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WE Shall Be As GODS: 4th Testament - Children of Exile

WE Shall Be As GODS: 4th Testament - Children of Exile

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WE Shall Be As GODS: 4th Testament - Children of Exile

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Jul 19, 2011


To save his sister Allita,Alain Rainhearth Pledged Himself to The Dark when he lost his family in an archeological expedition in the Pyramid of Annusekht. sent to the Ziggurathon Academy, he serves as a double agent to Phenos, being both, Alain and the reincarnation of Morvaeuz Darkstar, a very ancient, and powerful Anunna-Ki god.
In Caul, Loomis DarkBringer is sent to help J.P
before his soul is lost forever.
While on Exile Earth, the Neo-Resonants have
changed after years of preparing the world for the
imminent attack, Butasei Watanabe, now the owner
of the most powerful company in the world, is still
seeking a way to rescue Endymion Christiani from
The Ilnosis, but not everyone is on his side.

Jul 19, 2011

Informazioni sull'autore

Born August 4, 1982 in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, K.R.Columbus [Kemuel Ríos Colón] is a prolific Puerto Rican Science Fiction and Fantasy author, with more than twenty novels, and young adult books sold all around the world. With novels that have reached the top 50 charts in England and Australia. Before becoming a writer, he trained to be a sumo wrestler for four years. Currently lives in Puerto Rico reading good books, drinking coffee, enjoying rare music, and obscure Cinema.To contact the author –

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WE Shall Be As GODS - K.R. Columbus

We Shall be as Gods

4th Testament – Children of Exile

Copyright 2011 K.R.Columbus

Smashwords Edition

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Ps – To avoid confusion, character thoughts, important words, songs and messages are in ITALICS.

4th Testament – Children of Exile

By K.R.Columbus

Spirits of this nethermost Abyss, Chaos, and ancient Night, I come Alone, and without guide, half lost, I seek, What readiest path leads where your gloomy bounds Confine

Paradise Lost by John Milton

Chapter 1

-Alain Rainhearth-

One does not wander far from whence one fell. One must look back and see, understand the true nature of remembrance in order to understand the meaning of life. Never be parted from the stone, from the water, from the mountains of memory that still dwell within. You cannot do so willingly, or at edge against pleading neck. It calls, like a drum, like something ancient that forgotten stays under veil of mind. Clawing ways and paths across gulfs of wisdom, about things no man should find.

The black pyramid of Annusekht was there as it had been since the beginning of time, between sand and dirt, crowned by lightning and dense clouds of menacing condensation. Alain Rainhearth stood on a tall dune, flailing against the cold wind, which like knives pierced him without remorse. Yet he stood defiant, looking straight at Annusekht with bloodshot eyes accompanied by heavy, fatigued breathing. Lightning stroke a dry shrub a few meters away from his vantage point, and in instants, it was engulfed in liquid flames of beautiful crimson color. His troubled gaze was caught by the burning bush, and for a whole minute, his mind rested in idle thought, yet, like a howling monster the black pyramid called to him in silent, lingering screams.

Extending his left arm over the flames, he anticipated warmth and comfort, but all he found was loneliness, fear and a terrible cold feeling that wouldn’t go away. It was as if it had been born within him, from the very moment that he drew his first breath. The sweet smell of sandalwood came to him, and then he understood the shrub was a sandal bush.

Please, please, let Allita be all right. Gods please hear my hollow prayers. See the light that’s hidden in them. Let them be alive.

Leaving the burning bush behind, Alain stumbled down the dune, his feet were bloodied because he had forded miles and miles of open desert in search of the dig site. That pain had become a part of him, a part that he couldn’t be parted with. How many days did I spend in the desert? When was the last time that I had some water? The truth, he couldn’t remember anymore. The wasteland that turned his mouth to sand now surrounded him in every direction like a deathtrap. The desert was covered in darkness and wind, like a solemn guardian watching the events that would stay with that young man forever.

A strong wind coming from the desert almost flung him to the sand, only to be driven to the ground by an even stronger one, which stung his eyes as he raised his beaten torso to face Annusekht. Not far from the dig site, he saw his dad’s hovercraft covered in sand; beside it, he saw his father’s instruments. He picked up a pickaxe. Alain tried to swallow, but it was too painful to do so, instead, he was caught in a coughing fit.

