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Bagels: Spreads, Chips, Canapés, Bites, Bruschetta, Pizzas

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Bagels: Spreads, Chips, Canapés, Bites, Bruschetta, Pizzas

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What you put on your bagel can make or break "the perfect bagel!" When it comes to schmears or smears the sky is the limit. The first schmear was a light coating of cream cheese. Then people's imaginations took over. If cream cheese was good, just imagine how delicious it would be with yummy items mixed in or other toppings. We've compiled 20 of the best schmears and toppings for you to enjoy on your favorite bagel.

We offer 20 Best of the Best delicious bagel recipes from the Chef's Secret Vault like (Crab Bagel Spread, Artichoke Bagel Bites, Grilled Bagel And Three Pepper Bruschetta, Barbecue Chicken Pizza Bagel, New York Bagels, Baked Cheese Bagel Canapés, Parmesan Cheese Bagel Canapés & More.....). Your friends and family will think you've been taking lessons in gourmet cooking. So don't miss this chance to add some treasured recipes to your personal collection.

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