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Guide to Photographing Birds

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A Systematic Guide for Beginner and Intermediate Bird Photographers

The Equipment Section Includes information on:
Camera Bodies, Lenses, Tripod, Flash. Memory Cards
A Suggested Starter Kit
Remote Photography
Wi-Fi and Tethered Controllers, Photo Traps

The Settings Section covers:
Shutter Speed, Depth of Field, ISO Setting; Mode, Exposure Compensation, Focusing
Long Lens Technique
Faster Shutter Speeds, Use Image Stabilization, When using a tripod, go heavy and solid., Monopod , Activating the Shutter, Shielding from Wind, Shooting Handheld, Panning, Feathering Focus

Fieldcraft has a look at:
Where to Find Birds
Backyard Birds, Captive Birds, Migration, Breeding Birds, Raptors, Shorebirds, Seabirds, Waterfowl, Gulls
Pick the Right Time
Bad Weather is Good
Protection, Rain, Snow, Wind, Frost
Using Recordings and Other Sounds, Using Blinds or Hides, Stationary Blinds, The Mobile Blind, Bean Bag, Window Mount, Tripod
Setups for Photography
Attracting Birds
In Flight
Good Equipment. Fast Shutter Speed, Depth of Field, Continuous AF, Feathering Focus, AF Sensor Selection, Continuous Burst, Lens Limiting, Pre-focus, Handholding, Acquiring Your Target, Tripod, Purposed Blur, Lighting and Flash, Practice Exercises, Panning, Takeoff and Landing, Diving, Flying with Prey
Working Your Subject

Composition looks at:
Don't Centre the Subject, Look into Space, Rule of Thirds, Size of Subject in Frame, Don't Clip Body Parts Even if they are not seen, Break the Guidelines
Causes of Poor Images
1. Poor Focusing Blur, 2. Camera Shake Blur, 3. Subject Motion Blur, 4. Too Much Contrast, 5. Lens Flare, 6. Chromatic Aberration, 7. Noise, 8. Color Correction Needed, 9. Incorrect Exposure, 10. Sensor Dust

Image processing considers:
RAW vs JPG, Workflow, Download, Sort and Cull, Load for Editing, Cleanup, Exposure and Color Correction, Sharpening, Output, Automation, Storage and Backup

Selling Your Images covers:
Display and Basic marketing of Your Work, Blog, Online Gallery, Social Media, Putting it All Together, Where to Sell Images, Magazines and brochures, Selling Prints, Stock Sites, Expanding Your Stock selection

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