Stand up Alain! Please stand up… I know I’m strong enough, this is a test, my dad always said the wilderness tests our path to see what hides inside of us, I know I can do this. I can’t let them die… Gods why wouldn’t they believe me? My dreams spoke of this. I told them not to come.

Stumbling into a run, Alain ran with a force of will he had already spent days ago, and tracing the circumference of the pyramid, he found the recently excavated entrance. Standing before the entrance, he was taken by a surge of fear. Even if he was almost a man, he sobbed because this situation was too much for him. Dozens of broken winged statues guarded the entrance like gothic gargoyles of old. He knew those guardians had been guarding the entrance, he had been there when Annusekht was opened for the first time, he saw the darkness come, and he was one of the first ones to witness the madness as it spread all across Luxor 4 and the surrounding systems. This dig site was calling them. Luxor 4 called The Asuras as if luring them. He had no idea that what they wanted was inside of him.

Alain knew, Morvaeuz Darkstar: the Azure Crow knew, that the forces of The Standard of Faithful Night were coming to Luxor 4, even before the planetary defense systems detected them, he knew ever since the sky began to cry shooting stars. He had told them not to go into the pyramid, he pleaded for so long that he no longer could remember the words that he had used, or how desperate it all had sounded. Before he realized, he was calmed with the syrupy lingering kiss of sleeping pharmaceuticals. Soon after, only darkness was between him and sure waking.

Now in front of the pyramid of Annusekht he can’t go in, his fear is too intense, so intense that he can feel his knees shamble. All sound vanished, the wind made no sound, thunder was muted, and even the beating of his heart is nothing more than a feeling, this is the part where everything blanks out, and the fear and pain becomes most grievous. He couldn’t make himself go in. His fear was too intense.

Fear is like a parasite, a drug it lives of you, and even if you hate it beyond belief you can’t get rid of it no matter how much ill, and blight it’s causing you.

A single lingering scream was heard. It resonated into his heart, and dwelled inside of him, in such a way, that he turned cold as everything vanished. Alain knows that scream. That was Allita’s scream. Even if he’s deadly afraid, he ran into the black pyramid, unafraid of what awaits inside.

No! Entering the first chamber, he found the corpses of his parents.

Alain kneeled beside them, trying to wake them up. He saw something from the corner of his left eye. He saw how an ornate chamber shut by itself, as an intense bright light was seen beyond. He paid no attention to the light, or the closing chamber, all he cared about was his parents and sister.

Mom, Dad, wake up! It is me Alain! Please, this has to be a nightmare, Mom, dad, please wake up! In that moment, he remembered Allita and her scream. He stood up as if trapped in a nightmare, looking around the crumbling chamber for his sister. Then he comprehended that his sister must be behind the closed off chamber.

Can you open that chamber for us? He heard a strange voice, and then, he saw a strange pale woman walking out of the shadows. It was Phenos the Armored Worm. "You know what’s hidden in the depths of Annusekht, and in The Tower of Arelist. You’ve always known. Brother, tell us how to get in, tell us how to open it before The Kingu come. You are one of us, my dearest Darkstar. You are one of the Anunna-Ki. You called the darkness and its alliance."

Alain backed away to the closest wall and readied his pickaxe to defend himself. He was willed in dreams to Annusekht. The creature that lives inside of him knew that he had to be here. Alain poised himself to attack the strange woman.

Who are you? What have you done with my sister? Alain raised the pickaxe.

My name is Phenos the Armored Worm, your brother. One of the Anunna-Ki betrayed by Marduk-Shaddai. I’ve come here to stop the creature that sleeps behind that wall. Phenos pointed towards the closed stone gate. Can you open it for me brother?

I'm not your brother. I'm not the Azure Crow! I'm not an Anunna-Ki! Alain cried, trying to forget who he really was.

But you do know who you are. You even remember your ancient name. Open the inner sanctum brother. Phenos lulled.

Alain looked at the closed chamber for the longest time, trying to see if there was any way to open those stone walls.

No. There is no way to open that chamber. Once the chamber closes, it is almost impossible to open. Alain explained.

There’s something different about you. You can control the Anunna-Ki inside of you. Unlike the woman I'm possessing. Phenos came closer to Alain, and smelled him. You’ve a very ancient Anunna-Ki within you, with strong powers, powers long forgotten.

