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Healing You! The New Keys

Healing You! The New Keys

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Healing You! The New Keys

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Feb 11, 2011


This short work redefines the term 'self-healing'. It sweeps away old misconceptions that self-healing is something that operates against modern medical practices, and that it is nothing more than a futile mind game.
The true model of self-healing established here is one of practical understanding and practical action for those in need. Self-healing is real, is critical, and it works!

Feb 11, 2011

Informazioni sull'autore

Laurie Sones was born in Essex, UK in 1950. His Christian upbringing coupled with a love of music led him to become a leading church choirboy. But this spiritual side was brought into sharp question when his mother, so much the driving force in his life, died before he had yet reached 18 years old. Laurie began a quest for wider philosophical and spiritual answers. Study has concentrated on two distinct areas: philosophy and healing.His first work, A Pocketful of Reasoning, illustrates not just depth and breadth of philosophical study but a capacity for practical suggestions the individual could follow. It represents over 40 years of ongoing experience, work and deliberation with the subject matter.The Principle of Gift, his second work, majors on creativity and the application of its fundamental principles for use in the lives of ordinary people. It also serves as a much shortened and simplified version of its predecessor with some common usage of material.'Healing You: The New Keys' on the subject of self-healing is the author's third publication. The fourth, 'You Can Heal Yourself : The Seven Day Healing Programme', tackles the full practical side of self-healing and lays out a programme of exercises.The fifth work 'The Principle of Gift II: And When I Die?' reconnects to the original 'The Principle of Gift' concepts and deals directly with death and what may exist beyond it.Two more books are already in various stages of development. The aim is to produce a series of concise works (2/3 hour reads) under the broad umbrella of 'Realign Your Thinking, Realign Your Life'.The author welcomes contact from readers. (“There is always more for each of us to learn. The journey is never complete”).Laurie Sones is a qualified advanced hypnotherapist.

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Healing You! The New Keys - Laurie Sones


(Realign Your Thinking, Realign Your Life)


Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Laurie Sones

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'A Pocketful of Reasoning'

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Chapter 1. Genes Rule OK? No!

Chapter 2. The Rules Of the Mind

Chapter 3. The Secret of Self-Healing

Chapter 4. Self-Healing in the Real World


About The Author


The term self-healing carries many misconceptions; that it is all-spiritual, that it operates against modern medical practices, that it is nothing more than self-delusion and futile mind games. This short work aims to explain the real truth about self-healing and sweep away such out-dated thinking. It establishes a new working model, one based on practical understanding and more importantly practical action, for all those with challenging health conditions. Self-healing is real, it is critical, and it works!


It is a scientific fact that there is no cell in your body which is more than 9 weeks old. The skin renews itself completely every month. The lining of the stomach renews itself every 4 days. The cells in the liver renew themselves every 6 weeks. (1)

As someone brought up to believe in mind over matter, these words initially brought much hope to my thinking. If all cells were being replaced so regularly, why shouldn't we all be able to use our minds to make the changes to improve our new cells as they were coming through? Goodbye to the permanence of hereditary conditions. Goodbye to incurable disease of all kinds. But science had come up with a stumbling block: DNA and genes. DNA is the molecule that holds the blueprint for the unique characteristics of each of us, genes being the segments of DNA which carry that blueprint information into the making of cells. Human beings are comprised of about 50 trillion of these cells and our DNA is effectively in charge of their formation. Science had established that DNA did not change. DNA and genes were simply unalterable. These genetic rules were tantamount to a life sentence in a body a person had no choice over when born, and still no choice about when living. OK, you could develop a strong and sophisticated mind, but it would only enable you to handle your physical situation more positively, not change it. How heart-breaking that the same science which had moved us so far forwards in disease treatment and pain management, was now slamming the door in our faces when it came to the subject of mind power. Someone's body might be able to be healed but this had little or nothing

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