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JeBouffe-Express Pasta Sauces. Quick and Easy delectable Recipes

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JeBouffe-Express Pasta Sauces. Quick and Easy delectable Recipes

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It can be said of certain foods that they can be serve with all sauces. It is the case with pasta!
They can be a practical quickly done meal but also become great and memorable feasts.

In this book, we offer you 20 different recipes for pasta sauces. Sauce with seafood, fish, meat or simply cream, tomato or garlic.

They all have the quality of being easy and quick to prepare as needed or taste.

We hope this book will help you out and, if you are a real lover of pasta, we wish you "bon appetit" and a lot of pleasure from these delicious sauces.

2 Salmons Pasta Sauce
Al Pomodoro Sauce
Al Tonno Sauce (Tuna)
Alfredo Sauce
Alla Carbonara Sauce (american style)
Alla Carbonara Sauce Classic
Arabiata sauce
Avocado Sauce with Lime
Butter and Garlic Pasta Sauce
Cacio E Pepe Sauce (Cheese and Pepper)
Cherry Tomatos and Herbs Sauce
Clams and Bacon Sauce
Cream Sauce with Garlic and Bacon
Marinara Sauce
Pork Chops Pasta Sauce
Puttanesca Sauce
Quick Pink Sauce
Tomato and Chickpeas Pasta Sauce

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