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Introduction to The Yoga of Marijuana

Introduction to The Yoga of Marijuana

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Introduction to The Yoga of Marijuana

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Feb 11, 2011


This presentation integrates the beginnings of the global marijuana movement to its present state of medical acceptance and reveals the ancient, evolutionary potential of the Cannabis Sativa Plant. The irresistible magnetism of millions to the marijuana consciousness,despite all obstacles,is viewed as an innate, incessant yearning for the reality that reaches to the spirit. Introduction to The Yoga of Marijuana describes the evolutionary path that is sensed as a beckoning backward to a possible previous encounter that registers as timeless and is recognized as inexplicably recurrent. The mysterious attraction of so many world citizens to the experience of marijuana is actually a predictable and intuitive survival response to the imbalance of the culture. The knowledge is almost always intentionally hidden, but re-emerges onto the public sphere in times of great distress. The Yoga of Marijuana is an unbroken tradition, perennially passed down through the annals of recorded time. Although it is a practice that is older than antiquity and almost always concealed from the exoteric circle of superficial life, nevertheless, the undercurrent of meaning is and has always been there for those who are perpetually drawn to it. This is knowledge for everyone interested in understanding the momentum of the marijuana movement, the determination of its advocates and the significance of its promise. Introduction to the Yoga of Marijuana is just a peek into te extensive secret knowledge that will be unvieled with the completion of author's major work: The Yoga of Marijuana. The introduction stands on its own and is specifically presented to serve the seeker and curious alike in preparation for appreciating the full extent of the lost knowledge.

Feb 11, 2011

Informazioni sull'autore

Joan Bello was born in New York City in 1942. She has worked as a teacher and a counselor. Her interests include marijuana research, marijuana growing and marijuana informing. For the past forty years, she has been an activist and advocate for marijuana reform. Her son was cured of epilepsy with the use of marijuana many years ago. He was but a child and no one at that time was aware of the benefits of marijuana. Nevertheless, following her deep seated inspired knowledge that marijuana was beneficial for epilepsy, and in conjunction with yoga and homeopathic remedies as directed by a full-fledged Swami, Bello's son was cured. Ever since then, she has maintained her allegiance to the plant and continues to research and publicize its vast and hidden benefits. Joan Bello has a Master's Degree in Eastern Studies and Psychology, clinical experience as a Substance Abuse Counselor and over forty years of close association with marijuana. As Director of the Class Action for Therapeutic Cannabis, she personally interviewed over 500 plaintiff patients. At present she is finishing her latest book, How Marijuana Cures Cancer and is working on a major work: The Yoga of Marijuana.

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Introduction to The Yoga of Marijuana - Joan Bello

An Introduction to The Yoga of Marijuana


Joan Bello,


Copyright 2011 by Joan Bello

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Alienation from Age-Old Tradition and Timeless Human Values


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From the author


The Unbroken Tradition of The Yoga of Marijuana

To the Reader

The Politics of Propaganda

The Popular Marijuana Explosion

Misinformation is Losing Ground, Truth is Emerging

The Attempt to Pharmaceuticalize Cannabis Sativa for Profit

Hemp for the Planet

An Intuitive Survival Response

Materialism does not satisfy the human spirit. It ignores it.

The Essential Fear of Marijuana

The Inner Human Make-Up Prevails: As it was once, so it may be becoming again

Materialism is giving birth to a Spiritual Resurgence.

From Whence Has Come This Wisdom?

The Spiritual Quest of Yoga

The Science of Yoga Does Fall Under the Six Main Classifications of Hindu Philosophy

Marijuana: Ancient Aid to Realization



From the author

This essay will take the reader on the fast track from the beginnings of the marijuana movement to its present state of medicinal acceptance and will point the way to the advancement in consciousness that is possible through the Yoga of Marijuana.

Medical marijuana is here to stay. Its future is assured with the astoundingly positive results of science, the incessant testimony of so many grateful patients and the steadfast determination of all activists worldwide. But when it comes to evolving beyond the state of ego-centeredness (what might be referred to as growth in the spirit), the benefits of the Marijuana Consciousness are not known except by few. In fact, in mainstream orientation, inner wisdom is not even a goal. Wealth and power are sought above all else. The innate, human yearning to rise above limiting conditioning to perceive the world refreshed and renewed is not recognized. In fact, all things esoteric are discouraged. In contrast, those of us who invite the marijuana consciousness on a regular basis, do so because we are inherently reflective personality types, drawn to abstract cosmological conceptualizations that are facilitated by the expanded awareness afforded by marijuana. Although it is true that the interests and motives of

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    Well written and structured, I found this very informative and motivating.