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FUSION: Global Art, Words, and Music: Volume 4

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FUSION: Global Art, Words, and Music: Volume 4

Lunghezza: 375 pagine3 ore


FUSION: Global Art, Words, and Music
Berklee College of Music

Voices and Visions from the U.S. and Scotland

The FUSION eBook presents an impressive display of creative talents, from students to featured artists with global reputations.

This special edition includes “The Scottish feature.” The people of Scotland vote this year in a special referendum to decide whether or not to secede from the United Kingdom. We do not presume to offer an opinion from Boston. We simply take this opportunity to highlight some of Scotland’s greatest writers and artists.

The book also includes gifted writers not from Scotland, including Major Jackson, a Guggenheim Fellow, and Lynne Potts, AGNI Poetry Editor and winner of the 2012 National Poetry Review Prize.

FUSION’s Translation Initiative pairs international writers with native English speakers, resulting in fine translations and a celebration of diverse cultures. We include here poems translated from Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Old Balinese.

One of our Scottish contributors, Douglas Dunn, was awarded the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry 2013.

Photographer Michael Russell is Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning in the Scottish Government. His photographs provide an authentic perspective on the western constituency of Argyll & Bute, which he represents in the Scottish Parliament.
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