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Mystical Mountain Magic - Deceiver (book 1)

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Mystical Mountain Magic - Deceiver (book 1)

Lunghezza: 246 pagine3 ore


Catastrophic events are woven into an allegorical story about an enchanted land suddenly thrown into chaos. Set in early North America, foreign explorers in search of gold and the fountain of youth discover more than they bargained for: Leira, the Deceiver who’s crafted in gems and walks on three legs; giant eagles who guard Elysium Valley, and Igneous, the zany caretaker of the mountain, who nurtures millions of living-stones within the corridors of a magical volcano named Misty.
As explorers create mayhem on this continent, an infant girl – Mariah – is rescued and raised by giant eagles and is commissioned by the mountain to restore Hope to a world without hope and save mankind from its disastrous effects before the Deceiver can assassinate her.
Whether you fly on the backs of eagles, float inside gigantic bubbles, sail through crashing waterfalls, or experience the power of the living-stones, you can be assured—you’re in for a fast-paced, emotional ride.
Where it all began, where it all will end
- Mystical Mountain Magic –

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