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The Father's Daughter

The Father's Daughter

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The Father's Daughter

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Nov 13, 2013


WARNING: This work of historical romantic fiction is written about Wisdom, the Bride of Christ, and is not your typical Bible story.

Wisdom begins this missive with God and His family playing golf out in The Void. She discusses her beloved, Jesse, and the creation of the angles; the reason for the rebellion in Heaven and the paved road the fallen angels created to Earth.

In detail, she explains the beginning of history on Earth and what part The Fallen has played in Earth’s misery.

When her soul mate Jesse walks the Earth as Jesus, she is born into a human body as Mary of Magdala. With the help of twenty-four Druids, she treads the hills of Israel and embraces the lonely path that is hers alone to travel.

From Wisdom’s Journal: “I was five the first time I met Jesus and I became betrothed to Saul of Tarsus. I loved both men...but only one held my heart.”

Nov 13, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

I am a graduate of Oklahoma State University. I have a degree in Theatre and an opinion about everything. I have a strong, undeniable faith in God and attempt to keep Him in my heart at all times. Some days are better than others. It has been an honor and a privilege for thirty-six years, to be my beloved husband’s camp follower. I would follow him through hell and back because I know he would bring me home safely, or die trying. There have been eighteen house-hold moves in twenty- seven years, three were over seas. I have traveled in forty-seven different states. I have tasted my way around the world, literally. Veni, Vedi, Visa. I came, I saw, I did a little shopping. Hey, someone has to keep the economy rolling. I am a U.S. Army wife and damn proud of it. I do not believe in coincidence and that word does not exist in my vocabulary. I think of myself as a domestic entertainment chef. There is no recipe to complicated or day of the week that is not worth celebrating. One of my favorite pastimes is to visit tea houses and then review them on my blog site. On the flip side of that, I love coffee. “Really, you roast your own beans! I’ll be right over!” ...the spirit transcends the body... Myers-Briggs: I 60% ; N-80%; F-93%; P-88%

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The Father's Daughter - Carroll E. Stewart


Along with many other 1950’s babies, I attended Sunday school and the following worship service. Sitting quietly in the pew, you were not allowed a toy to distract you. I always listened to what the preacher had to say. I was either disagreeing silently or giving out a vocal Amen when I agreed. I was small but enthusiastic!

As I grew and my reading skills developed, I began to question with: who, what, why, when, where, and how? It was not that I did not believe my Sunday school teacher or the preacher… I just wanted more…there had to be more than what we had just studied.

Around or about the time I was ten, in Sunday school came a Bible verse for the day’s lesson from Revelation 19:7-9, referencing the bride of Christ. This verse was read out loud and I knew joy in my heart! Just as God had created a mate for Adam, there was one for Jesus as well.

I had been raised to believe the Bible was God’s word and that it was all true. So of my Sunday school teacher I asked the question. Who is Jesus’ bride?

What? came his startled reply.

I can no longer remember the man’s name, but I certainly can remember the look on his face. Like he had just been run over by a great big truck or that deer in the headlights look…pick one. His eyes got round and his mouth dropped open, just a bit.

There was a bit of a stammer and then he responded with: It does not mean his bride is a woman. To his credit, he did not say that with disdain. It refers to His church, all those that believe in Him, as being His bride.

I am back to I was taught to believe that God’s word was true. All of it.

That God created man, then woman.

That Noah built the ark.

That Moses parted the sea.

That Jesus called Lazarus out of the grave and then after being crucified, on the third day, Jesus walked out as the Resurrected Christ.

In my mind, you were not allowed to change the rules just because this was the book of Revelation. If I did not say that out loud I am sure my face gave away my thoughts.

How could this not be His bride? It said His bride right there.

My response to that was: It says His bride.

Bless this guy’s heart. He did his best to answer my question, I now realize, with his limited knowledge of The Book of Revelation of St. John.

I began writing this story perhaps, that day. I began searching for this woman who was the bride of Christ, not some allegorical all encompassing Church with whom Jesus was the spiritual bridegroom. If that were the case, I reasoned, then Jesus would have used different terminology. In my mind there was a Bride, a Bridegroom and a wedding. My resurrected savior was someday getting married!

I finished writing The Father’s Daughter, in 1997, Anita cheering me when I wrote the epilogue and started looking for a publisher. With the last chapter in hand, I never found a publisher. So now I am the publisher.

In 2011, Anita closed the last chapter on her life on this plane and now sings and dances before our Father’s throne where she sees God’s face. Before her now stretches an eternity of More…

I still have my questions and my ability to question everything and to piece a puzzle together. I can read and so I have….

This story line is based on these three points.

Point I:

Nouns can come in genders. Here we are going to consider three classes of nouns: feminine, masculine, and neuter.

Let us consider the gender of the word, Spirit.

In Latin, the gender for the word spirit is masculine.

In Greek, the gender for the word spirit is neuter.

In Hebrew, the gender for the word spirit is feminine.

Based on this information, my hypothesis for the Holy Spirit being feminine is perhaps more fact than fiction.

Among the Judaism/Christian religious communities there are those who are no longer content to address God as a purely masculine form. Some now refer to our Father as She. Although they are not wrong in labeling an aspect of God as being feminine, they have, perhaps, misdirected their intentions.

Point II:

Depending on your faith, the Bible is a collection of allegories and stories written to make a specific point. Or, it is divinely inspired and the absolute truth. Or it is a combination of both or none of the mentioned.

Or is it, perhaps, a multi-dimensional document? Intended to give the human race hope and to also provide a touchstone of home for those spirits that are here, born into a human body, but cloaked from their memories of who and what they are.

