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Meridian Metaphors Psychology of the Meridians & Major Organs

Meridian Metaphors Psychology of the Meridians & Major Organs

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Meridian Metaphors Psychology of the Meridians & Major Organs

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Aug 27, 2010


Finally it’s possible to simply look up guesses on the mental-emotional meaning of disturbed meridian flow. As well, move easily from underlying mental-emotional dysfunction to meridian-organ dysfunction. Finally a manual to go back and forth and between these two.

Ever wonder how the body tracks and manages mental-emotional psychology? Ever think Chinese Medicine had some good ideas about how psychology and the body are connected but that TCM was incomplete? Ever wonder what else has been learned about meridian-muscle-organ-psychology connections in the 40 years since Applied Kinesiology and Touch for Health became public?

Meridian Metaphors, Psychology of the Meridians and Major Organs is a 1005 page MANUAL providing comprehensive psychological language for the disturbed energetic conditions of each meridian and associated organ.

Each meridian-organ entry suggests which emotions that organ absorbs. Psychological dysfunctions are separated into UNDERcharged and OVERcharged categories so the polar extremes of dysfunctional expression are more obvious and easy to learn.

The manual is written for counselors and practitioners of all kinds. With it you can go from meridian dysfunction back to organ and psyche dysfunction; or, from psychic dysfunction down to meridian and organ dysfunction.

The manual is especially pertinent for kinesiology testers to “see into” meridians and organs issues. It will appeal to self-healers, self-testers, and practitioners, such as:
- Touch for Health,
- Energy Medicine,
- Immunics,
- EFT,
- Psych-K,
- Theta Healing,
- Peace Theological Seminary Masters & Doctorate Programs.

The manual begins and ends with language for the HEALTHY FUNCTION of each meridian-vessel.

A section of language, imagery and myths for meridian dysfunction at each pole of UNDERcharge and OVERcharge dysfunction accompanies each meridian. The manual condenses and better categorizes the insights of William F. Whisenant’s monumental Psychological Kinesiology (1994) adding to it many observations from other sources and the clinical practice of the author and other practitioners.

Additional material includes
-How and why organs absorb emotions,
-Some clarifications on language for the five element metaphors,
-Case studies of how to use the manual,
-How to use the Light to clear meridian imbalances.

Aug 27, 2010

Informazioni sull'autore

My PhD work was done in Holistic Brain Balance. Service to myself and others is why I get out of bed each morning. I've served clients professionally since 2001. I'm MSIA, PTS, Waldorf, USM, and NVC trained. I follow the Law of Spiderman and Law of Gentleness for Healers.For 20 years I worked with K-5 children and special needs kids, teens and adults, teaching ans as a child psychology resource. In 2008 I initiated, and with Camille Leon, co-founded the third Holistic Chamber of Commerce in the world, in West Los Angeles. Congrats to Camille for growing this network into the biggest one yet created.44 self-published books in several series: Book series: Group Process as an Art-form (3)- Book series: Best Practices in Energy Medicine all others- Book series: New Directions in Holistic Brain Balance (7)- Team Human, a theme for Waldorf K-12's second 100 years (5)ONLINE - Author Central Page initial sessions available by phone-Zoom if you have not worked with me professionally before.

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  • Solutions are largely a matter of subtracting undercharged and overcharged disturbances so all the cells can progress back to what they know, a living, dynamic, harmonious balance.

  • Meridians are the organs at a higher frequency. Organs are the meridians at a lower frequency.  This is why energetically the issues of both tend to coincide.

  • These two vessels are perhaps always dysfunctional as a pair; leading to the insight: self-esteem and self-concept are often out of whack as a pair.

  • If left unresolved for a long time, undigested mental-emotional material accumulates. It is held in sub- and unconscious depths in our psyche. This is ‘our baggage,’ the psychic clutter we mean to get around to--but for many people--seldom do.

  • Whisenant calls obsessive compulsive behavior a strategy to avoid the more gentle, relaxed and non-controlled give and take of healthy social interaction, the “relaxed and non-controlled give and take of healthy social interaction” is perceived as unsafe.

