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Choose A Lane

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Choose A Lane

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In 1977, at the age of 13, Ken became passionate about the sport of bowling. Ken continues to excel in his skill, focus and competency bowling a 300 in 1984. He then joined the Professional Bowlers' Tour in 1987, cashing in the last 4 out of 5 tournaments. His highest league average was 234. In 1990 Ken was severely injured in an auto accident. One year later he bowled again. This time with a total score of 10. Committed and determined to "chose his own lane" and succeed on new levels, Ken continued to improve incrementally with practice and renewed dreams. In 1992 Ken won the Virginia, North Carolina Wheelchair championship, as well as the 1992 Eastern Regional Wheelchair championships. Ken's determination and vision in the sport of bowling now reaps a present average of 132 from his wheelchair, with his highest game of 195. His success will inspire you-his story will motivate you-to chose a lane in YOUR life!

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