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Black Cat: Dr. Gadget

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Black Cat: Dr. Gadget

Lunghezza: 37 pagine20 minuti


Fierce, gritty Urban Fantasy Super Heroine in Peril story about a sexy costumed vigilante who bites off more than she can chew. Black Cat is Ocean City’s most famous FEM Fighter, a masked and costumed vigilante who wears a FEM belt that gives her super strength and speed to fight crime.

Black Cat goes after the international super villain, Dr. Gadget, in this wild and wicked Urban Fantasy story about super heroines in peril. Dr. Gadget has never been caught, or defeated. Black Cat has never failed to get her man. One of them will be very disappointed. Will Black Cat pull Dr. Gadget’s batteries? Or will the villain turn the sexy super heroine into someone’s sweet as can be pet?

Warning: Explicit sex and violence, oral, bondage, M/f, super heroine, sex, peril, super villain

This is a story of approximately 9100 words. This is a great story if you love reading about over-the-top super heroines getting in over their heads.


“I’m going to catch them with their pants down,” she said, grinning. After their very minor victory earlier in the evening, she knew they had to be feeling supremely cocky right then. “I don’t think Dr. Gadget can invent his way out of this one.”
It still miffed her that she allowed herself to be suckered earlier.
“Ah, the stairs,” she said, finally finding the entry foyer.
The stairs were long and curved up around the back wall, like something out of an Old South Plantation house. Black Cat looked around, but saw nothing threatening. So she started up the stairs. Despite knowing her prey was feeling safe and secure in his hideout, she still expected to run into at least a couple of goons guarding the way in.
She clicked up the stairs at a brisk pace, though kept a close eye out for guards. Black Cat knew the stairs were a vulnerable spot for her. Even so, she flinched and yelped when Dr. Gadget’s voice blasted over the overhead speaker system.
“Good evening, Black Cat,” he said.
“Gadget! You fiend, where are you hiding?”
“I’m amazed,” he said. “You should know that curiosity killed the cat, my dear.”
“And you should know that cats have nine lives,” she said. “And I’ve already escaped one of your insidious gadgets.”
“So you have,” he said. She was two steps from the top of the stairs. Then when her foot stepped on the next to last step up, he said, “But there is more than one way to skin a cat.”
All the steps suddenly swiveled, turned to an angle, turning into a smooth slide beneath her feet. Black Cat’s feet slipped out from beneath her.

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