This is the story of one such spirit. Before her Father’s throne, her name is Wisdom. When she is with her soul mate Jesse, she is known as Jerusalem. When on Earth, she is called Marta (Mary) of Magdala.

With my approach, Wisdom is not an allegory to explain God’s wisdom, she is, in fact, God’s Wisdom, a spirit that stands before His throne. Reference her position: Isaiah ll:2, The Revelation of John 1:4. And more specifically: Proverbs 8:12, Proverbs 8:22-23, and Proverbs 8:30.

Point III:

The name Lucifer is derived from a Hebrew word and is a point of light in the ancient night sky. The name Lucifer appears once in the Bible in Isaiah 14:12. In some translations, the name Lucifer does not appear at all.

In this story, Lucifer is not a Biblical name for Satan. Bel-iel is the name I have given Satan in Heaven. On Earth, this fallen spirit is called Satan.


I am a created being. My Father spoke me into existence.

In the realm and outskirts of Heaven, I go by many names. Daughter, Wisdom, Jerusalem, Jeri.

Most of my existence, I have spent as pure spirit singing and dancing before my Father’s throne. With Him, I am at my very best and He inspires me to create! To build! To write!

For a blink of an eye, I spent time on Earth. There my name was Daughter, Miriam, Marta, slave, and perhaps I was best known as Mary of Magdala.

Human…an interesting experience. There is great joy and great pain. There is wonder and mystery. There is life and death. There is good and evil.

As human, on Earth, I saw my Father’s goodness everywhere. Evil dwells and thrives there, as well.

My dream is to live on the resurrected Earth with my friends and my family. But before this can happen, there are specific things that must occur and with the passing of time, I keep a journal. Into this missive I sketch out my ideas and those of others.

In our library, I have read the works of my Father and my Beloved, Jesse, and use them as points of reference for the telling of this story. When my Father spoke into existence the archangels, I was not there and so I rely heavily on His works for that part of this missive.

I do not claim to be an artist or a writer. I am however, my Father’s daughter and with love, I began my journal, parts of which I have included in this book. I have divided this missive into three sections: First: In The Beginning; Second: My Time on Earth; Third: Applying Lessons Learned.

If you do not wish to read about how the rebellion started in Heaven and Earth became home to the fallen angels, I suggest you start with my earthly appearance when I was five. That was the first time I met Jesus and I became engaged to Saul of Tarsus, who would later become Paul, the greatest evangelist to ever live. This telling begins with Chapter 15. At this point, forward, you will read about my life, Jesus’ death and the years that weighted so heavily on me after Jesus returned home.

Chapter 1

In the beginning...

Were love and compassion

A mercy for what was

An empathy for what was not.

Father spoke the words

And it began, in the beginning, at the beginning.

There was comforting darkness in what The Family of God called The Void. It was different from the streams of energy, the fire that cascaded around them, wherever they went. As long as they were in The Void, the light was not allowed. All senses were dampened and all rules were obeyed...well sometimes. After all, God had three sons and boys will be boys and they were playing golf.

They all brought their A game when it was time to tee off.

Did anyone see where my ball went? The voice belonged to a young adult, male, their oldest son, Judah. His voice was to the right and up in the blackness.

I believe, Son, came his father’s response to his oldest offspring, that you hit it over by the Alpha Omega quadrant.

Paul, continued Judah, his voice not as musical in timbre as his father's, but it was clear and distinctive and full of purpose. Baby brother, your turn to tee off.

The youngest son, Paul, stepped up to what would have been a golf green and said in disgust, What is that smell?

There was laughter, a different young man's voice sounded from an area left and over of Paul. It was the middle son, Jesse, who had now taken his youngest brother, and perhaps the best golfer of the five of them, off his game. Who forgot to clean up after the dog?

Dog? A very feminine voice sounded directly behind Paul. We don't have a dog.

There was more laughter coming from the darkness as the two older siblings continued to tease their younger brother.

Tell me again, Father's deep voice said into her ear, why did we decide we wanted boys?

The sweet, abiding, Holy Spirit was laughing at the antics of her oldest Judah and her middle son Jesse. Turning to face her soul mate, her eyes captured his essence, there in the darkness that was not dark for her. Taking his hand, her love for him flowed out, sharing with him the preponderance of the overwhelming reasons for these three.

To have her indwell within his soul was bliss. A daughter would be bliss. But his Beloved was right. Do you think it is time? he asked.

Yes, she replied, the lurking, ever-present smile radiating throughout her. "We would hate to wake some morning and slip into our shoes to find that waiting for us."

Father stopped to think about that. H-m-m-m-m…would Jesse urge his brothers into putting dog poo in their shoes…well maybe. The middle child was always the over achiever!

Chuckling he got out, They wouldn't dare!

They dare much, his dearest, Holy Spirit whispered, her words caressing him.

In all of his glory he savored each aspect of her. Her thought that became her voice over powered him. Everything about her intensified the fire that burned in him for her! That raging inferno was always out of control! His Beloved was the part of him that brought him joy and contentment and desire and love. He banked the flames and let himself drift along on her words.

They are, after all, their father's sons, she whispered in his ear so that only he could hear.

That was truth. Thinking about his boys, he pondered the future and never doubted what was to come. The people of Earth would call him many names. Eloah, Jehovah. The initials YHWH would come to symbolize a name that the Hebrews considered too sacred to vocalize. One of his personal favorites would be God. Some four-letter combinations used with that three-letter word would not be so flattering. Oh well, to each his season. But the name he would cherish most from these Earthlings was yet to come…Father.