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Meridian Metaphors Psychology of the Meridians & Major Organs - Bruce Dickson


Meridian Metaphors

Psychology of the Meridians & Major Organs


Bruce Dickson, MSS, MA

Tools That Heal Press

The thing we are looking for,

is the thing we are looking with.

~ Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science

The future is already here;

it’s just not very well distributed yet

~ William Gibson, author, Neuromancer

To Learn More:

Bruce also recommends as a wonderful source for both psychic and spiritual protection when working with invisible energies :)

Meridian Metaphors; Psychology of the Meridians & Major Organs

Copyright 2011 Bruce Dickson

Published and COPYRIGHT©2011 Bruce Dickson except where quoted material is invoked or suggested, as noted.

Revised first edition 2020


Other publisher inquiries welcome

eBook Edition License Notes

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All books below available in PAPER with diagrams-charts; or, eBook without most images. All written with humor by a Waldorf-trained, practicing Health Intuitive.

New Directions in Holistic Brain Balance

New, shorter booklets

1) Holistic Neurology, Our Two Nervous Systems, Head-spine and enteric (gut) brains, Neurology for purposes of personal growth, Physiological basis for Self-esteem and Self-concept

2) Our Four Brain Quadrants

3) Reactivity Is Our Best Friend

4) Forgive from Your Soul, Slow-Motion Self-Forgiveness, the Missing Manual (99 cents)

5) Inner Sunshine and How to Make More; Assessing neurotransmitter production with self-testing; The simple complexity of our unconscious

6) Practical Epigenetics, Best Practices in Belief Change Work,

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Rudolf Steiner’s Fifth Gospel in Story Form Topics include the TWO Jesus children and the active participation of the Buddha in the Christ event.


Table of Contents


Title page


Tools That Heal Press book titles

COVER IMAGES at end of this book

Balance on All Levels PACME+Soul

Best Practices in Energy Medicine Series


A word about shame, self-doubt, guilt, regret

Using this manual

Messages from the Body by Michael Lincoln

Clear BOTH under- and over-charge

Questions to ask your meridians

More tools if desired

William F. Whisenant’s Psychological Kinesiology

Meridians as a thumbnail of our psyche in illness & wellness

Where is Whisenant now?

The energy moving thru all meridians

WHY do Living cells absorb unresolved hurts?

Check Depth of issue

Organs and meridians are energetically equal

Bilateral meridian imbalance points to organic organ disturbance

Overview of undercharge & overcharge

Meridian overcharge

Meridian undercharge

Clear both over- and undercharge in each session

Piano wire metaphor for under-overcharge

Axis of dysfunction for each meridian

A few words on Governing & Conception Vessels

CV-GV as front and back of the body

CV as your self esteem vessel

GV as your self-concept vessel

CV and GV together as self-confidence

Dysfunction in the CV looks like hiding and scatter in the unconscious

Dysfunction in the GV looks like dissociation, excess pride and arrogance

CV as magnetic, GV as electric

CV as gut brain, GV as head brain


If we had Conception Vessel at all

Other energetic CV lore


Myth for both CV and GV

Why superheroes have only one power

Why most superheroes wear a mask

The animal rescuer

Other energetic GV lore

A few words on the fire element

Pericardium Meridian

Your generosity and gratitude meridians

Circulation-sex meridian and addictive behavior

The RHYTHM of generosity and gratitude

Music to feel and flush Pericardium meridian

UNDERcharged expressions of Pericardium

Metaphors and Myths for OVERcharged CIRC SEX:

