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Humorous Incidents: Short Stories and Essays

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Humorous Incidents: Short Stories and Essays

Lunghezza: 273 pagine4 ore


As the title suggests, this is a series of interconnected stories and chapters, which are (meant to be) humorous in aspect. They are in fact, non-fiction events from the author's own life and experiences.
Humorous incidents, is a non-linear, memoir style recounting of various incidents and occurrences in the writer’s life. Events chosen for their amusement value, however some of them with an underlying social message. And although it is non-fiction, certain things have been highly, what’s the word I’m looking for, satirized I guess, in order to play up the humorous elements, and some dialogue are second or third hand reports.

Being non-linear, it jumps back and forth through the writer’s life, while recounting to the reader such amusing anecdotes as How Much Trouble You Can Get Into As A Pedestrian In An Automotive Society, or how dangerous a common housecat can be. Clearly the work should not be taken too seriously, not even two seriously; it is in fact, at its core, a light harted romp through the family ties of a Canadian from the prairies (however, please read the warning in the forward about sexual situations, sex and sexuality being often funny... um, funny ha-ha, not funny strange, I hope)

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