With tenderness, he reached for the Holy Spirit and held her, felt her melting into him, once again the two becoming one. When humans came into being, no one would ever understand who or what she was…her role would always be a mystery. That was because she was a mystery, just as anything feminine on Earth would be. He could not help but to laugh. Many would label her masculine, insist, no demand it…this is where they would make the first of a long list of mistakes about their Creator.

Until this point, The Father, the Holy Spirit and their three sons, Judah, Jesse and Paul were the only beings that existed. With a thought from The Father, all of that changed.

The first twelve that were called into being by Father were named archangels. They were the fastest and strongest and most beautiful of the angels that God created.

And then in His glory He thought…more…

Their numbers were countless! Each being’s love for Father was immeasurable. Although without physical distinctness, they were different. And they joyed in those differences! To each one was given the most precious gift...that of free will. There was nothing more that they desired than the oneness with Father and each other. And there was nothing they held more sacred than the sanctity of the individual. They were divided into powers and principalities, thrones and dominions.

When not clothed in a form, they were pure light…an energy that shared with it an aura that rollicked around them that was simply dazzling. Watching them was, in fact, like looking at a diamond and its colored brilliance. As pure spirit their auras danced along with them, some a solid dazzling jewel, others, a shadowing rainbow.

The halo effect provided many purposes. It was not only an identity marker, but it was also a way for the first twelve to share with their soul mates and create families for themselves. God had instructed them how to infuse two to become one. From this joining they too created new beings. Those who were created thusly, from such an infusion, their essences were pure light, although their auras were a mixture of the two who had brought them forth.

The oldest, Judah, and the youngest, Paul, of the three covenant sons had soul mates. It was not difficult for them to locate their forever partners. They had looked out across the beings that looked like an endlessness of stars and each had automatically known who was for them.

It was not so, however, for the middle son, Jesse. He searched diligently, his gaze never resting. With questions in his heart, he turned to his father. There is no one for me. It was a statement and in his voice could be heard his desire to wait on his father’s wisdom.

Not yet, was the gentle reply. God regarded his middle son and the heart-breaking path that he would someday be required to walk. Carefully he crafted the thought that he was about to share. Your brothers knew exactly what would be required of them. With their soul mates, together they are in true balance. For you, it is different. Your path stretches in and out of your present understanding. What is it that you would desire most in a soul mate? When you have decided, let me know.

In a place where time has no meaning, Jesse felt every minute weigh on him. He observed the others and how the two collectively could cast shadows of light that laughed and sang.

In a place constructed of totality and completeness, he was alone.

Leaving the city of light he wandered The Void. What was it that he would cherish above all else? What would make her different from all the rest? And then he realized that it wasn't about him, it was about her.

"Wisdom," he breathed out into the darkness.

Before his eyes there was a cataclysmic explosion and before, where there had been nothing, there were steaks of light that echoed his aura. Throughout the firmament black intertwined with silver fire and lightning streaked across the vault of heaven. From nothingness there was now substance that glowed and expanded and finally exploded!

His heart knew the instant when he was no longer alone. He knew all truth…and he believed the truth of this moment. There was no mistaking that he could feel the pulsating of her aura, could taste her throughout his entire being. She had not even reached out to him and still she overpowered everything that he was!

When he could no longer suppress his desire to see her, he turned and there she stood. Her color mirrored his own, only it was of a slightly lighter intensity. Where his essence was black, hers was a rich, supple, purple.

Standing next to him, they watched the light show that was before them. I love you, she said in a voice so clear that the words were permanently etched into his heart.

I love you more, he murmured. His being was hers, forever and always. And then they were gone.

Those that were standing in Heaven watched the light operetta that erupted out in The Void. When the smoke and haze cleared and the matter had collided and cooled, The Corona of Paradise had formed, along with a magnificent star streaked back drop.

From Jerusalem ’s Journal: My creation.

Chapter 2

You did not ask me what I wanted...

Shame to you...

In my saner moments I sometimes think that you knew

That it was not what I wanted, but who.

God stood at the edge of forever and looked out into the vastness.

Father, her voice was low and simpering.

Yes, daughter.

Father, would you grant me a boon?

There. The lie that was going to be given life was ripe for slithering out of her mouth. Of course, Daughter. Speak your desire.

"Father, I would like a name, my own name. You call all either Daughter or Son and I would like to have my own name. Just as you are the only Father, I would like to be an only also."

Of course, Daughter. Would you like to choose the name or would…?

No, Father, thank you, I would like to choose my own. Hesitating only a moment she could feel the cunning rising up inside of her. Father, she addressed him, slowly saying the word, wondering how much she dared this early as she watched The Corona spinning. Another boon—there are others who would like to be an only, also. Is that possible?

Of course, God answered, his eyes searching hers.

Pride rolled through her. She felt immediate and boundless satisfaction. Why had she waited so long? "Father, it would give me a great deal of pleasure to be able to tell them that you have said that I may choose their only."

Sorrow dwelt within him. He knew that it would, but he did not know it would feel like this. But Daughter, that is not what I said—but yes, you may tell them to find for themselves a name.

And so it began.

Father, her voice had become louder since the last time she had graced him with her presence, her aura, a bit more garish.

Yes, Daughter, he gave her his full attention.

I have picked a name. Satan. What do you think?

"You have, Daughter, chosen well.

So Satan, what of the others?"

Father, they too have decided. They would like to come forth and announce themselves to you.

Sitting quietly on his throne, he felt sadness. God took one long last look around and then the words became a reality. I would be pleased...

Gladly did she interrupt him. "But Father, they have asked that I bring forth their names to you."

God looked at one of his finest creations and knew sorrow in his heart. Are you sure, Satan, that they would not...

Again she seized the opportunity to step on his words. Yes, Father, I am sure. They want me to bring forth their names to you. Her voice became soothing and the words floated in front of her. Father, they want me to do this, she, herself, now believing the lie.

