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Our Saviour Has Arrived

Our Saviour Has Arrived

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Our Saviour Has Arrived

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Aug 12, 2011


Our Saviour Has Arrived is not merely a great title for this book, nor should it be taken lighly as a volley over the bow. For thousands of years the people of most religions have been looking for the appearance of God and now, Messenger Elijah Muhammad hearlds that Our Saviour has Arrived and proceeds to prove it in theological, spiritual, metaphysical and historical terms.

In the past it was simply a knee, jerk response to write the messenger of such a statement off and call it a day, but that type of day is over; for the level of wisdom contained in this book will not let that small time approach be tolerated.

You must either bring your best arguments and "proofs" of thow in your hats or crowns!

Aug 12, 2011

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The Honorable Mr. Elijah Muhammad is the Father of Us all. He taught us to be Muslims. He turned the hearts of our people back to our roots. He taught that the Black man is the Original man. The Maker, Owner and God of the Planet Earth.

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Our Saviour Has Arrived - Elijah Muhammad



Elijah Muhammad

Messenger of Allah

From God In Person, Master Fard Muhammad, Copyright © 1974 by Elijah Muhammad. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

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In the name of Almighty Allah, Our Most Merciful Saviour, Our Deliverer, Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, Master of the Day of Judgment. To Allah alone do I submit and seek refuge.

In this book I have gathered Truth-God gave to me and the way He gave it to me. The way He gave it to me was a flowing spring or a flowing fountain.

The Supreme Wisdom that I teach is what Allah has taught me. That Wisdom is called the Supreme Wisdom which is the Supreme Wisdom. I am equipped with the truth from Almighty God, Allah. No man on earth can teach you what I am teaching you. I am charged with the delivery of the message.

I thank Allah that I have been sent by Him. He is backing me up to bring the enemy to his well brought doom (hell). We want what God has taught us.

H I have 40 million helpers, they are helping; but they are not responsible for the message. I am the only one God will hold responsible for you not getting the Truth.

Assisting me in preparing this book were my staff of secretaries, especially Sister Valora Najieb; typesetting and composing staff directed by Brother Gene X Walton; my son, Herbert Muhammad who helped preserve my speeches and articles and who suggested compiling this book; Miss Yolande T. Robbins helped read proofs: Brother Eugene Majied and his Art staff; and Brother John Ali who coordinated the work of' these who have been mentioned and the many others who contributed their effort helping to make this book possible. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. I Thank Allah for their assistance and pray the peace and blessings of Allah be upon them.

Elijah Muhammad, Messenger of Allah


The Black Man Must Know The Truth

The Sure Truth

Knowledge of Time

The Hidden Truth



Time Has Arrived That Allah Will Fulfill His Promise

Never Taught A True Knowledge of Go

The Truth and Our Mistakes

I Want To Teach You

The Knowledge of God Himself

Allah, God, Tile Supreme Being

God In Person; Not A Spirit!

The Light of Allah

The Days of Allah

Day of Resurrection of Dead So-called Negroes Has Arrived

A Few White People Are Muslims By Faith

Be Yourself

The Black Man

Why Black Man Should Be Called By The Names of God

Black and White Worlds Near A Showdown

The World

He (Allah) Makes All Things New

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves!

Islam Will Unite Black

The Will Of Allah Is Being Done!

Friendship of Allah (God)

Christianity Versus Islam

Mary, Joseph, And Jesus

"And We Made The Son Of Mary And His Mother A Sign....

The Christian Holidays

Whose Christmas?


Days Of The Son Of Man: Confusion Of Nations

Being Ashamed of Your Own God

Islam A Unifying Religion

Submit To Allah (Their God)

The Cruel Days of The Lord

Certainty Of The Punishment

The Angry World

The Two Worlds, The Two Camps

The Threatened Day

Old World Going Out, New World Coming In

The Great Day

Revelation Guide All Right

The Muslim Program

* * * * * *

Chapter 1: The Black Man Must Know the Truth

To know the truth of the Presence of the God of Truth and that His presence is the Salvation of the Lost and Found people of America is to know your life and its happiness.

Truth is in favor of you and me; for the truth of our enemies whom we have been serving here in the U.S.A. for over 400 years (whom we did not know to be our enemies by nature) is the truth that the Black Man must have knowledge of to be able to keep from falling into the deceiving traps that are being laid by our enemies to catch us in their way which is opposed to the way of righteous of whom we are members.

