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Documenting America: Lessons from the United States' Historical Documents

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The United States is rich in documents, many which remain in obscurity, but which contain valuable information about the formation of this nation, while at the same time contain lessons for where we are right now. In Documenting America,a number of these documents are quoted in large blocks, the importance of the document explained, and relevancy for America shown. The documents selected cover the 18th and 19th centuries. The colonial era, the run up to Independence, the formative years, and the rise to the beginning of being a great world power are all herein.

Documents from the following historical persons are included: James Otis, Carl Schurz, John Jay, George Washington, Robert Rantoul, David Davis, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Henry Cabot Lodge, William H. Seward, John Urmstone, William Bradford, Matthew Carey, Moses Austin, John C. Calhoun.

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