One last time, the creator of all directed his loving gaze on this creature that would change the shape of all. So be it. Anyone listening would have recognized the finality in his voice.

All of those who walked with Satan stood before Father.

God listened patiently while Satan called each of them by name, those beings who had agreed with what Satan had to say. In his heart he reflected on what was to come. Many of these names would be cursed and whispered throughout history. Others would return to him because of all the ugliness they would encounter. But not this one… the first lie had been told and then the second. The truth was becoming a tool only to be used only for her sake.

When he had recognized the last name that she had called out, throughout Heaven God called all together and asked the other Sons and Daughters if they would like to choose for themselves a name.

They stood in silence and finally the oldest archangel came forward.

Father, if it is your will for us to have names, then, please honor us by choosing for us.

They all stood, expectantly, looking at him. Who among them could imagine that such a great honor would be bestowed!

With a full heart, God blessed the first of the seven archangels. He named her Gabr-iel. Then he called out Rapha-iel, Ur-iel, Rem-iel, Joph-iel, Chamu-iel, and Zadk-iel.

Each remaining angel in turn came forward. With a blessing and a name another dimension had been added to these magnificent beings and they left The Throne of God singing His praises and glorifying Him.

All that were left standing before the throne was Satan and the others she had named.

Fa…, she stopped herself before the word left her mouth. Pride burned through her as she reflected on what had just taken place and then anger and rage consumed her! The names had been her idea and now he dared to use her brilliance to make the others just as important. Now that all had one name they were once again equal. An emotional storm tore its way through her but she would not give vent to it now. No, she would not miss this opportunity.

It was good to feel the calmness return. This was even better than she could have hoped for. Would you give us names, also? she asked sweetly.

Of course, Satan. Come please, and be named by me.

Yes, she said triumphantly, let it be remembered that Father gave us all our second names.

As each one approached the throne God spoke a name, until only the last five archangels remained. As they came forward, he named them. Raz-iel, Zzaz-iel, Zaqu-iel, Ark-iel and Bel-iel.

God would be known for his justice. To the one who had told the first lie, lie would forever be a part of her name.

All were pleased with their new names; they now had two, where the others received only one. They exchanged secret smiles and departed to gloat over their good fortune. Finally, only Satan, now also named Bel-iel, was left standing before him.

Satan, God’s deep sigh could not express the sorrow. His heart was heavy as he looked into her golden flecked, light green eyes. You truly have no idea what you have done.

Looking at him, she smirked her contempt while glorifying in what she had accomplished for herself. No, she replied haughtily, you do not understand what you have done! Laughing her mouth then contorted and she was drawing out the words in what sounded like a hiss. What a glorious moment! She had triumphed after all!

Satan turned and withdrew, her spirit no longer as brilliant. It had taken on a darker cast. Where she had once resembled a crystal clear stream she now had the appearance of dark, stagnant waters. Her aura no longer danced merrily along with her, but was pushed down close to her form, as if it was afraid to be any distance from her.


Hearing her name, she stopped, but did not turn to face him. It was not with enough reverence that he had referred to her.

"At this time you do not yet know the meaning of the word Justice… but you will."

Her triumphant look turned to one of questioning. When she turned to see his face, he was gone.

God stood with his Beloved, looking out into The Void, watching The Corona settle and become transformed into a spiked great wheel. Where there had been nothing, there was now endless activity. Both were pleased with what they saw.

Have you decided on a name? he asked, his love for her above all else.

Yes, I believe that I am partial to April.

April, he thought the word and it became a caress. Why?

Because it will be spring time… a time of re-birth in the northern hemisphere on Earth.

And you, she put her arms around him, have you something you want to be called? She could not contain her joy at the joke that they shared between them. Perhaps a name that we can all pronounce.

How he loved this being that was a part of himself, but much gentler of spirit. Bestowing upon her a smile, he felt immersed in light. His name was that of everything that had and would come into being. There were to be several names he would be called. Each one attempting to capture an image of who and what he was. When he was fully clothed as God, he was more than any mind, spirit or human, could ever grasp. And no matter how elaborate, ultimately, no name could ever come close.

He became still in his being, after all, those times and places were not yet. Instead, he was slowly inhaling his love for her and letting it course through him. Yes, I believe I have. His entire demeanor became very serious. You can just call me Al.

The laughter rippled through her and he felt it before he actually heard it.

Why? she said taking his hand.

Because it is the first and last letters of your name and I want to share with you everything that you are.

You are a hopeless romantic, she rubbed her nose against his, and I wouldn't want you any other way.

Chapter 3

I can see only as far as my heart can dream.

I can dream, my heart always spans the distance where I long to tread my quest for life a part of me is forever here.

The three birthright sons stood before their father. There has been a shift in the balance, Judah, the oldest said. Jesse and Paul have noticed it as well.

Al nodded his head. Yes, that would be Bel-iel. She embraces her free will as a tool to manipulate others.

What of our dreams? Paul asked, "We cannot turn this loose to run rampant throughout our hopes and visions."

You are, of course, right. Al carefully regarded each of his sons. We are now limited on our options. We can stay as we are; we can forfeit our dreams, which none of us wishes to do; or we can allow this madness that Bel-iel embraces to run rampant throughout the yet-to-be-universe, contaminating everything it touches.

Al shook his head, And that is not an alternative. With his heart, he considered each son. Let us continue on as planned. If she corrupts the dance so that it is not usable, then, he paused, then it simply will not come into being.

Chapter 4

The Dance and The Song were there within us

Always a part of us

No one could deny us

What we were.

