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Accidentally on Purpose Trilogy

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*Accidentally on Purpose* NOW WITH 15K of NEW CONTENT AND EXTENDED SCENES*
Emmy fights her attraction to two men. Kyle is the self-admitted jerk who is off limits because he’s her boss and has a steady girlfriend. Luke is the perfect guy that every woman wants to take home to their mother. Will Emmy choose the sinner or the saint?

Worthy of Redemption
Kyle Sterling is very well aware of his many downfalls and he does not deny his heinous actions. When his self-loathing comes between him and the woman he loves, will she prove that he is not only redeemable, but worthy of her love?

Worth the Fight
Luke Kessler will do almost anything to win the woman he loves, but when their pasts collide with their present, hurtful mistakes are made. How much is too much? Will he be able to prove to her that she deserves the world and his love?

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