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A Maid in Bedlam

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After a longed-for pregnancy ends in heartbreak, Caitlin Ross plummets into grief and despair she believes can never heal. Worse, her husband and partner, Timber MacDuff, pulls away instead of offering her the solace she craves. When he leaves to attend to a magical problem he claims only he can remedy, the betrayal shatters Caitlin’s last hope of saving a marriage she assumes her shortcomings have destroyed. In Timber’s absence, however, Caitlin discovers her husband has been lured away by a ruse: An old foe has resurfaced hungry for revenge, and Timber is their target. Desperate to prevent another tragedy, Caitlin tracks Timber to a remote cabin outside Boulder, Colorado, where she finds him trapped in the wasteland of his own mind. To rescue him, Caitlin must marshal all her gifts and all her cunning. Only then can they join forces to end their enemy’s power once and for all. The price of failure is not only death, but losing both their souls.

The third book in the Caitlin Ross series is “a heartwrenching tale of pain, loss, and evil” featuring “incredible action” and “the best magical and emotional healing in Contemporary Fantasy.”

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