The creative process is a way of sharing, of being intimate with God. When The Void had exploded and The Corona had come into being, it had been spectacular. It would be even more so when The Void was filled.

God had wanted all to share in this divine working, the creation of the cosmos. That had always been the plan and he would not change it. What had changed was the precise moment that their efforts would give birth to the solid matter of the universe.

The call went out. They all gathered together and sang and danced and as they did the conception of their joy and love appeared out in The Void. It grew from a tiny pulsating impression to a full-blown view of what was to come.

With each note, thought, step, every movement by every creature added to and helped to sculpt the picture that was growing larger. It reached such gigantic proportions that each could see what they had added to the expanding light that was growing out past The Corona. But it could not be called void any longer. The scenes continued on until there was no darkness to be found.

After the dancing stopped, all stood in wonder at what was visualized before them. A universe that was so profound and beautiful that each was honored to have been a part of its creation! As songs of hallelujah lifted before The Throne the scene slowly melted away, leaving each with a lingering image of what was to come.

The last scene to appear was a tiny blue speck that grew larger and appeared more in focus with each note from Wisdom's heart. It was a planet. And then she felt as if she had a heart no longer. Each scene of life that appeared on this sphere that unfolded before her was more breathtaking then the last! She stood perfectly still as the last scene appeared on the face of The Void. She could not stop the song that came from her but she could not express with her body what was in her heart! The very last thing to appear was a man, a woman and an infant. When the scene vanished, she stood staring at where it had been.

Jesse stood behind her and as she turned to face him, his hands made their way to her face. It was with a great deal of surprise that she felt something sliding down her cheeks.

Gently, he brushed away the tears that had run from her eyes.

They were so beautiful Jesse, so perfect.

Yes, was all that he could reply as he gently rubbed his nose against hers.

Al walked with Jesse, Judah and Paul out on The Corona. In his heart, he was so proud of them. When they sat together, he made it a point not to intrude upon their thoughts, but he knew they had been talking. In fact, that was all they seemed to be doing. No time for anything except talk since the show in The Void.

It's too beautiful to give up on. Judah began. What you showed us, the quiet love in his voice, that is who we are.

And that is who we want to be, came Jesse's quiet reply. Human form. That is what Wisdom and I want.

Al nodded, not at all surprised.

We, Paul began and took his brothers hands, Judah and I, we support Jesse and Wisdom in this.

With a heart that held love, Al looked at his three sons. Embracing with his totality what each would do for the humans that were yet to be.

The stink of Bel-iel's sins will reach all the way to Heaven. There will have to be a sacrifice to bring the humans into a balanced relationship with us.

Jesse looked at his Father and a love filled Yes, came from him.

At that moment Al felt the tears in his own eyes. If Bel-iel had been true, he would have never known what love his sons were capable of. He would have missed out on this aspect of who they were.

We have a plan, Judah began. Since the spirit cannot be destroyed, then it needs to be trapped in something that can be held and bound to one place.

Al felt the beginning of laughter in his heart. Not only were his sons full of compassion, they were smart as well.

Out in The Void, there was an even bigger explosion than the first one they had experienced when The Corona had been created! Gasses took shape and worlds appeared and disappeared and reappeared. All watched. Each new explosion brought oh-h-h’s and ah-h-h's as they saw what they had helped bring into being and give life!

All through the new expanding universe, the new creation sang and gave glory to God! Once matter stopped hurtling through space the stars glowed brighter and sang a song of thanksgiving to their creator. There was no place in the universe that their jubilation could not be heard!

When Judah, Jesse and Paul heard their song, the sons of God danced and sang for joy!

There was no stopping the birth of the foundation of the universe that had taken place out in The Void. It continued to grow and give birth and re-birth until what was once dark was now filled with light. Those large lumps of rock became pet projects for those joyous beings and daily did they delight and report back to Father what was happening.

They found it useful to catalogue all that they saw and experienced. As atmospheres and Eco-systems took hold they could not believe the wonder of all that was around them! And as plant life and animal life developed each could find a part of themselves and what it was that they had contributed.

Their catalogues turned into objects of art. Some type of paper evolved on each planet. The angels wrote the stories in the language native to their guardian world. They illustrated the books with the native floral and animals. They presented these books to God, as tokens of their love and appreciation for allowing them to experience the creation process. For being permitted the privilege to share that aspect of His great and glorious personality. Creation was wonderful and exciting and held all in awe...well, almost all.

Bel-iel too, loved the planet that she called hers. She alone had been responsible for this majesty, the grandeur that surrounded her. Not anywhere was there a garden more beautiful, or nature more resplendent. She was, after all, twice named, and everything she did was twice as wonderful.

While dancing with the others she had watched the universe unfold. She had tried to exert her will upon the picture that was constantly changing in front of her. A flower had appeared as blue; she moved her hand and caused it to turn pink. As her fellow spirits cried out in wonder at the scenes, she did likewise. They were experiencing emotions that she was not, but it was sentiments that she wanted to belong only to her.

With great humility she had pretended to be spellbound as she stood with all the others and had watched the very last scenes to appear in The Void. It was something that she did not understand but it had brought such joy to Wisdom. That stupid creature was so moved that Bel-iel was mystified as too why it had touched Wisdom, so. What she saw was not much, just beings that slightly resembled them, but without the light and power radiating from them. Bel-iel had not been impressed, but noted the incident for future reference.

Bel-iel thought on these things as she worked in her garden. She was constantly listening, watching, waiting. These things that had been so important to Wisdom, well, they would be important to her, also. And when Wisdom found whatever it was she was looking for, Bel-iel would be there first.

