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A Logical Refutation of Materialism: Exposing the Hypocrisy and Foolishness of the "Freethought" Movement

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A work of philosophy that presents a series of arguments that are intended to demonstrate the untenable nature of materialistic and reductionist philosophies. Following these refutations is a stern admonition of the so-called "freethought" movement of atheist and secular organizations for its unconscionable hypocrisy and irrationality.

This work is not intended for light reading; it uses logic and reasoned arguments that are intended to prove a point. It is the hope of the author that this book will stimulate thought and generate discussion about the true nature of reality, and specifically whether materialism can truly be said to provide a realistic framework for understanding the universe and human behavior.

The arguments do not use appeals to religious dogma or theology, paranormal or psychic phenomena, personal subjective experiences, or anything besides simple logic and well-established scientific facts. It is the belief of the author that anyone who understands high school-level physics will be able to follow the arguments presented.

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