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Strange Hungers: Love, Bombs & Cannibals

Strange Hungers: Love, Bombs & Cannibals

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Strange Hungers: Love, Bombs & Cannibals

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Jun 23, 2010


This short story collection contains strange stories that involve food. Love From the Slaughterhouse is a love story with ground sirloin. Glazed is bombing mystery with pastries. A Good Vegetarian is a twisted tale of meat and family. Chicken Soup is a sad apocalyptic tale with soup. If you like food and you like strange stories, this is the collection for you.

Jun 23, 2010

Informazioni sull'autore

Tirzah L. Goodwin is better known for her poetry and published collection of her poems entitled Love and Lighter Fluid. Recently, she's been expanding to write short stories and currently working on her first full length novel. She lives in Kentucky with her two dogs.

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Strange Hungers - Tirzah Goodwin

Strange Hungers: Love, Bombs and Cannibals

Short Stories By: Tirzah L. Goodwin

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He smoothed his hand over her buttocks, rubbing out the inequalities of her meaty flesh. His large palm slid up the beautiful line of her back, warming the coolness with his body heat. Reaching in the large plastic tub next to the table, he grabbed another handful of ground sirloin. He rolled it into a perfect patty and slowly worked it into the flesh of her torso, giving her a more womanly look.

Lyle stepped back, wiping his hands on his bloody apron. Taking a critical look at his work, he nodded to himself. His statue still wasn't as lovely a Madeline herself. Something about the beautiful oval of her face wasn't quite perfect. The expression seemed almost yearning but that expression was wrong for Madeline's face. A red light blinked over the freezer door, Lyle sighed. Time to get back to work.

Leaving the bitter cold of the freezer, the warmth of his shop seeped into his frosty flesh. Ms. Frangle stood in front of the meat case. Her over-sized black purse obscured half of her diminutive plaid figure. The buzzer rang again and two yuppies in khakis and pullovers came in sipping their ten dollar coffees from Starbucks.

He nodded to Ms. Frangle, The usual?

Yes, Mr. Beuter,

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