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35 Healthy Recipes Using Flaxseed

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35 Healthy Recipes Using Flaxseed

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35 Healthy Recipes using Flaxseed shows how to eat lots more flaxseed so that you get all of the healthy goodness from its omega 3 fats, lignans, fibre and all of its other healthy content. Whole flaxseeds, roasted flaxseeds, flaxseed meal and flaxseed oil are dealt with so that you will know how to successfully add them to existing recipes as well as the 35 flaxseed recipes given in the book.

Details are also given on how you can use the omega 3 rich oils in flaxseed instead of other less healthy oils and fats. You are shown how to used flaxseed instead of eggs and as a substitute for normal flour, which has very little useful nutrient content other than starch.

Flaxseed can be used to make gluten free products due to its ability to be used instead of wheat flour. The book contains a number of gluten free recipes using flaxseed. These recipes can be very useful for people having celiac disease or wheat allergies.

Flax seed can also be used to produce foods that are low in carbohydrate. This is very useful for people who are trying to follow a low carb diet. Flaxseeds contain virtually no carbohydrate and as a result are great to put into food when you are following schemes such as the Atkins diet. A number of the recipes in the book are designed to be low carb.

The recipes in the book that use flaxseed as an egg substitute are very useful for people who have an allergy to chicken eggs as well as people who are following a vegan diet. There are a number of ways to produce egg substitute from flaxseed and these are all detailed in the book.

If you have to avoid eggs, gluten or wheat or just want to get more omega 3 fatty acids into your diet, flaxseeds could be part of the solution. Get this book now and see how flaxseeds could help you lead a healthier life.

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