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Ionized Water: Life Without Disease

Ionized Water: Life Without Disease

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Ionized Water: Life Without Disease

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Apr 1, 2011


Expiry dates of food products are getting longer and longer and the human lifespan
is getting shorter. Pharmacies have more and more medicine to offer but the number of
healthy people is decreasing. The diagnostic methods are getting more and more complicated
and innovative, but the diseases are more and more versatile and dangerous...
A logical question arises: why? What are we doing wrong? Why do we get sick and age?
You will find the answers in this book. Don’t rush to a pharmacy every time you feel sick!
There’s a better and much more efficient way to restore health and the harmony of body
and soul. The “dead” and “live” water is a remedy against more than 70 diseases!

Apr 1, 2011

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Ionized Water - Telesforas Laucevicius

Ionized Water

Life Without Disease

by Telesforas Laucevicius

First published in Lithuania in 2009 by OBUOLYS (RED APPLE), an imprint of UAB MEDIA INCOGNITO

© Telesforas Laucevicius, UAB MEDIA INCOGNITO, 2011

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form of by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the copyright owner.

Although the author and publisher have made every effort to ensure that the information in this book was correct at press time, the author and publisher do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause.

This book is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The reader should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to his/her health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

Addresses and contact information for UAB MEDIA INCOGNITO can be found at

Published at Smashwords

ISBN 978-609-403-227-1

Cover design by Andrius Morkeliunas

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Chapter I

Why do we get sick and age?


Absorption of Nutritive Substances and Cellular Waste

Accumulation of Acid Materials in the Body

Acidification of the Body

Neutralization of Acids

Disposal of Acid Waste

Blood Buffers

Impact of Alkaline Blood Buffers on Ageing and Disease

How to Stop the Acidification of the Body

Chapter II


Properties of Water

Water has Memory

Structure of Water

Water in Our Bodies. Structured Water

Chapter III

Ionized Water

Electrolysis of Water

Water Ionizer

Properties of Ionized Water

Oxidation-reduction Potential (ORP)

pH Indicator

Molecular Formations

Chapter IV

Usage of Ionized Water

Ionized Alkaline Water for Prophylaxis

Five Benefits of Alkaline Water

Uses of Acid Water

Chapter V


Biological Environment of Cells

General Causes of Disease in Adults


Diabetes Mellitus

Cardiovascular Disease. Atherosclerosis. Hypertension

Arthritis, Gout

Kidney Disease

Other Diseases

Infectious Diseases

Chapter VI

Measuring the Body’s Acidity

Determining the pH Values of Internal Medium

pH of Saliva

pH of Urine

Putting Theory into Practice

Chapter VII

Silver Water





Water gets a lot of coverage on the radio, on television and in the press. Its properties and contamination are discussed, the differences between mineral and mineralized water are provided and so on and so forth. This knowledge is useful and broadens our horizons.

However, there is little to no information about ionized water, yet in Japan and South Korea they have known about the beneficial effects for decades and it is now gaining more and more popularity in Western Europe, especially Germany. There are numerous books, movies and tests explaining the magnificent properties of ionized water, and a great deal of information can also be found on the Internet. Nevertheless, in most countries very little is known about the use of ionized water for prophylaxis, the treatment of certain diseases, disinfection, ecological agriculture, etc. It is hard to understand why the abundance of available information about ionized water does not get the attention of our medics and other specialists. The very fact that German clinical trials, during which ionized alkaline water was used to treat diabetes, gave promising results should encourage our scientists to find out more about these trials and possibly give hope for hundreds of thousands of patients.

Moreover, some countries do not even have certified laboratories to test a very important water indicator – oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). This indicator describes the antioxidant properties of water, its suitability for the body fluids, and much more. The very request to determine this indicator is met with astonishment, Why? The standards do not provide for that. Such a situation encouraged the author to summarize the information about ionized water by using various literatures and an abundance of information on the Internet. The purpose of this book is to draw attention to the unique properties of ionized water, the scope of its application, especially for prophylaxis, to encourage scientists and specialists to show more interest in the works of their colleagues abroad and to assess the possibilities of practical use.


Health is the most valuable possession. Everyone has heard this phrase. However, often its meaning is understood only when it is already too late. No wonder an Oriental proverb says there are two things we cherish only after having lost them: youth and health. I am sure many of us unfortunately find this saying to be true.

In 400 BC, the Greek philosopher Socrates claimed, HEALTH IS NOT EVERYTHING, BUT EVERYTHING IS NOTHING WITHOUT HEALTH. Nobody will argue that this is also true today, in the age where science and technology make our lives more comfortable and at the same time more vulnerable. According to statistics, more and more diseases are diagnosed in young people. That is why the strong desire to find new ways and means to help maintain good health, slow the ageing process and enjoy life to the fullest is perfectly understandable.

Recently interest in natural healthcare products has significantly increased. People are starting to realize that they are primarily responsible for their health, not their doctors, let alone anybody else. People are becoming more and more captivated by the possibility of thinking and living in a way that will allow them to realize the potential of their lives to the fullest. Water plays a major role in achieving these goals.

Some may find this surprising. Why water? It is not like water is a mystery to us. What else is there in this compound of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom? However, recent decades can be called the decades of newly discovered water properties.

Scientists examined the properties of water after electrolysis. The properties of ionized water are unique: positive effect on the processes in our body, prevention of diseases, slowing of ageing process. The benefits are discussed in greater detail in the successive chapters of this book.

Chapter I

Why do we get sick and age?

Let us imagine how wonderful it would be if we avoided diseases, remain young and energetic longer, and when getting old we could still enjoy our life to the fullest. Humanity has been dreaming about this since ancient times; we have been looking for the elixir of immortality and youth.

Theoretically we are immortal. An impregnated ovum creates new cells and new life. The ovum and sperm of this new life create new life again. Thus, the embryo cells never die and retain the potential of life passed on from generation to generation. (The parents may already be experiencing signs of ageing, but their baby is born without any trace of them.)

Simple non-sex cells form tissues (nerves, muscles, connective tissue, tendons, cartilages, skin, bones and fatty tissues) and organs. These cells and the organs they develop into age and unfortunately die. Why is this happening?

The answer is simple. The cells die out because for certain reasons cellular waste accumulates and pollutes their biological environment. For a human body, which consists of approximately 70 trillion cells, such an environment is the extracellular fluid.

Due to the polluted of the extracellular fluid, the cells cannot obtain nutritive substances, oxygen, or water and dies out.

American physician, physiologist and 1912 Nobel Prize winner, Alexia Carell, conducted the following experiment: he submerged an embryonic heart of a chicken into a solution similar to chicken blood plasma. He had the solution refilled every day for 28 years. Incredibly the chicken’s heart muscle cells remained alive throughout those 28 years even though the average lifespan of a hen is only 6. The cells died when the solution was no longer refilled every day. The secret of extended vitality of the cells was the fact that the scientist maintained the same composition of extracellular fluids and by refilling the solution every day he disposed of the cellular waste.

Accumulation of cellular

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