Other Pericardium energy lore

HEART Meridian

Other energetic HEART lore

SMALL INTESTINE Meridian & Organ

Other energetic SM. INTESTINE lore


Other energetic Triple Warmer lore

Thyroid psychology

Other energetic thyroid lore

Hypothalamus psychology

Amygdalae psychology

A few words on the Sprouting (wood) element

LIVER Meridian

Other energetic LIVER lore


Other energetic GB lore

A few words on the Air-Metal element metaphor

LUNG Meridian & Organ

When Merlin is stuck

LARGE INTESTINE Meridian & Organ

STOMACH Meridian & Organ

UNDER-charged Stomach dysfunctions

OVER-charged Stomach dysfunctions

SPLEEN-PANCREAS Meridian & Organs

A few words on the water element

BLADDER Meridian & Organ

The literature of non-sense

Bladder meridians and mental illness

Other energetic Bladder lore

KIDNEY Meridian & Organs

Masculine overcharged kidney expressions

Feminine overcharged kidney expressions

Other energetic Kidney lore

Balancing disturbed meridians

Most useful meridian chart I’ve seen in 40 years

Using this manual - Two case studies

Balanced meridian expressions & behaviors

A Waldorf-methods approach to learning meridians

Whole-brained approach to learning meridians

A Waldorf-methods approach to learning meridians

Origin of the term meridian in acupuncture

Overall front~back pattern of flow

Pattern of flow, front and back of limbs

Pattern: Meridians flowing between Heaven and Earth

To Learn More

About the Author

About the Author

Booklist Covers and Descriptions

New Directions in Holistic Brain Balance

Smaller Booklets

Best Practices in Energy Medicine Series

Other classics of self-healing & Health Intuition


Our meridians are one of several, natural ‘Inner Dashboards’ available to manage and tweak our sub- and unconscious Your meridians can indeed become your Healing Toolbox.

Find here the best guesses to date of therapeutic metaphors relevant to our 12 meridians and two vessels. Disturbances are further organized by undercharge~overcharge, over-energy and under-energy in Neuroenergetic Kinesiology (NK) terms.

If you know a meridian is disturbed, not flowing in forward direction, stuck or confused, now you can find language to better comprehend how it’s disturbed, in accessible mental-emotional terms.

From the other end, if you perceive how a patron is dysfunctional in their feeling and thinking, you can learn which meridian-organ(s) are likely disturbed.

The healthy, balanced expression of each meridian in the human psyche is listed in each section and collated into a list in To Learn More.

This is a technique-agnostic manual for traveling back and forth between meridian-organ dysfunction and mental-emotional dysfunction. It’s useful for anyone who believes disturbances in our higher frequency bodies trickle down and precipitate into health concerns in our lower frequency physical body.

This manual condenses and improves on the categories and insights of William F. Whisenant’s 400 page, Psychological Kinesiology (1994). Added to it are many observations from the private practices of the author and other practitioners and sources. Your comments and additions are invited.

Q: Why aren’t these Tools That Heal better known?

A: In the field of personal growth and transformation, these ae power tools. Not appropriate to use them outside an ecumenical spiritual framework of ‘God is my Partner.’ Not appropriate to use them outside of the Law of Spiderman, With great power goes great responsibility. Not appropriate to use them outside the Law of Gentleness for Healers.

About 100 years from now, more persons; probably coming out of diverse churches and spiritual groups, will have adequate-sufficient foundations in morals, ethics and truly human values, to use and share these Tools safely.

A word about shame, self-doubt, guilt, regret

These cancel healthy self-esteem.

Shame and healthy self-esteem cannot co-exist; they are matter and anti-matter; one cancels the other.

Shame is corrupted self-esteem, self-esteem turned against its owner. Shame disturbs our Conception Vessel, our Sea of Yin, on the front of our body.

Shame is contraction where natural healthy self-esteem is personal expansion. Inner Sunshine is a useful metaphor for healthy self-esteem.

The 1980s taught us to increase our self-esteem by repeating affirmations.

Affirmations are additive, thru repetition they add programming and conditioning to our sub- and unconscious; in a word, entrainment.

This is the weak way to increase healthy self-esteem. The stronger way to do it is with a subtractive processes. Reducing shameful memories automatically expands our natural psychic space for healthy self-esteem.

Why? Healthy self-esteem is the natural state before we became disturbed by things we allowed, promoted or created. Health is always the biggest Pattern. Each cell our immune system creates knows what health is and how to keep contributing to health.

John-Roger says, It takes great courage to see the face of God. why? Because first you have to see your own face. This points to the courage needed to face-up to where our sub- and unconscious are disturbed and can be redeemed. What’s your willingness to heal? Individuals demonstrate their willingness to heal by the the time and attention they invest in using methods of self-connection and self-healing.

Using this manual

Q: Why does the average person feel ill-equipped to discern and address their our own mental-emotional disturbances?

A: Academic and Big Pharma psychology is stuck in an 1800s

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