Wisdom searched diligently for what she had contributed to The Dance but there was not anything that she could strongly identify with. There was great delight as she watched it all unfold but she still could not find the world that had overcome her with joy. There were bits and pieces of her flung through the universe, which caused her to smile and rejoice when she encountered it, but there was no place that stirred her heart or captivated her.

The Corona had not only taken shape but also a life of its own. While others toiled on their planets, Wisdom poured her heart into this place that had its beginning the same time she had been called into being. The Corona was not the planet that she sought; not that it remotely resembled a planet. It had the appearance of a flat ring with thirteen spokes; curved teeth pin-wheeling out from it. It would never hold life; it did not have the mass to hold an atmosphere. But she built and planned and walked its ongoing changes. In actuality, she liked it well enough.

Wisdom had drawn on the ground the place where she would build the first wall. Where others might see barren rock, she saw gracefulness. This project that she had taken on left her with a feeling of fulfillment that was different from anything she had experienced before.

From Jerusalem’s Journal: Before the Fall.

Looking up when she heard her name called, it was with a full heart that Wisdom called out as friends passed by on their way to their sacred places. Once they were gone from view, the overwhelming scene that spiraled out before her mesmerized her! And behind her! And above her! And below her! She felt joy and graciousness pass through her and a love for her father and the way he had of sharing himself. Creation, they had all been a part of it!

Seeing the lights in The Void always had the same effect on her. There was no denying the beauty of the wide range of colors that danced and sang their own sweet song in the black backdrop of their stage. From a full nothingness to a forever of fullness had been born and continued to grow and give birth.

Every time she saw the lights flashing through space it reminded her of her love for Jesse and their children. On two different occasions it had been the overpowering beauty of the starlight that had caused them to cast themselves into each other and to share themselves in such a way that they had created their first two children, Ruth and Michael, respectively.

For Wisdom, the forever of blackness festooned with the silver lights was a constant reminder of Jesse and their two children. The darkness of space with its penetrating lights had permanently seated itself in her heart. Father had told her that Earth was her destiny and she would live there as human. And no matter what happened, she would find comfort in the night sky, for those were the colors of her Beloved.

When Wisdom was not working on her small patch of ground, she was continually before her Father singing and praising Him with her joyous spirit. Her time before her Father was glorious and she loved him with all of her heart.

Bel-iel watched as Wisdom sang and danced before Al. That one, she sneered to the others with two names, certainly doesn't contribute much to the worship. Bel-iel was, she knew, far better. Her love was deeper. Her joy, touching. After all, wasn't she older than this newcomer? Did she not have two names and this upstart only one! Did Wisdom not owe her everything!

Wisdom, she smirked, there is no power in that name.

It did not matter who was talking to or praising Al. Bel-iel thought nothing of interrupting. She began to make it a point to be before The Throne when Wisdom was there. Bel-iel’s singing drowned out all others. Her praises were more glorious and she shouted her joy, saying that it could not be contained within her when she stood in the presence of Al’s glory.

And her heart, she would sob to Al, how it ached and longed and recalled the days when there had been only The Family and The Twelve. With sweet agony she spoke of those simpler, satisfying times to any and all.

My spirit weeps, she would cry out, as she would rest her head on the chest of another. I am such a contemplative being, such precious memories of glories now past. How can I not consider myself anything other than a sentimental intellect?

Each time Bel-iel approached The Throne, she told her story. The glory and honor that had been heaped upon her by others knew no bounds. All loved her and respected her. Constantly, she held herself up as an example for others to emulate. After all, she was, she told Al, the brightest and fairest that he had created, why even now, she considered Wisdom her little sister.

She is so young, Bel-iel would say to Him in a whisper, shaking her head, and so sweet. She needs my fine guidance.

After these meetings with Al she would snort her disgust. Al, she would muse to herself, what type of name is that? Something a simpering, old fool would pick out. There is no power or majesty or force in that name. How can you command with a name that does not allow you domination? She felt a quickening within herself. How can you control others when with a name like that you, yourself, can be controlled? From that time on, she never called him Father, again. With a sneer and a hollow smile, she only called him Al.

From time to time Bel-iel would stop by and visit with Wisdom on her small floating ring of rock. As her elder, she would offer sound advice and tell her what needed to be done, demanding this and ridiculing that. Bel-iel would then make her way back to The Throne where she would recall to Al all the counsel she had offered to the little sister and how Wisdom was beginning to imitate Bel-iel in all ways.

Chapter 5

Through God, you are a unique individual.

There is only one of you, special, capable, wonderful.

Each is different to compliment Him.

We honor Him be reveling in our individuality.

He honors us by loving us for ourselves.

Judas carefully watched all three sons, looking for one to emulate. Yes, he too, wanted to be important! This life of being just another created being in a realm of countless created beings was tiresome. Why oh why had he been so foolish and not allowed Bel-iel to name him, so that he too would have two names.

H-m-m-m-m, he considered the oldest son. Being the oldest, Judah would inherit. Judas considered the responsibility and found it distasteful. Laughing, he would not even have considered Paul. Who, he wondered in disgust, could ever be content being the youngest? Oh-h-h, but then he turned his full attention on Jesse. The middle son would be the safest. With some careful observations, he would pattern himself after him. Not as much to answer for as the oldest, given more respect and honor than the youngest.

There were other ways that Judas was sure he could better himself. Ways that would cause God to take special notice of him and his good works. Jesse was interested in reading the off world books so Judas did likewise. Jesse carried around with him a book of some type into which he made notes and would make drawings. It all looked very important and impressive. Judas began to do likewise. Jesse had for a soul mate that beautiful creature, Wisdom. Judas did not bother to search for one such as her. Another like her, he knew that she did not exist. So instead, he waited and stalked the middle son. Slyness would be his watchword at all times.

