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The Living Universe: A Fractal Hologram

The Living Universe: A Fractal Hologram

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The Living Universe: A Fractal Hologram

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Feb 1, 2014


The universe is a fully self-coherent fractal holographic creation made in the image of its creator. It is alive and conscious because it is the projection of that living conscious source. Its fractal design is cellular all the way up and all the way down. We are literally cells in God's body.

Feb 1, 2014

Informazioni sull'autore

Dr. Glen Swartwout graduated Magna Cum Laude with honors in Environmental Earth Sciences and Chemistry from Dartmouth College, and received his doctorate at the top of his class in Vision Science with honors in Optics as well as Leadership, being inducted into both Beta Sigma Kappa and the Gold Key Honor Societies at the State University of New York in Manhattan, where he trained at the largest outpatient vision clinic in the world. He served as Editor, Vice President and President of the American Optometric Student Association serving 4000 international student doctor members. He is the author of over 50 professional papers, books, and software programs. His first professional office was in Tokyo, Japan. Over 5 hours of educational videos are available at

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The Living Universe - Dr. Glen Swartwout



For all honor and glory of this tome is with the source of all being... as the mystery of the triunity of our nature. Duality is the illusion that there are but opposing polarities, in the constant battle of confusion and interminable state of endless war. Only when we come to our center, which is the center of Life and the core of our being, which resides in the Heart, as the Shen or conscious Spirit of the Oriental philosophy can we settle in to the notion that all is as it is, at peace with itself and within ourselves. What is, is. And it is good.

Evil is Live backwards. We live backwards when we borrow from our future, or even from future generations. We live backwards when we try to govern each other, rather than ourselves. We live backwards when we try to extract as much life energy from others as possible, rather than giving freely of the unlimited supply of the divine gifts each one of us is uniquely gifted with in this life. We live backwards when we try to make the world a better, more peaceful place, through violence against current conditions, rather than first seeking inner peace through acceptance of our awareness of those inequities.

Welcome to life on the flip side. Welcome to seeing the ego as merely the structure of challenges upon which your special divine gifts are uniquely built. Welcome to going forward as your Future Self.


The solutions to our real needs, the needs of our immortal spirit, are at hand. There is always sufficient Grace, and each time we pick up and weave one thread of that golden elixir into our lives, it comes to life and becomes a wellspring of greater good, not only for ourselves, but for the whole world.

We are fundamentally self-governing beings by our nature. We are cellular consciousness in a living creation of fractal cellular consciousness. All is angelic. All is conscious, in its own domain. A cell is conscious of its cellular environment, function and responses. We presume too much when we presume that ours is the only true measure of consciousness. What is it like to be an electron? What does a beam of light know? How does it feel to be a whale and hear the resonant call of family from far beyond the ken of sight? Though we cannot know with absoluteness and certitude perhaps demanded at times by ego, we can certainly and absolutely know by degree. We can, and in fact, must use our imagination. We can and must develop our empathy, our compassion, our insight into matters beyond our own, for ultimately this universe is our own, and what is beyond it as well if we can but accept in humble gratitude our not knowing.

Limits of Conventional Culture

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Our problems cannot be solved using the same level of thinking that got us into them, according to Albert Einstein. Einstein got us into the problem of modern scientists believing in relativity theory, even when it appears to be falsified by quantum dynamic observations. He got us there through thought experiments without the benefit of observation, the difference between science and scientism. When we begin to believe our own thoughts, or each others', without checking coherence with our senses, we run amok.

Much of consensus faith in the modern world is simply not so. Let's begin to unravel some of the accumulated density of thought and belief patterns that so rule the world today...

Risk Factors

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The biggest risk factor for living souls on Earth in our time is worldly governments. More people have been killed by the process of trying to govern each other than any other cause of death in the history of the human race. We are made as biologically self-regulating, self-governing entities. When we try to govern others, we risk doing violence, even if our intentions are good. Hence, we have the adage that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

The hardest people to govern have traditionally been those who are already the most self-regulated. Historically, this is true of farmers. People who grow their own foods on their own family farms have little need for outside interference. When a biological body vessel is self-regulated, and its metabolic and immunity functions fully energized and well nourished, there are no gaps or openings to leak un-utilized energy and nutrition to feed and invite parasitic entities to the table. The same is true for spiritual parasitism.


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The word law means instruction.

Laws are simply instructions for our own good.

God created law for man, not man for the law.

Christ came to fulfill the law, not to change it.

Not I but Christ lives in me.

I am come that the blind man believing he is free,

may see his chains and know that they are of his own making,

that he may believe and hope and trust that he shall be free,

that he shall step out in faith from the ship of his age

Cross the watery moats of mirrage

and embark on the hero's journey of old,

yet a soul-journ that's ever new.

As fresh as a daisy given in love,

As fresh as this morning's dew.

Yea the word is the source of all that is,

And all that will ever come True.

Yea, the word is the foundation stone of the law,

as the scripture of the law is the corner stone of our humble faith

And its capstone our Love of the Truth.

As we believe, so we shall live,

and henceforth shall we call our culture.

Let our culture be the culture of God more than men,

of angels more than the most precious stones,

for as angels give life to the stone that is bread,

And the God-Man as bread

Himself breaks without bones

Such is God the best food for the soul:

the leaven of life that rises within,

Illumines the darkness, making virtue of sin.

Folly, I say, if we halt one more day

Let us build our cathedral of Truth here and now,

let us carve out a monument hard, fast and sure

as we stare down adversity's I's.

Let our fortress be the gift of our heart,

Oh, imperfect will to be perfectly willing, in deed.

Thus held together by such strings of grace

and the gum of God's design.

But, oh what a feather with God's grace can weave.

And by itself a feather may not seem much,

but glued together by God's design,

Can it fly, yes , fly on a wing and a prayer;

Be a loftier flight than these eyes have yet known,

Though it's vision be-a-tiffic[ulty] in your soul.

Yet no wings of eagles, nor the rival of Michael

Ascend to the height of His heavenly throne.

Let us journey thence to the throne of all Truth,

Abandon conjecture for the joy of our youth,

Let the mansions of God be our playground, our home.

For a man and a woman can no greater do

than to share two hearts as one,

Like Mary with God: as Father, and Son,

and with spouse, as the Holy Ghost, too.

And so Mary is merrie to marry a Ghost,

For whose lover is God receives love the most

For no higher claim can be made

Than to love back the one that has started us all,

By loving us into the game.

For God is our Father and Mother and Love

and our Hope for the new life to come.

When we come to the end of the dryness of life,

We must know upon what horse we ride

As we lead this good horse of our bodies to drink

from the well that springs from His side.

So lonely rider, dark Knight of a Soul

Suffice it to carry your heavenly armor

To parry the cares of each day.

Travel light, travel swift across moor and mountain,

Through each vale and plain.

Proclaim the good news to each soul that will hear

And count on them doing the same.

Shout from the housetops: the Kingdom is Here!

When you reach that near shore where begins the great sea,

Chart a course that is steady

On far shores shall we greet thee again.

God is one and so is Law one, as God's revelation of himself and His will for man. God gave Law to Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel before the flood. God gave Law to Noah after the flood. God gave Law to Abraham and his seed, and again to Moses at Mount Sinai.


Name and hold dominion over all the creatures.

Do not eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Man should use, to the glory of God, all the powers with which he was created. He was created free from any defect, either in his understanding or his affections. His body was then no hindrance to the mind, judgement, reasoning or direct communication with God. Perhaps, before the fall, the mind saw every truth as directly as the eye now sees the light. This law, proportioned to his original powers, required that he should always think, speak, and act precisely right. He was well able so to do; and

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