I don’t know what you mean. I need to find my sister. Alain looked at the creature in the body of a woman.

Do not worry about her, she’s in our care. Do you know who we are? Phenos asked as two humanoid shadows were born at his side.

The Olden Shadows? The Asuras. Alain replied, knowing more than that.

Yes, the Anunna-Ki, rectifiers of the Standard of Faithful Night. We came here seeking what hides in that chamber, but we were detained by your parents’ screams. The creature that sleeps inside must have killed them. We found your sister mortally wounded, the Kingu Guardian attacked her. Phenos said in a very calm voice, but inside the creature was laughing.

Will she be all right? Alain despaired.

Phanatox has the power to heal her, but first we must get to Earth. We’ve your sister in our fortress, Dardealus’ Finger. She sleeps inside a healing chamber, a chamber where time has no meaning. There she’ll be safe. If you help us, if you help us get The Ilnosis, Phanatox will heal her completely.

But you want to destroy us humans… Alain said.

You’re not entirely human, as she’s not. You two are something else entirely. Can you feel the hatred inside of you? Can you sense that dark part of you that wants to destroy everything? Let me help you see! Placing a hand on his forehead she-he made him see the part of him that was Morvaeuz Darkstar. "Let him out to play and he’ll help you, he’s you, only far more powerful."

He scares me, he’s so alone. He speaks to me in my dreams, at first I thought I was imagining him, but as I grew older, I understood what he was. I knew that I couldn’t let him control me. Alain cried as he felt Morvaeuz within him.

No, the one that’s alone is you, Alain Rainhearth. Morvaeuz Darkstar is part of you. He was born within you. Will you help us? Phenos asked. It’ll be four years before we get to Earth. If you work for us, if you help us, we will heal Allita for you.

You promise to help her? You promise to heal my sister? Alain asked.

We do. Phenos said as it smiled. Morvaeuz will help you from time to time, but you’ve to learn how to bring him forth. He’s a little shy.

I don’t know if I can do this. Alain said. I don’t want to share my body.

I know you can, and you will. Phenos said as Annusekht began to tremble violently. Go to Planet Ereshkigal, investigate what is happening there. It has come to our attention that the humans are meddling into something dangerous. Find out what is happening under the Ninhursag Mountains, and when we get to you, join us against Earth as Morvaeuz Darkstar.

No… I can't.

If you don’t. I'm afraid that your sister will die. The healing chamber keeps her alive, but only Phanatox can heal her broken body. You have no choice. Phenos’ voice echoed.

A single lingering scream was heard, resonating into his heart. The Pyramid of Annusekht trembled violently as something inside of it broke apart. Alain escaped the pyramid just in time, but he had been changed.

That day, the Black Pyramid of Annusekht was destroyed when an intense light emerged from under it, heading into the stars.

Alain Rainhearth survived that day, goaded by Phenos Blackstar into becoming Morvaeuz Darkstar. The problem is, that he doesn’t want to let Morvaeuz take control, he doesn’t want the darkness to win, but the love that he has for his sister is such, that he nods in agreement and follows that path, unaware, that what sleeps inside of him has been a part of him since the beginning of the eternal recurrence.


Months later on a passenger MU ship on the way to Planet Ereshkigal, at the edges of the Neo-Galgallim protectorate…

Alain whimpered as the guy beside him hit him with his elbow, waking him from a terrible chronic nightmare. Alain woke breathing forcefully, and pressed his pale face against the pristine surface of the viewing window beside his passenger seat. No use. Outside was darker than the already dark inside’s of the MU, and no matter how hard he squinted his eyes, he couldn’t make anything out. Purple lightning pierced the sky, and light filled his vision, a vision of water drops, and shades of fading color against rushing clouds. He caught his reflection on the small window, and when his breath was plasmated into condensation against it, the MU started shaking violently. The other students sited on the other seats around him voiced their fears. He heard gasps here and there, a yelp in one corner, followed by a hushed scream. Still, he remained silent as the lights inside the MU faltered for ten seconds.

As I close my eyes, I wonder. What’re they so afraid of? These MU ships are made to withstand more than this. But as cabin pressure changes, making my hair stand on end, all I can say is that I feel detached, almost as if I had lived this before.

One wide eyed blink in total darkness, and then another one, and the lights came on again, restoring some of the peace among the students.

