6 Ways to get your child’s weight under control.

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6 Ways to get your child’s weight under control.

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"6 Ways to get your child’s weight under control" was written by a parent for parents who are dedicated getting their child and family to a healthy weight and lifestyle and keeping them there without unreasonable or unmaintainable change. The goal of this book is to help you reach a healthy weight for your child without them feeling targeted or any different then anyone else inside of the family. The information in this "self help" guild is directed at promoting healthy change for the entire family all the while helping your child reach a healthy weight without them ever knowing they are on any type of diet. This is not a get skinny quick guild for your child, this book is a guild to a life long change for a healthier lifestyle!
Also included: a bonus healthy recipe book for your child or teen. Covering many fantastic healthy snack and meal ideas with there listed nutritional values.

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