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The Truth About Baby Weight

The Truth About Baby Weight

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The Truth About Baby Weight

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Mar 18, 2014


Is it really possible to get your body back after pregnancy?

Yes, it most certainly is. This is not just another book filled with empty promises.

The Truth About Baby Weight is the result of one Mom’s fierce determination to get her body back after a long, frustrating Postpartum weight loss journey. It contains thousands of hours of research into the Postpartum body as it pertains to weight loss and reveals the crucial components that must be addressed in order for a woman’s body to return to its original state (or better).

99% of women struggle with baby weight on some level. They cannot seem to lose the last few pounds, regardless of their serious efforts. Holly Doss, the author of The Truth About Baby Weight, leading Los Angeles Life Transformation Coach and Mom, was obsessed with learning the reasons why and if that has to be the accepted fate of nearly every Postpartum body.

Years of research later, this book contains the answers every Mom wants to know.

From the kitchen to the bathroom, it’s all here, and it will all get you your body back.


-Which breakthrough supplements most encourage Postpartum weight loss
-The most common Postpartum food intolerances
-The jaw dropping vitamins & minerals that treat Postpartum water retention
-Which unsuspecting foods, drinks and ingredients melt baby weight
-The undying lies about baby weight & the facts that set them straight
-Which exercise is proven to burn Postpartum fat over all the rest
-The cleanse Hollywood Moms (secretly) use for Postpartum constipation

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless of Postpartum topics covered, all backed by science and resourceful information.

You don't need another plan, product or contraption to get your body back. You need immediate guidance so that you can get your body back or the one of your dreams.

That’s exactly what The Truth About Baby Weight delivers.

Mar 18, 2014

Informazioni sull'autore

Holly Doss is a Wife & Mom, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Author. She is also the Founder and Creator of Holly Doss Cosmetics. Holly lives in Los Angeles, California where she owns and operates HD Enterprises.

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The Truth About Baby Weight - Holly Doss



If you are reading this, then you are where I once was- carrying post pregnancy weight and feeling like Miss Fatty.  You are probably uncomfortable, tired and everything you are reading about Postpartum weight loss seems to be full of contradictions and cliches you don’t want to hear:  ‘take it slow’, ‘breastfeed’, ‘don’t breastfeed’, ‘it took 9 months to get there, it will take at least that long to get it off’, ‘your body will never be the same’ and on and on and on.  Ridiculous, generic cliches that are anything but enticing when you’ve just given birth and carrying a spare tire around your waist.

Besides feeling big, you may even be feeling a little bit guilty for googling, ‘how to lose baby weight fast’, because you are supposed to be full of joy and contentment at this stage of your life.  Instead, you are not feeling like yourself physically and that has you down in the dumps.  Sound like you?  Well, it was damn sure me at one time and I have no shame in admitting it.

When I left the hospital, I remember feeling bloated, fat and uncomfortable, but having gained only 30 pounds during my pregnancy, I wasn’t too terribly worried about getting my body back.  I had always been in great shape and was a lean, Gluten-Free Vegan, so getting back in my skinny jeans was certainly a goal, but in my mind, not a one that would take too long to reach.  Besides, having lived and worked in Beverly Hills for years, I had all the tricks at my fingertips and access to the best of the best in the fitness industry- if it didn’t fall right off and I was to get stuck, I knew where to turn and who to ask for help. 

Boy was I wrong!  Little did I know at the time it would take me almost 2 years to shed my Postpartum weight.  Yes, you read that right- 2 YEARS.  Then, why, you may be asking yourself, did she write a book on how to lose it fast?  Well, the answer is simple- I wrote the book that I wish I had been able to read on my iPhone/iPad during all of those late night feedings, that broke down the whole picture, with quick remedies to get my body back on track.  I read one too many that claimed to have the diet or the exercise program or the product that was going to melt the Postpartum fat off.  I wanted and needed a book that combined these necessary components, without trying to sell me on just one of those aspects. 

