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Achil & The Dragon Lord Of Osgaroth

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In the land of Findolin a grief stricken man named Achil is descending into madness and his only answer is to free himself of everything that he holds dear. Bereft of the world he once knew he sets out on a journey to meet the Dragon People of Osgaroth across many leagues of untamed lands. And so begins an epic quest, a story of redemption and absolution set in a beguiling world of magic and mystery.
He encounters on his travels friend and foe alike but determining which is which could be what saves his life or ends it, for Osgaroth is far away and the continent of Suberia is a wild perilous place.
Achil & the Dragon Lord of Osgaroth is the first of a remarkable new fantasy epic story that will leave the reader spell bound and aching for more. It is both familiar and alien; a fable that punctuates time so much so that you will want to believe that such a world existed. After much intrigue and adventure our protagonist arrives at Dragon City only to find that the most desperate journeys are not the ones left behind, but the ones yet to be faced.

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