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Eagle Bay

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Eagle Bay

Lunghezza: 470 pagine7 ore


Eagle Bay is a fiction based on a true story. The manuscript is a unique mix of a suspense thriller and the true story of management ethics in a Nuclear Power Plant.
Two young engineers, Valerie and Joe, are working at a nuclear power plant in upstate New York. These two diverse and likable characters are thrown together to work on a major problem which has occurred in Eagle Bay’s most crucial piece of equipment – the nuclear reactor. Joe, a hotshot clean cut engineer is a new arrival, contracted by management to analyze the plant’s procedures for flaws. Valerie is employed by the plant as a procedures engineer.
Their work group is made up of a young and enthusiastic group of engineers, a funny and endearing bunch overseen by the disorganized but kindly supervisor, Sam. The flies in the ointment are the overly militant Plant Superintendent and his hopelessly geeky, annoying (and very entertaining) plant assistant, Howard.
The attraction between Val and Joe sparks from the get-go, and Val lets her guard down quickly, needing Joe to help her as the problem with the reactor intensifies and the need for a solution grows. In short, tubes which pass through the reactor vessel are becoming blocked, one after another. If enough of these tubes become blocked, the plant will be forced to shut down. The plant owners and operators become desperate to find a solution to the problem, which has also begun occurring in other plants.
Under huge amounts of pressure to find a solution, Joe and Val work together to devise a specific tool to identify the source of the problem. If by chance their tool were to damage the walls of the tubes within the nuclear reactor, it could have catastrophic results, both to the reactor and the operators.
In a dangerous and exciting procedure performed while the reactor is operating at full power, Joe unwittingly stumbles across a method to use the tool to actually resolve the problem and is able to keep the plant operational.
Throughout their adventure, Joe becomes increasingly close to Val, in spite of the high maintenance girlfriend, Suzanna. (She is the ‘character you love to hate!’) Joe and Val develop a spirited and highly entertaining roller coaster ride of a relationship that continues to deepen throughout the story.
Although the procedure appears to have been successful, Val and Joe discover that the tool did cause damage to the tubes which could have resulted in a catastrophic accident. The plant superintendent, fiercely dedicated to his work but not above deceit, is desperate for a quick fix and chooses to cover up the evidence proving the tool is faulty. He then secretly distributes it for use in other plants, disregarding the danger in lieu of keeping the plants open at any cost.
Val and Joe, who have been intentionally removed from anything to do with the problem, learn that the faulty tool is being used by other power plants when a fatal accident occurs at one of the plants during its use. The accident portrays the inside viewpoint of what happens during a nuclear incident.
Shocked by this turn of events, Joe attempts to steal evidence of the tool failure to incriminate his deceptive plant superintendent, but is arrested in the process. That is the final straw for his girlfriend, Suzanna, and she leaves with a good deal of drama. With Joe in jail, Val takes the risk to sneak into the plant and get the evidence herself, but ends up in a perilous situation which ultimately leads to a shocking ending.
The story, though fictionalized, is based on true events that co-author, Doug Kane, actually experienced.

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