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Poems of The Sea

Poems of The Sea

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Poems of The Sea

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Dec 16, 2013


As a seaman I have spent so much time afloat that the sea has almost become my natural environment, so this 9th of nine eBooks, complementing those of Love, Friends, Mystery, Parting and Grief, Faith and Family, Fun, and Heroes and Indignation, should give you a feel for the thrill of being at sea whether in a warship or a sailing boat.

After 38 years in the Royal Navy, and a lifetime of sailing, I still get a thrill as the bow lifts to the first wave on leaving harbour. I hope that comes across in these verses and that you will find the same kind of enjoyment from it all that I do.

Bon voyage!

Dec 16, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

Charles Wylie is a professional British seaman and an amateur dinghy and yacht sailor. He is the luckiest man on the planet, being husband to Jean, father of four, grandfather to nine and godfather to ten. Poetry is a hobby, together with sailing, chess, Scottish Country Dancing, languages, and a variety of other pursuits. He is tickled pink to have been headhunted at the age of 78. As a seaman he had visited all the continents in ships by the age of 21 at over 50 ports and had survived his destroyer being bombed in the Korean War when only just 17 years old. He attributes a reasonable command of the English language to his education at Taunton's Grammar School in Southampton, which set him up for life in four short years. He is particularly grateful to the Royal Navy for its having been a father figure and a source of immense pride for over 65 years. The navy promoted him 10 times, but because he started as a Boy Seaman that means he achieved only the modest rank of Commander (happy with that.) His naval friends (to whom he pays equal respect) range from Able Seamen to Admirals. He is an Officer of the Order of the British Empire, a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Shipwrights, a Freeman of the City of London and a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. His poetry was written for himself (and occasionally for family or friends) and is published now after many years of friendly badgering by dear ones. Self-publishing through Smashwords was chosen because he is confident that no modern publisher would want to publish his generally old-fashioned rhyming and scanning verses. Charles is a happy man, much blessed.

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Poems of The Sea - Charles Wylie


You really should publish your poems.

-Many chums. (All my friends are kindly.)

There's should be a comma at the end of the seventh line…

-A helpful nit-picker.

Not bad.

-My wife. (Well, she would, wouldn't she?)

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Book 9 of 9 books of poetry by Charles Wylie

eBooks by Charles Wylie published at Smashwords

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Sailor/Poet Series One

LOVE (23 poems)

Sailor/Poet Series Two

FRIENDS (44 poems)

MYSTERY (56 poems)

NATURE (29 poems)


Sailor/Poet Series Three

FAITH & FAMILY (56 poems)

FUN (40 poems)


THE SEA (36 poems)


First Words, Last Words (to be published in 2014)



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Poems of The Sea

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About the Author


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eBooks by Charles Wylie


Have you tried writing poetry? It's great fun, and if I can do it, anyone can. With any luck, these verses of mine will get you going. If you want to see what an ordinary mortal can do, then read on. You don't have to be anyone special to be able to put your thoughts down in poetry. I've collected mine in categories of LOVE, FRIENDS, MYSTERY, NATURE, PARTING & GRIEF, FAITH & FAMILY, FUN, HEROES & INDIGNATION, and THE SEA (I'm a sailor/poet.

By the way, nearly all of them rhyme and scan in the good old-fashioned style.

This book by Charles Wylie holds some of over 240 poems published in 9 books in three series (1, 2 and 3). Series 1 contains just one free book (of LOVE poems) to whet your appetite. The other two series contain over 150 and 170 poems respectively. Some poems appear in more than one category. See the list of other books at the end.

The author (click on ‘About the author’ in the Table of Contents) makes no claim to literary excellence, but wrote all the poems for his own satisfaction. Charles claims that some of them have merit, but all have been included (warts and all) for the sake of completeness, at the request of family and friends. Unusually, most of the poems have a short introductory note to widen the reader’s experience. All the poems are in chronological order of composition, with the date in the 'By' line.

Here we go, then; just turn the page.

Poems of the Sea

(Most of my poems are preceded by notes intended to enhance the reader's understanding and enjoyment of the verses.)

Note. Ronnie Butt was my Captain, and I was his Navigating Officer (‘Pilot’ by nickname) in Her Majesty’s Ship ARETHUSA, built at Cowes in the Isle of Wight, southern England; she was commissioned into service in 1964 and we served together all over the world for nearly three years. He was so admired by his ship’s company that when the HMS ARETHUSA Association was formed he was the natural choice for President. The association, of all ranks, still meets for an annual weekend reunion, decades later. I wrote this before he died, and another afterwards.



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