The arch deceiver. We are warned throughout the Bible and Holy Qur'an to shun this deceiver if we are members of the Black Nation (the righteous). There is nothing that is left of the truth of these people that God has not made manifest. And I am teaching you daily of this people. There are some Black Americans who will, after knowledge, sympathize with the arch-deceiver (the devil) for the sake of advantage. Even some of our highly educated people will accept speaking in defense of this arch enemy of ours for the sake of trying to gain higher places with the arch-deceiver. And some of them will tell me and the believers of Islam that they do not believe in any religion nor in any God of religion. The Bible foretold that this kind of talk against the truth would come in the last days; that this fool will say in his heart there is no God. This prophecy is now being fulfilled among even our most educated class of people. You cannot see the hereafter unless you believe in righteousness and unless you are a submissive one to the God and Author of righteousness because righteousness is the type of world that we will have to live under after the destruction of this evil and deceitful world.

The Christian church. There are diehards in the Christian church. Slowly but surely the Spirit of Allah is making manifest to the Black Man that the church and its religion called Christianity is the chain that binds the Black Man in mental slavery (seeking salvation where there is none) and thinking that he must die first to get to heaven. This is really a misunderstanding because heaven is a condition of life and not a special place. Heaven is enjoying peace of mind and contentment with the God of the righteous and the Nation of the righteous. It can be here in America, in the isles of the Pacific or on the continents of Asia and Africa. But it is only a condition of life. Black Christian believers are warned in the Bible in the 18th Chapter of Revelation (last book) to come out of her. Her means the way and belief of the white race and the so-called Christian religion) that we be not partakers with them in the Divine plagues of God upon her (U.S.A.). This is the religion that the prophets prophesied to you that the enemy will deceive you with. Christianity is not the teachings of Jesus. Their theologians and religious scientists will agree with us in a show-down that it was not the religion of Jesus; for the religion of Jesus was Islam as it was the religion of Moses and all the prophets of God. The Holy Qur'an teaches us that the prophets' religion was none other than Islam, the religion of Truth, Freedom, Justice, and Equality. This, the Christians preach with their mouths, but they do not practice Truth, Freedom, Justice, and Equality with us, the Black people. Since knowledge of them, we do not want to follow them in any religion because they are not by nature made to lead people into righteousness.

Revolution between white and Black is due to the work of Allah and His Truth among the Black people of America. Never before in all your life have you seen the white man so anxious to keep the Black man near to him in his society and especially in Christianity, the great false, deceiving religion. He even offers to bribe any Black people of note, but for accepting his invitation and high places, they are reduced by a sudden fall to the level of disgrace and shame.

Leaders. We, the Black Nation, today with the knowledge of the truth cannot accept leaders made and offered to us for our guidance. I warn each of you to no more accept the white man's made or chosen leaders for you. This is what has kept us bound in the mental chains of slavery since the days of slavery. Our leaders are by their choice. These kind of leaders are Uncle Toms who are licking the boots of the white man for his pleasure and wealth regardless of what happens to you and me; for they care not.

Abraham's prophecy. But, I ask you to remember this: in the parable in the Bible of the rich man and Lazarus -- which means none other than the white and Black people of America -- the rich man died deprived of authority and wealth. In the anguish of the torment of his loss of wealth and power, the parable refers to the rich man as being in hell. And in this condition, the beggar (Lazarus) saw no hope in begging that once rich man any longer for some of his sumptuous food. Then he turned to go for self (Abraham's). The prophecy which Abraham was the recipient of only means that after 400 years of our enslavement, all these things are coming to pass. I ask you to be in time and accept the truth and not mix up the truth with falsehood while you know it for the sake of untrue friendship.

Chapter 2: The Sure Truth

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(Taken from Chapter 69 of the Holy Qur'an). What is said there in Chapter 69 of the Holy Qur'an is so true and is being fulfilled in this day and time.

This Chapter is warning the people in the time of the Resurrection of the mentally dead of what happened in the histories of former people who were doomed to destruction and how they reacted to the truth and warning and how they called the truth of their approaching doom a lie. This Chapter is warning the people of the calamities that are now besetting America and Europe; the sure truth that they are heading for their doom like Ad and Thamud who gave the truth a lie and were overtaken by Allah's Judgment of a violent wind roaring seven days and eight nights. This was the kind of destruction that Allah destroyed them with.

The Chapter also mentions of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah how these cities were overthrown by earthquakes and unto this day they have not been rebuilt. Pharaoh who opposed the Truth and called it a lie suffered the Judgment of Allah (drowning in the Red Sea). The Black Man in America is now suffering under the falsehood of his enemies while truth is being sounded in his ears. He sees the evidence of it with his eyes: yet he would like it a lie. The main warning of the Holy Qur'an to those who take the truth for a lie and the lie for the truth is that they are subject to the same type of Judgment that these former opponents of Allah were subjected to.

We are now witnessing the truth being spread all over the continent of America and jumping the borders and spreading around the earth. Allah is backing up His Coming and Presence to defend the horrible plight of the so-called American Negro. There is no plainer truth that could ever come to both white and Black than what Allah, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad to Whom praises are due forever, has delivered to me whom He chose to deliver this Message of Truth. The enemy is ever seeking a way to oppose the truth and take you and me to their doom if we are foolish enough to give a lie to the truth.

