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The Invisible Fran

The Invisible Fran

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The Invisible Fran

5/5 (12 valutazioni)
105 pagine
19 minuti
May 28, 2013


Goosebumps and Bill Nye the Science Guy fans, meet Franny!

There’s nothing better than being a mad scientist—at least according to Franny. So she’s making it her mission to help her classmates discover their own inner mad scientists. All Franny needs for her latest experiment is a few volunteers, a half-completed two-headed robot, and an invisibility potion.

Only this experiment just might prove to be Franny’s most difficult. Because what do you do when your classmates don’t know anything about mad science—and there’s a doubly dumb robot running amok to prove it?
May 28, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

Jim Benton is the New York Times bestselling writer of the Dear Dumb Diary series and a cartoonist whose unique brand of humor has been seen on toys, television, T-shirts, greeting cards, and even underwear. Franny K. Stein is the first character he’s created especially for young children. A husband and father of two, he lives in Michigan, where he works in a studio that really and truly does have creepy stuff in it.

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The Invisible Fran - Jim Benton




The Stein family lived in the pretty pink house with lovely purple shutters down at the end of Daffodil Street. Everything about the house was bright and cheery. Everything, that is, except the upstairs bedroom with the tiny round window.

The window looked in on a bedroom, yes, but it was also a window into a laboratory: Franny’s laboratory. And Franny’s laboratory was spectacular.

She had all of the things that you would expect any mad scientist to have. She had an electron microscope. She had a nuclear-powered brain amplifier. She had a giant, flesh-eating koala.

And she also had a few extras, a few special things that made Franny feel that her lab was just a little bit better than average.

Franny doubted that any other mad scientist had a spider enlarger or a disease simulator.

I’ll bet no more than half of them have an eyeball-removing machine, she said, thinking how fortunate she was that she could pull her own eye out.

But even if they didn’t have eyeball-removing machines or brain amplifiers or spider enlargers, Franny suspected that her friends—if given the chance—would love nothing more than to set up labs of their own and devote themselves to the pursuit of mad science.


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  • (4/5)
    Miss Shelly's latest assignment is for each student to share a special talent with the class. Of course Franny K. Stein is going to demonstrate her talents as a mad scientist, but this is not enough for Franny. She wants the rest of the class to recognize that being a mad scientist is the only worthwhile talent. She realizes this is going to be challenging because her classmates seem to enjoy stamp collecting, Irish dancing, and baking cookies. Franny's attempt to help her classmates see the light goes terribly awry and results in a destructive robot on the loose in the school. Franny realizes that it will take all of her friends' unique talents to save the school from destruction. True to the series, chapters names use puns such as "Wire you looking at my robot that way?" and "Sneaking out to join the circuits." Every page of the book features illustrations which compliment the text and make the 101 pages more manageable for a child transitioning into chapter books.
  • (5/5)
    I think you should read this book because it has good details. Franny loves science. She makes a robot. Some of the school kids work on the robot. They make a switch that spits out ketchup. They do some other crazy things too. She learns that its sometimes good to know someone who does Irish dancing who stamps the robot. It's good to know the stamp collector who puts stamps on his eyes. Then the baker comes over and makes cookies.