love snow, don’t you? Winter is my favorite time of year.

You said summer was your favorite time of year when we went camping, Frank reminded him. And you said fall was your favorite time when we got to play in the leaves.

So, winter’s my favorite time now, Joe said firmly. It’s not fair we have to go to school the first day it snows. We should have a First Snowy Day holiday.

I’m all for extra holidays, Frank said, but there isn’t even enough snow to make snowballs yet. It needs to keep on snowing all day. Then it will be awesome by this afternoon when school gets out.

Hey, wait up, you guys, a voice called behind them. They looked around. Their friend Chet Morton was running to meet them—though he was waddling rather than running. He was wearing so many layers of clothes that he found it hard to move.

My mom made me wear all this stuff, he gasped. I can hardly move. And you know the worst thing? I can’t lift my arm to my mouth. I’m having a major snack attack. I’ll die of hunger before we reach school.

Frank and Joe laughed.

You’re always hungry, Chet, Frank said.

What are you doing? Chet asked Joe suddenly.

Joe was walking with his tongue sticking out.

Eating snowflakes, Joe said. Mmm. They taste good.

Frank shook his head. You’re weird, sometimes.

Chet stuck his tongue out, too. They don’t taste nearly as good as chips. Chet sounded disappointed. In fact they only taste of . . . snow.

They stomped on. It was snowing harder now. A coat of snowflakes was sticking to the fronts of their jackets.

I wish I hadn’t tried eating snow, Chet said. Now I’m really hungry, and my chips are inside my jacket where I can’t reach them.

It’s okay, Chet. We’re nearly there, Joe said. He pointed at the school entrance ahead of them.

The school yard was full of excited kids rushing out of school buses into the snow. Before they could think of playing in the snow, the bell rang.

Yo, Hardy. Snowball fight at recess, a boy in Frank’s fourth-grade class

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