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What If Your Dog Outlives You?

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What If Your Dog Outlives You?

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Even people who do estate planning to provide for their family, sometimes overlook their canine members.

If you died suddenly, what would happen to your dog? Don't let your best friend end up on death row at the county shelter.

This inexpensive guide provides a range of tips including the information you should always have in your house and wallet, how to use your will to protect your dog; which states allow you to set up a pet-care trust fund; and how to pay in advance for your dog's lifetime veterinary care.

Even if you don’t have any family members who want (or you would trust with) your dog, you can provide a lifetime home for him through sanctuaries, university programs or no-kill shelters.

You'll also get ideas on how to handle his end of life. Will you want him cremated and his ashes buried with you?

Be responsible and make those choices while you can.

Second edition updates information and resources.

After experience breeding, pet sitting and training, Ms. Louis created the website. She continues to write articles for various dog-related publications and enjoy the company of her small canine companions.

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