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Cathy's Weightloss Diary Volume 1 2001-2003

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Cathy's Weightloss Diary Volume 1 2001-2003

Lunghezza: 527 pagine4 ore

Descrizione was a popular website running from 2001 through to 2012 following the ups and downs (literally) of one woman's battle with weight, husband, children and life in general. Written with candour and humour it had people connecting in each week to see not only how the weightloss was going, but how Cathy's life in general was going. At times sad, often funny, it was nothing more than the truth and one that many people could identify with.

Every page of the website was created from scratch by Cathy and eventually this just became too time consuming. The lure of Facebook and Wordpress drew her away and in 2012 the website was closed down.

Because of the number of words written and the number of photographs taken, to do the website justice the book has been broken down into several volumes.

This is Volume 1 and deals with the years 2001 - 2003.

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