Everything mentioned in the Bible and Holy Qur'an such as plagues and judgments taking place in ancient times of the Bible and Holy Qur'an against the opponents of Allah is to warn you and me that the same thing is coming upon America and Europe but America is No. 1 (first). This is the truth that God has given to me to warn you. He (Allah) is Sufficient to back up His Own Words.

The cold and violent wind blowing for seven days and eight nights to destroy an enemy people of Allah; the earthquakes taking place, overthrowing cities and the destruction of Pharaoh and his army are to warn you and me that the same thing will take place here in America and is now going on (This is the sure truth). The evidence of this sure truth that I, Elijah Muhammad, am preaching is that America is in for every known destruction that plagued the people of old.

As the Bible teaches us (symbolically), God says He will use every one of His arrows against the wicked world today. When a man says he will shoot all of his ammunition to try to kill you, you want to know how much ammunition he has to shoot. I say plenty; for Allah has no such thing as a limitation to what and how He can destroy since all the powers of heavens and earth are within His Hands. The forces of nature (which He is using and will continue to use) are things that we have no defense against. I say, Black Man, believe in Allah and come follow me.

Chapter 3: Knowledge of Time

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If only the American so-called Negroes had knowledge of the time in which we now live, they would accept Islam at once; for it is just the acceptance of Islam which will bring the so-called Negroes the things they desire; good homes, money, and friendship in all walks of life. This is the time that they should enjoy such heaven, the Time of God. They are really chosen by God to be His people, and not the Jews nor white Christians. It is you, the American so-called Negro, but it is just you who are blind, deaf, and dumb to the knowledge of the Time of your salvation and the judgment and death of your enemies.

Remember the story of Moses and his people. Jehovah said to Moses: I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in Egypt, and I have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters; for I know their sorrows (Ex. 3:7). Jehovah had seen and heard the afflictions and cries of His people while His people were yet dumb to the knowledge of Him, for they called not on Him. They worshipped the gods of Pharaoh and his people and not Jehovah Who was the God of their fathers. Jehovah had not represented Himself as being the God of Pharaoh and his people. It was to the slaves of Pharaoh and the slaves' fathers that Jehovah, their God, was to show mercy and deliverance.

Pharaoh was against Jehovah and His religion and the people of Jehovah who were his slaves. So it is and Allah's true religion of Islam. But it is time that the mentally dead Negroes, who are afflicted daily by the evil hand of white America, should be delivered and given freedom, justice, and equality and a land that they can call their own. Day and night their cries go up into the ear of Allah, the God of our people (the Muslims).

We cannot hope for justice from the devils when by nature there is none in them. All the day long the Negroes are mistreated. If Allah and I, His servant, will not stand up for them, who shall stand up for them? You, by far, are unable to do so; for you know not God. The devils have you afraid and worshipping that which you know not. Fear not and come follow me and God will love you and will set you in heaven at once while you live.

Jehovah told Moses to go first to the elders of Israel and say to them: The Lord your God (not Pharaoh's) the God of your fathers, He has appeared unto me saying, I have surely visited you and have seen that which is done unto you in Egypt (America)" (Ex. 3:16). But the elders would not even meet with Moses, only by way of disputation.

Chapter 4: The Hidden Truth

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Hiding the truth is a very serious thing to do. It causes harm and disappointment and causes one to be misled. It causes loss of property and life. It causes loss of friendship, beloved ones and loss of confidence and trust. In court, it causes heavy penalties and someone's being sent to prison or to death for that of which they are innocent. The greatest and gravest of all is the slave-masters' hiding of the truth that will exalt and save his slave. This is that great truth that white America is hiding from her once slaves (the Black man and woman).

The white people know of and see the Salvation of their slaves that is now present. They are doing everything they possibly can to deceive the Black man and woman into thinking that they (white people) hold out greater and better promises for a future to the Black Man and woman in America than Allah (God). This will deceive many of our people. Read the 7th Surah (Chapter) of the Holy Qur'an where the devil is made to confess his deceiving of the people in these words: Allah promised you the promise of truth. I promised you, but failed to fulfill.

As you know, the Revelation of the Bible under the title of John, teaches us that the old dragon beast (referring to the white civilization) deceived the whole world, and they have done just that. Allah has taught me they deceived 90 per cent of the total population of the planet earth. The only way the white race can survive and rule is by making false appear as truth and truth to appear as false. The white race was made by nature without the truth. Jesus said (Bible John 8:44) that there was no truth in them, for their father was a liar and a murderer. Therefore his children (white race) cannot be otherwise. We should know the truth of the seriousness of the

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