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A Friend in Need

A Friend in Need

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A Friend in Need

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Jan 9, 2014


Madan and Sachet are childhood friends who are settled well and looking for suitable girl to get marry. Madan goes to see a girl on a weekend while Sachet accompany him. Madan likes the girl (Parni) and Sachet shows interest in girl's younger sister (Bela). Ultimately Madan marries Parni and Sachet to Bela and the marriages are arranged together by girl's side. Within a year, both the couples are blessed with offspring.

But all is not well with Madan as he works in a cement factory in a sooty environment. He is diagnosed with cancer and acute respiratory disease. Sachet and Bela goes to a Mall for shopping and adversity hits Bela when she is in elevator. What future awaits for the families which are faced with grave challenges? Read On......

Jan 9, 2014

Informazioni sull'autore

The author loves reading literary work and is a member of an online critique group. He spends a good time with his wife and daughters and stays near Hyderabad, India.

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A Friend in Need - Vijay K Kerji


Chapter 01 – Madan and Sachet

PLEASE TRY TO MAKE it fast, it’s already getting late. Madan Chopra instructed his subordinates. He managed the operations inside the Hi-Tech cement factory. Smoke and dust flew into the air. The asbestos particles were stuck to his uniform. Madan coughed because of the exposure to the dust since morning.

I’m fed-up with this sooty job!

Workers completed the day’s work assigned to them, and Madan sighed deeply in relief. He walked inside his tiny office chamber built with bricks at the corner of the site. Afternoon tea was still available in his flask. A cup of warm tea comforted his fatigue.

Madan decided to call his childhood friend Sachet who worked in the city for a financial company.  Madan hung out with Sachet after office hours and on weekends to avoid loneliness. He enjoyed going out in the town and trying new places to eat.

Hi, Madan. Are you working late today? Sachet asked.

No! The job’s complete and would like to start early. Madan rested his back on his chair. Four days of hard work and Madan waited for a weekend outing with Sachet.

All right, let’s meet at Galaxy Bar at seven sharp, Sachet said with a jovial tone.

Madan suddenly stood up from his chair. Well, I was about to say that, and the Galaxy bar it is. Let’s spend some good time there. I’m feeling too tired.

Madan glanced outside through the glass window. Trucks loaded with limestone entered into the site. Dust emanated from the ground making hazy.

Sure, I’m almost done with my work, and I’ll try to be there in time, Sachet said.

Madan coughed as

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