I also wanted a book that didn’t waste my time.  I wanted a real Postpartum Mom’s perspective after her own trials and errors.  I wanted to read something other than to be gentle on myself and to give myself time.  I wanted to know all of the possible reasons I could be retaining water, fluctuating up and down a size each day and what to do about both.  I wanted to feel my best again.  I wanted someone who had actually gotten their body back, to tell me how they did it.  I wanted to find the whole Postpartum Weight Loss Pie, not just pieces.  Ultimately, I wrote the book I was searching for and could not find. 

Based on my own Postpartum journey and my training as a Mindset Coach, I share with you what works and what does not.  This book is from my very real Postpartum point of view, not from a well-marketed celebrity’s.  Trust me, this book will save you a ton of time, money and frustration in your efforts to lose the baby weight.

Like you, I just wanted my body back, and I wanted to get it back without going through months of trial and error.  Even though that is how I ended up having to do it, you won’t have too.  In this book, I piece it all together for you, the whole Postpartum weight loss Pie, complete with how-to guides for tackling each of its important slices. 

Everything from Nutritional Deficiencies to Detox to Postpartum Exercise to Meditation, I cover it all honestly and quickly so that you can lose your baby weight fast.  I address troubleshooting problems head on and lay the groundwork for your Postpartum weight loss success.  All you have to do is read this book in its entirety and follow the guidelines that I lay out. 

I know first hand that being a new Mom is an especially vulnerable time and most of us are willing to try anything to feel good again.  The Postpartum industry certainly knows that and continues to put out (mostly) celebrity endorsed products and services that cater to that vulnerability.  Trust me, it didn’t become a multi-billion dollar industry by the desire to help women truly feel better about themselves. 

In addition to the above reasons as to why I wrote this book, I know that this information will relieve you of the false notion that if you want to look like so and so, who reportedly got the weight off in 2 hours, you have to buy their product.  What took me 2 years to figure out, could have easily been done right out of the gate and gotten me back in my clothes fast.  As fate would have it, nothing that ended up working for me was a marketed Postpartum product, or service and believe me, I tried it all.

In this book, I share with you those things that I tried, but I mostly keep the focus on the combination of things that I did that finally melted the fat right off of me.  These are the things that I wanted to know then, and I am sure you want to know them now.  I know you want to be back in your skinny jeans and I am going to help you get there fast.

Whether you gained 30 or 100 pounds, uncomfortable is simply uncomfortable and you deserve to feel like yourself again.  It doesn’t matter if you gave birth yesterday or 2 years ago, have $20 or 20 million dollars, have one child or ten, have a partner or not, are jobless or a CEO.  You, my Dear, can and will get there, far faster than I did!

Chapter 1

Postpartum Myths…

Before I get into my story and tell you everything that I did to lose the baby weight, I’d like to dispel a few Postpartum myths that continue to float around out there.  I did not subscribe to any of these myths or trends, but I know Moms who were really fearful as a result of hearing some of these, so I will quickly clear them up in case you have left conversations feeling the same way. 

We all have an Aunt, Sister-In-Law, Friend, Neighbor, Co-Worker, etc., who are quick to spout off some cliche about Postpartum bodies and weight loss.  Not all of them, but most women who do this are (deep down) very unhappy about their Postpartum bodies and too ashamed to admit it.  In an effort to cover that up and feel less judged, they wear their Postpartum weight loss journey(s) around their necks like medals and give unsolicited advice to any new Mom they encounter.

Never mind with that noise though, you hear me clearly-  ALL things are possible with the right mindset, resources and support.  Postpartum bodies are resilient and meant to go back where they were.  If someone tells you otherwise, then turn a deaf ear!  You will get your body back if you do the work I lay out in this book.  You will not get your body back if you listen to and believe in outdated, Postpartum cliches such as these:

Postpartum Myth #1

No matter what, your body will never be quite the same.

If those words have been spoken to you, chances are they instilled some fear in your mind that you really won’t ever feel like yourself again.  Well, that is just not the case.  Women who justify their heavier than before, Postpartum bodies with this phrase, are NOT doing what it takes to get theirs back.  Plain and simple.  Whether they tried and gave up, don’t have the

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