See Ghini, nothing is going to happen. It is just a storm. A boy said to a girl, who had been especially tense.

As if someone had lit a fuse, the girl turned to the boy and slapped him on the back of his head. Can you be any dumber Ghab? The storms in Ereshkigal are… She never finished what she was about to say.

The MU ship tilted to the left, not subtly, but as if a great monster had just swallowed it in one deep gulp. The main lights went off all at once, leaving only a thin line of blue lights on the ceiling, and a few on the floor. The cabin pressure shifted, making them feel like if their veins were about to burst, as if great waves of invisible force came in and out, and with each one, the trembling got worse and the sounds even louder.

Holy Ilnosis! We’re going to crash! A boy behind Alain screamed when cabin pressure was lost completely.

I can’t breathe! Everything is so loud that it feels muted and distant. All that I can truly hear is my gasping for something that’s not there. I feel despair getting a hold of me, it is strangling me. I can’t breathe… I feel like something is pulling me forward, if not for my belt I’d be…

Blood splattered on Alain’s face as the person adjacent to him broke apart against the nearest wall, sending an arc of blood splashing to his face. Everything went dark.

I saw when the cabin was ripped open, and a second after, I saw how a girl and a boy my age were dragged by the raging winds of the atmosphere, along with their chairs. If this ship had been an old Sidhe temple-ship, it may have survived the crash, those old ships were resilient and strong, but the new design: the MU ship, which uses no Siabroam Cemica-alloy, are not as sturdy.

I closed my eyes. The pain was too much. We weren’t prepared for this. It has been decades since the use of S.B.P suits, now banned by the Neo-Galgallim. We were unprotected. It was just us against the force of impact.

Before all the destruction ensued, I saw something floating in front of me. A black feather had found itself into our MU when the hull was ripped apart, and for a whole minute, when the MU tried to stabilize the pressure in the cabin the feather was held in mid air, a few inches away from my face. It didn’t work.

Alain admired the feather, his eyes faltering under the force of incoming impact. His eyes flickered as he held on to his seatbelt. He could almost feel the wind, and snow picking his skinny body off that seat, and sending it asunder into the dark night, but even as weak and scared as he was, he held on. Morvaeuz Darkstar was helping him survive from within. His ears popped painfully, and then he saw the wind take the feather. Just before it vanished from sight, Alain saw the looming shape of a white peaked Ninhursag Mountains. The MU made a sickening sound, and then an explosion was heard.

Everything went dark. Everyone in the MU died, except for me.


Is anyone alive in there? Hello? Can anyone hear me? Alain heard a distant voice.

Alain was sorely confused. He had no idea where he was, and he forgot what had happened after their transport MU crashed on the Ninhursag Mountains. All he could remember was the pain, the screams, and the feeling of being trapped. He was pinned under metal and Cemica ceramic. He tried to move, but something had pinned him against a cold surface. The place was completely silent, and it stank of blood and entrails.

I’m here! I’m trapped! Help! Alain’s voice was hoarse, almost as if he had screamed for hours.

A younger voice was heard soon after. Sir, someone is alive. I’ll be damned sir, one of the passengers survived!

Shut up idiot, and help me find where he is. Talk to me young man, so I can follow your voice and find you. Tell me your name, your age, and where you are from. This voice sounded older, and that much wiser.

My name is… Alain groaned in pain when he tried to move. My name is Alain Rainhearth. I’m sixteen years old, and I was born in Luxor 4.

Luxor 4, I’m sorry to hear about what happened to your homeworld, my ancestral planet was destroyed by The Asuras too. Alain, tell me something about yourself, we’re going to open the hull of the MU ship so close your eyes.

I don’t know what to say. I’m nothing special. Alain stirred and groaned when he felt that his muscles were tattered.

Just keep talking, anything is all right. Just keep talking. You have to stay conscious. The older voice said to him.

My mother and father were protoarcheologists. Since I was a child, we have been traveling across the Luxor systems, digging, unearthing the secrets of the Nefilim Protoancients. Our family has dedicated their life to this pursuit. My dream is to be like my father. At least it was. Many things have happened since then.

The Rainhearth family, I know about them papa. They got themselves killed in an expedition to some pyramid. The younger man said.

Pay more respect you idiot son of mine. Sorry Alain, my son is simple minded to social life. I’m sorry about the loss of your family. The old man apologized. "The whole protectorate

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