Listening to Bel-iel, Judas had agreed with her words. When the time came, where he was lacking, it would be easy to just take what he needed. He would pass if off as his own and Wisdom would be standing by his side.

The universe continued to grow and expand and Wisdom continued to find peace upon her small flat rock. With great skill, she was stacking rocks when she stood and turned to her right. Jesse appeared beside her and took her hand.

Come, was all he had said with a smile and they moved to the highest mountaintop on The Corona. They stood with their arms about each other. There was a tremendous explosion and then another and then another.

Watch, he whispered, as the objects hurled through space. From where she stood, she saw that part of The Void begin to take shape and form. There was a tremendous light that burned brilliantly out of control until it settled into a regular pattern. And around this sun there now waltzed twelve planets.

It was always fascinating to watch creation take place as masses of rocks collided, regrouped, exploded and solidified. Each planet took on shapes and their own peculiar characteristics. These twelve, they were, she thought, the most beautiful ones yet she had seen floating in space. Leaning her head to one side she carefully regarded the third planet from the yellow sun. She watched as the gasses cooled and the planet took a true shape.

The smile tugged at her lips when the crust formed. Soon, it sat like a blue orb in the darkness. It was the same brilliant, crystal blue as Paul's aura. She felt singing in her heart as words and thoughts and times and places came flooding into her.

This solar system, Jesse’s essence encompassed her, is ours.

And the little blue planet? Wisdom was filled with such joy she could no longer contain herself.

That is yours.

Her smile radiated out; her love for him overshadowing her being. Ours.

The third spirit that these two perfect beings created was Deborah. The hopes, promises and the future that this little blue planet held for them had inspired this perfect feminine creature. Their second daughter and third child would be forever optimistic, an artist whose sole purpose was to create. Her eyes were the exact same color of blue as the planet that now waltzed through time and space.

Earth continued to expand, collapse and settle upon itself as it was patiently waiting its day of birth, death and resurrection.

Jesse and Wisdom waited for the water on Earth to work its magic. There were tremendous storms in the atmosphere and never, she thought, had there been anything more wondrous. Wisdom loved the lightning that flashed through the sky! With a shout of joy she would ride upon the untamed electricity, singing and dancing! The thunder that followed it seemed to shake her very being. The deep rumbling that followed sounded so much like Father's official voice! This Earth, it was going to be a grand place!

Jesse and she worked together on that small, blue sphere. They chiseled and honed and dreamed. Wisdom was there beside him as a master craftsman when he set the perimeters for the oceans and the heavens.

Together they furnished the planet with color. Jesse picked the color of her eyes for the basis of all plant life and she chose the color of the sky to match his. Black was the night, in honor of his essence and purple was the twilight, to honor hers.

They wrote the language of the planet and recorded it in a book. Jesse had begun a journal, recording each growing thing that would appear on Earth. They had scoured the universe and found seeds that they would plant there. These too made their way into Jesse's book.

Wisdom loved him, not for what he was, but for who he was. He was his father's son and like him, he too was a hopeless romantic.

With a great deal of interest Bel-iel watched Wisdom's and Jesse's comings and goings. This newest place that had come into being, she liked it well enough, herself! In fact, she liked it so well that she felt that she needed to spend a little more time on Earth.

There were twelve planets that the middle son and the little sister claimed as their own. She had only one planet; she didn't understand why these two should have more than she should.

Seething, she brought her complaint before The Throne.

Al listened to her argument. Bel-iel, take whatever you need. You are not limited to the one that you have chosen.

With fury and a scheming heart, she began a half-hearted exploration. Constantly she was searching and endlessly searching throughout the galaxies with her eyes always coming back to that most wondrous place of all. She was particularly fond of the planet with all of the rings around it. Very striking, very unusual...very orange. The color reminded her of the aura of the oldest son. This little part of the universe would abound with life. She could see atmospheres and the beginning of existence germinating on all twelve. This would be a grand place to have all to herself. With so much life, there would be plenty here to acknowledge her greatness and worship her. The life here would think that she was, well, just perhaps that she was The Father.

It was a beautiful day on this new planet they called Earth. Father had divided the night from the day. Wisdom walked there, full of wonder as she noticed everything and sang His praises. It was no longer just one massive continent. The tectonic plates inside the earth had shifted and the land mass had split into several pieces. Singing, she stood atop a newly made mountain wondering at the beauty.

Bel-iel had waited until the middle son was no longer around. Approaching Wisdom from behind she stood at her back.

Little Sister, her tone was grave, it is time for me to tell you the truth. She waited for some type of response. When she was not rebuked or encouraged she continued on. I was the first choice for Jesse. After I refused him, she was so pleased with herself, that is when you came to be. You owe me much, she licked her lips and continued, if I had picked him, you would not be.

Wisdom turned to face her. What was there on her face, Bel-iel could not read. In her bravado, Bel-iel felt pity for this young one who would soon be no more than a drinking vessel for her to sup from.

No need to worry, the time is not yet that I want him back. M-m-m-m, this was nice. With a soft hand she stroked Wisdom's face. But there will be a time when he will be exclusively mine. You must be prepared to face that.

Yes, this new one was certainly not as smart or as cunning as she was. After all, she was the first and burned the most brilliant.

But do not worry, she stretched forth with her aura, trying to enfold Wisdom in it, even though he will be mine, I will love you too. I will not leave you alone.

Bel-iel did not need many others. She was so close! Al loved this one, this bit of nothing he still called daughter. Wisdom was always present before him. After she seduced her, it would be easy to carry out her plan. And wherever this simple daughter went, that second son was sure to follow.

