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Abrupt Edge

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Jacob Gleason, restless youth seeking his destiny, is a moral blank slate when he stumbles upon Abrupt Edge, a Nevada wilderness Shangri La. It’s centerpiece is Carne Viva, a brothel for billionaires seeking sexual enlightenment. Edge Enterprise’s CEO, Isaac Wayman, offers him a job chronicling an incipient war with Glory, a fundamentalist Mormon settlement run by his brother and nemesis, Abraham. The war will only happen if Isaac precipitates it—and he’s nuts enough to do just that.
Jacob sticks around when he falls in love with Gloria Bennett, Isaac’s personal secretary, and in lust with Asenath Wayman, Isaac’s cousin and true love, also la directora of Carne Viva. He must find his moral compass while trying to prevent the Glory War. On the way he debates with Justin DeFord, Abrupt Edge’s least likely client, the relative morality of multiple couplings with strangers versus the plural marriages of the polygamists over the hill.
Add a temptress, Fay Marraine, who tries to steer Jacob away from Abrupt Edge, and Auntie Amity,an unlikely desert rat who rescues Justin from his scruples and introduces him to the true Zen of sex, and you have The Magic Mountain set in a desert instead of an Alpine sanatorium.

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