The pride in her had swelled and she knew that Jesse would bring one other son along with him. Those three loved each other. Maybe he could even recruit both brothers! She wasn't going to count on that, though. She would seek out the eldest; she was not leaving something as important as this to chance.

Feeling very confident, she gave another small push with her aura, sending out a bandwidth in a thin but unrelenting stream. With all that she was, at this moment, her only desire was to be inside this creature; to feel her and know her and when the time came, to use her and whatever pitiful amount of energy she possessed.

Bel-iel was shocked! How was this possible? She was being blocked! She doubled the width of the stream and pushed with more energy. Still she could not penetrate this one! How was this? Anger and resentment bubbled to the top and she decided she would wrestle this one and force her, if need be! Bel-iel reached out and found her arm in the grip of Wisdom's hand.

With a sure and swift move, Wisdom swept with her foot and catching both of Bel-iel’s legs knocked her off balance and onto the ground.

Bel-iel yelped in her surprise! She tried to regain her footing, but when she looked up, she began to back crawl away. There before her stood The Father's daughter! There was no mistaking the purple aura that was entirely unfurled, streaking across the universe and the righteousness that burned in her eyes!

Bel-iel gathered herself and fled to the outer most areas of the darkness. She did not stop until she had reached parts of The Void where yet nothing had been established. With screams of betrayal, she seethed and plotted and planned. Before, she would have been content to have only all of the established planets. With her gracious heart, she would have left the barren ones for the others to start over. No, not with this newest outrage perpetrated on her! Now she wanted it all!

The meeting was brief and precise. If she tried to rape me, Wisdom addressed the group, "what is she doing to the others?"

They all sat in silence. Judah began, Raz-iel, Zzaz-iel, Zaqu-iel and Ark-iel have sided with her. Bel-iel thinks that she has persuaded me, as well. There are others that listen to what she has to say. The oldest son looked around the group. She believes that by connecting their energy, that they can overthrow Al.

The Father looked at his children. His Council sat around him. We must do this carefully, he began, his voice soft and tender. "There must be nothing done on our parts that will cause us regrets. Initially, they will all be welcome to return. There will, he stressed the words, be those that will wish to come home."

That brought smiles to the serious faces that were around him.

After a time, the doors will be closed and reconfigured, but until that point, all will be welcomed to return.

While Bel-iel plotted in the outer corners of the universe, Jesse and Wisdom were busy. The small outer satellite called The Corona was becoming populated with buildings and on-going construction projects.

The Corona was becoming an interesting place. Each brother and a few others asked if they could, Well, perhaps, have just a small piece of real estate. Jesse and Wisdom had already staked their claims. Everyone else was welcome to do the same.

The planets were coming of age. They had developed and grown and evolved. The angels in charge of their respective home planets approached Al. Like good parents, they had noticed the shift in the balance and wanted to know how it was going to affect them.

First, they requested troops to help them patrol their worlds. There were, things, they had all reported, that were not quite right. There had been nothing that they could not handle, but they didn't want anything happening to their small miracles.

Al was in agreement. Instantly there were dispatched legions of angels to stand guard over what they had nurtured.

Then, it was almost if they were embarrassed to ask, but they were wondering if some sort of deal could be worked so that the innocent off-worlders could meet Al and April. These guardians of the universe were, after all, proud parents and wanted to show off their new families!

Al did not even have to consider their petition. I think that can be arranged, he smiled, let me check with Jesse and Wisdom.

On The Corona, portals were set up that would corresponded to the planets. Boundaries, parameters and rules were established. When this place was finished, these guiltless ones would be welcomed here, but when they came through the portals, they would, just like all that entered here, take on the human construct. The perimeter was established and the thought became reality. Floating in space like an island, The Corona was given an atmosphere, held in place by the will of God.

Al and April thought carefully about what they wanted to establish on The Corona. They shared their idea and asked the others what they thought. All agreed it was a great suggestion and could not wait to see it in the actual. A diner…why that was absolutely, brilliant!

From Jerusalem’s Journal: Before the Fall

Chapter 6

"I need an Adam and Eve,

With two rafts on the side,

No, not an ark...

Oh, good day sir...

No sir, we do NOT serve meat,

But consider the dessert cart

You're in for a treat

Yes mum, the coffee, and yes, fresh brewed, just now

Another in your party?

H-m-m-m, well, we can only seat 84, that is all the law will allow.

Oh, and what's that you say,

That your...who...really an angel,

Can I hurry things along today?"

There is a lot of laughter from the cashier...

You are horribly shocked you want to cry foul!

Did those words really leave your mouth?

You didn't mean to brag

Nor did you mean to boast

It's that you had heard about the great whole-wheat toast.

You try to explain,

And then you begin to plead,

"No, no, there was a line, I'm in a hurry you see

I just wanted a seat and I was in a hurry to eat

And sob, you were there just ignoring me!"

The last thing you see before you disappear

Is the hostess shaking her head as the air begins to look sheer

You see her sad little tear and her sad little smile

And a wave bye-bye as she moves and puts another chalk mark on her piece of black tile.

As you approach the smallish restaurant, the first thing you noticed is the sign that simply states THE DIN ER. The neatly painted letters are covered with vines, as is a portion of the rough stonewalls that support the announcement. There is a porch with stone columns and a gray slate floor. There are wooden tables and chairs scattered about, as well as baskets and tubs of flowers. The effect is quite like that of a garden in the height of its season, a riot of color and blossoms of every conceivable shape, size, and color. The hunter green door with its stained glass window is set to the far right side of the wall, with its brass bell pull being that of an angel in flight, with the bell suspended from its hands. The effect is very charming and looks very European. As you peer in through the Dutch door, the top windowed half is always open. Peering inside,

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